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uni Nov 12, 6:48 PM
ELIF!!! thank you so much ;____;

i'm just as grateful that we met and that i have you in my life! our in-depth and varied convos are one of the things that has remained constant for me throughout the years, and i always cherish and look forward to them.

it really was the roughest year i've had by a lot, far beyond what i ever could've imagined when it started :( this year tested the limits of what i'm able to handle in many ways. thank you for your support and thoughtfulness when i was at an all-time low, it meant a lot to me! on the flip side, this also means that the upcoming year has to be at least a little bit better and brighter by default. so i'll try to keep a positive mindset and take this as an opportunity for a fresh start :)

thank you again for the well wishes, i love you ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Tamagaya Nov 12, 12:01 PM
Not much, I'm just sitting around watching anime all day being depressed and lonely like always :(
Tamagaya Nov 11, 7:59 AM
Hi, I don't have anything productive to say I just wanted to say hi!
uni Nov 11, 12:07 AM
that definitely makes sense! i did enjoy the first half more, which may be because ueno was one of the weaker parts of the movie for me. aoi yuuki really is wonderful! and i'm glad that todoroki is becoming a defining yuki kaji role for you! that's a great point your friend made. his role in shokugeki this season is also helping cement to me that he excels at certain characters. even if his voice is easily recognizable and he doesn't have the largest range, he deserves more credit than some people are willing to give him!

that's a good question! i'm actually not sure, but i'm guessing that some of the members may be busy with individual activities. jackson in particular seems to travel back and forth between korea and china fairly often!

YES!! each ep of the tournament arc absolutely blew me away, and every time i thought it couldn't get better, the series proved me wrong. i also can't wait for you to watch bakugou katsuki: the origin :') that's true, it's really interesting how their admiration for all might serves as a common thread among the group! all might's influence is such a force to be reckoned with, and understandably so.

agreed! on that note, kino ep 6 delivered just as solidly as always! i was curious about the girl in the op, so i'm glad we finally got to meet her and learn about her backstory this week. IT IS! i ended up dropping code realize so i had a little more space to squeeze in another saturday show, and i couldn't resist giving houseki no kuni a try after hearing about how much you and another friend of mine enjoy it. i don't regret my decision one bit! it was a shame seeing phos so dejected, but it's great that she's finally finding her stride and place in the world :)

i actually just watched the hnr movie earlier today and i liked it a lot!! i think having the foresight of knowing how it ends made some of the relationship progression a little more bearable haha. i teared up a few times too, suzume's actress is very cute and her crying scenes really pull at your heartstrings! the movie did a great job of portraying the gradual buildup between suzume and mamura, suzume and yuyuka's friendship, and shishio's bittersweet feelings. i def know what you mean about shishio! he was my fave at first, but that changed quickly after things got muddled between him and suzume, and then i was on team mamura until the end haha. i did feel for shishio though, and the extra chapters helped redeem my image of him. it sounds like he was able to find his own happiness eventually at least!

oh wow! now that you mention it, you're totally right that i tend to like shonen by female mangaka haha. yes, dgm's mangaka is a woman! i would love to hear your thoughts if you get around to starting the dgm anime sometime. i'm also interested to know which characters you'll end up liking! i actually haven't read the magi manga, but iirc s1 was the one with an anime-original ending. and yes!! take off was such a fun and memorable ed :')

most definitely! and i know what you mean, i was taken aback when i first found out about the age gap as well. the whole 'two brothers fighting over the same girl' development was pretty cliche ;___; but i loved daiki! i also thought he was a better match for mao, they had tons of chemistry together and it was nice how they viewed and treated each other as peers, while there always seemed to be a certain level of awkwardness existing between mao and hiro.

i feel the same way!!! and it's always so cute to see you get excited over things! i never get tired of it ♥

i'll be sure to let you know :') aww, how funny! and i had no idea that utsumi left kyoani. i wonder if she's working independently now and may return from time to time to help out with some of kyoani's projects, or if she's completely with another studio now? i'm also so excited for banana fish!! i thought about reading the manga and i never imagined it would get an anime adaptation at this point, but i'll hold off for now knowing that we have something to look forward to! i'm excited to rewatch eternal summer, i just listened to future fish the other day out of nostalgia and it was just as amazing as i remembered it haha. it really does feel like you're growing up with the characters! and same, it looks like we're in store for a lot of kyoani next year. it'll be interesting to see which anime end up leaving a long-lasting impact!
ginzuo Nov 10, 11:01 AM
......haahhh what is u talking about..??? no opm up in this bitch
Remix Nov 6, 8:01 PM
Utena is just too lovely. She deserves to be repped wherever and whenever <3

Right back at you for your picture, Diamond has an amazing design! I actually got a late start on Houseki, thanks to all the praise I've been hearing, and I just caught up; it's officially my favorite of the season, even more than all the sequels. It's quite the underrated gem (heh) the cast, along with the audiovisuals, are so vibrant. Does a great job of encapsulating each of their personalities and perspectives on life. Episode 5 completely sold me, especially the end.
uni Nov 5, 11:45 AM
i know what you mean! i definitely appreciated the themes too, but i think there was something missing along the way so they didn't quite click with me. i agree with you that it was a very solid and well-directed work though! and aoi yuuki really is super versatile. i think her kino is already one of my favorite role of hers, i could listen to her for days!

bts' dna lives were so much fun! i enjoyed got7's lives a lot, but they only promoted for about a week, so it was quite short :( i already miss them.

ahhh i hope you and your sister have fun!!! the bakugou vs uraraka fight was one of my fave parts of the tournament arc. they were such an interesting combo to be paired up against each other, and that really shined through in the fight by highlighting their individual strengths and growth.

same! i ended up rewatching parts of kino ep 4 afterwards because i enjoyed it so much. also, i started (and caught up to!) houseki no kuni last night before bed, and i like it a lot so far!! i can definitely see why it's one of your faves of the season. the setting and characters are very interesting, and the art and designs are gorgeous too. i'm definitely looking forward to more!

so true! it really is like seiyuu popping up across multiple anime. yamaken has been quite trendy lately, but he does have that "male lead" feel to him so it makes sense haha. i find that he does especially well in roles that are on the quieter side with a slight cold vibe to them. thankfully i've heard pretty good things about the hnr movie, so hopefully it'll focus on the series' strengths and not drag out too much! i'm sure the condensed length will help with that too.

that's true!!! even though 4 walls was wonderful, i would love to see what new heights their music can reach in the future ;___; there are many more genres and styles they can explore, and you're totally right that they all seem more than ready, so hopefully they'll be able to promote as a group again sooner rather than later!

out of the big 3, i think op is the one i would most enjoy, but i'm not sure i'll ever get around to it because the length is rather daunting to me haha. hopefully you have fun when you start reading the manga!! :) i've heard that bleach is really good up until the soul society arc (i think!), but it goes downhill rather quickly after that. i think pandora hearts is still my fave shonen, but if we're talking about more traditional, battle-oriented shonen then it would probably be khr or dgm ;v; i definitely agree about dgm! i don't think the story itself is too convoluted (it's very layered!), but there have been long hiatuses between chapters because of the mangaka's health, which makes it hard to keep up with the latest developments in the story. imagine pandora hearts, but with a half-year long break between each chapter haha. the art style evolves a ton throughout the manga too because the mangaka had some issues with her wrist. i do recommend the anime!! the 2016 anime is a little subpar and lacks some of the emotional impact from the manga, but it was great to see everyone again and get one of the most pivotal recent arcs animated. the original dgm anime has some fillers, but overall it's very enjoyable and i highly rec it! i only watched the aoex anime and i did like it, but it suffered the same treatment as magi with a really awkward anime-original ending. it's quite fun tho and the ed song by 2pm makes it worthwhile :')

that's great to hear!! i'll definitely need to check out grand blue sometime c: i've kind of been in the opposite predicament, where i've mostly been reading shoujo lately, so a shounen would be very refreshing and a nice change of pace for me haha. i know what you mean about taiyou no ie! i think it lost me a little midway, but it regained some momentum closer to the end and i liked the beginning a lot. it really is a bit different from your standard shoujo! i'm reading the mangaka taamo's newer shoujo series, which relies on more shoujo tropes right from the get-go, but i'm trying to give it the benefit of the doubt.

i don't think so! when i went to re-score my entries, i still had an average score of "8.0" for my manga list even though all of my entries were unscored at the time ;n; i guess the ghost score is still hanging around there somewhere haha. ah! i actually have an iphone so i use an app called imal, but i've had a really good experience with it so far. AND YES ♥ it's no wonder that we never seem to run out of things to talk about!!! we're always in perfect sync :') that's the one thing i can count on to never change over time!

oh man! speaking of the free movies, i still need to watch starting days sometime. hopefully take your marks will be available before s3 starts airing! it's awesome that the second recap movie was released in austrian cinema. i had no idea utsumi might not be involved this time around! i naturally assumed she would be, so it'll be a bummer if she doesn't return when she's been such a constant presence from the very beginning :( YES seeing rinharu in the same team again for the first time in years would be so satisfying!! i should probably rewatch eternal summer sometime because s1 is still clearest in my memory (even though it aired earlier haha), but i'm glad to hear that the ending left enough room for future material! and that's a good point :o maybe if violet evergarden ends up being 2-cour, we'll get kyoani shows all year-round!
uni Oct 29, 9:23 PM
you may have already seen this, but!!! free is getting a new tv anime in summer 2018! how exciting. i wonder what the new season is going to be about though :o eternal summer had such a nice and conclusive ending!
uni Oct 28, 9:09 PM
that's a good point! endlessly comparing series can really suck away some of your enjoyment. i actually did like koe no katachi and thought it was very solid and enjoyable overall, but for some reason i didn't quite connect to the themes, which seems to have been one of its biggest appeals for many people. something felt missing to me, but i would definitely like to rewatch it sometime since the timing of my watch may have colored my overall impressions of it. i loved the voice acting though, especially saori hayami, miyu irino, aoi yuuki, and onoken!

haha i definitely feel you there! i think the countryside is a beautiful place, but living there would probably be a totally different story. it does have a very special charm to it though!

same!! i'm not sure if you heard, but jaebum missed promos this whole week because of filming for law of the jungle. while i missed him a lot in their lives, it was such a treat to hear youngjae cover the entire chorus ;u; he can be pretty harsh on himself at times though, so he must've felt quite pressured the whole time. yugyeom helped a little at the end of the song though!

ah! i actually haven't read any of the made in abyss manga, i just meant that the parts the anime showed did give riko the sort of impression you mentioned ;u; and yes! bnha is definitely high on the priority list of manga i would like to start soon. although i might hold off for a little again until i find out when s3 will be airing. it's been a really enjoyable experience watching the anime without knowing what's to come, but i'm sure that looking forward to future events will also make it a more enriching watch too, in a way! so i can't go wrong either way haha. thank you for letting me know which bnha chapter i should start on when i do switch over to the manga! :)

i agree! oh, and i absolutely loved ep 4 of kino! shizu and riku are both great, i especially want a riku of my own ;u; it's funny because i dreamt last night that i had a talking white dog companion, which was probably influenced by riku! i'm actually not watching houseki no kuni, but i'm hoping to marathon it afterwards because another one of my friends is also enjoying it a lot. is houseki no kuni one of your faves this season after kino? :)

she really was! sadly tomochika's role in the anime became almost nonexistent after they all graduated :( i'm glad she's still a semi-recurring character though.

ah! i actually haven't watched very many j-dramas lately. i tend to watch more movies, but even for those it's been a while :c it's funny how much crossover there is between actors in anime live-action films/series though! the most recent j-drama i watched last year, suki na hito ga iru koto (which really feels like a josei manga adaptation, but apparently it's not!), has the actors of shishio from hirunaka no ryuusei and taichi from chihayafuru as supporting leads. the female lead has also been in a couple shoujo live-action movies (kimi ni todoke and heroine shikkaku), while the male lead, yamaken, has been in literally everything haha. if you look up his roles, i think he's been the lead in over 10 anime live-action works :o jiyoung also sings the theme song to the drama and i remember it charted quite well on oricon at the time, ahh i miss her so much :') now i'm just waiting for the hirunaka no ryuusei and sakamichi no apollon movies to be released!

ahh i see. it's good to know about the bones sub-studios!! i wonder if there's a systematic way bones designates a work to one sub-studio over another, or if they just try to divide series evenly across them. fall for bnha and spring/summer for mp100 sounds pretty solid! i would also be very curious to see how bnha and snk airing in the same season would turn out.

it really is :( and that's a good point! there's a ton going on behind the scenes that we're not made aware of, so i'm sure many of the friendships will still continue to go strong even across labels. i also wonder if krys will follow jessica after her contract expires! that seems to be a pretty logical next step for her, especially since f(x) hasn't been active as a group for a while (which is such a shame) ;___;

i'm glad to hear that! and yes!! i actually haven't read or watched any of the original big 3 shonen aside from a few eps here and there, so i can't really compare, but i think khr is extremely solid as a battle shonen and definitely stands its ground as one. i remember getting very engrossed in some of the fights! the cast is big and full of interesting characters too. dgm is quite different in tone and while some of its fights are visually interesting and intricately woven out, it also has mystery elements and each revelation gives you a puzzle piece to fit into the bigger picture. in that way, it's a bit reminiscent of pandora hearts. both are very fun and the unique characters are my fave parts of both!

also, i noticed that you're reading grand blue and taiyou no ie! how are you liking grand blue? i've wanted to check it out for a while because i've heard very good things about it. i also love taiyou no ie and many of its core themes, so i hope you enjoy it as well! i would love to hear your thoughts on it when you get a little further along.

you're correct!! i have been rating anime again :') i wanted to re-rate most of my series a while back, but apparently i had a ghost score somewhere and one of the database admins said she was aware of the issue and would forward my list to the developers to take a look at. that was about half a year ago though, so they probably weren't able to find a solution to the problem haha. i also downloaded a mal app recently to make it easier for me to update manga i read on my phone, and the app also makes updating scores much quicker compared to a web browser! so i re-added a bunch of my scores on a whim one day a couple weeks ago. YES! our compatibility is SUPER high omg ;u; i haven't had my current ratings for a while, but this is definitely the highest compatibility i've had with anyone so far!! this makes me so happy!!! ♡
Golga10 Oct 26, 3:38 AM
I do, never thought about adding it to my profile here though for some reason, Golga#2866 is my name there.
uni Oct 20, 5:46 PM
i can't blame you at all there! she really does look stunning as always ♥

that does make sense! since older series aren't always the most reliable benchmark for comparing more recent ones, it's a relief when you find yourself loving an older series just as much as you did when you first discovered it. and i feel the same way! free is probably my fave kyoani release after hyouka. aside from those two, i don't think i'm particularly drawn to any of their other works, although there are plenty i still need to watch at some point!

i actually find the countryside to be quite charming, but i'll be honest and say that i'm probably romanticizing it a fair bit haha. two anime i love a lot, only yesterday and poco's udon world, also focus on 'finding yourself' after moving to the countryside from a big city. i would love to visit the countryside someday, but i'm not sure how well i would adjust to actually living there! my dad grew up in the countryside in korea, and he has very fond memories of it but he always says he doesn't think i would like it much at all. and i do enjoy living near a big city, although there's something appealing about rustic settings!

firework is such a lovely song! jjp + cyj stand out to me the most in this mini, though they're the members i'm most biased towards so it definitely makes sense! i especially love the lyrics of 'you are,' they're so heartfelt and meaningful.

i can see where you're coming from! riko didn't get much characterization or development throughout the show, at least not in the parts that were adapted. and oh wow!! i had no idea the episode count for black clover was already confirmed, and 51 eps at that too :o the number does intimidate me a little haha, so i'll probably check out the manga at a later time instead. i always have trouble keeping up with long-running shonen during extended battles, even if i've been enjoying them a lot up until that point. the same thing is happening to me with haikyuu, where i'm barely managing to keep up with the current matches because they're dragging out a bit ;_; i should probably reread the last couple matches to refresh my memory. solid battle shonen can be very fun and exciting when they're well-done, so i look forward to starting black clover!

yes!!! i'm so glad you recommended kino to me, because i love it so far and i can't wait for more! the themes really are interesting and thought-provoking ♡ ♡ ♡

that's true! haruka really did have more chemistry with tomochika than she did with the boys. it's funny how things turned out that way! tomochika barely had any screentime in the latest seasons though, which was a bummer :c

haha yes! as long as sota fukushi sticks to calmer characters, he should be fine. i would be curious to see him play a more outgoing, active role though!

oh wow!! that's reassuring to hear. i didn't realize there was enough material for two more 2-cour seasons of bnha! i wonder when mp100 s2 will air -- it would be really cool if bnha and mp100 alternated in back-to-back seasons. hopefully bones doesn't spread themselves too thin!

i heard about that as well! it's such a shame too, since that means sm's promos for snsd backfired pretty badly if that was their initial plan :( i'm also sad that a lot of the friendships are split up now, like taeyeon/tiffany, sooyoung/yuri, and seohyun/hyoyeon. i'm really glad that things didn't seem to end on a sour note at least though! and yes!! hopefully your words are the good luck charm that will into existence a future interaction or picture of krystal, tiffany, and jessica together! that would be amazing.

ahh that's true! now that you mention it, soul eater was pretty heavy on the fanservice at some points. and i agree, khr was really big back in the day! it had its fair share of imperfections and pacing issues, but i enjoyed it a lot in spite of that. the shipping wars in the khr fandom got out of hand at points though, so i tried to stay away from those whenever i could haha. khr and d.gray-man were probably the defining shonen of my teenage years! i have many fond memories of both.
Shaking807 Oct 16, 9:30 AM
Lofti! Thanks for the friend request, it's an honor!

uni Oct 14, 10:03 PM
ahh beyonce looks gorgeous as always in your new layout! ♥

that's such a good point! you know a show has a special place in your heart when it stands the test of time. it's always a bit of a bummer when a series seems to lose some of its charm over time though. hyouka really is a sincere series! it's still my fave kyoani work, as i'm quite fond of takemoto's directing style haha. i want to rewatch it sometime since it's been a while and i've forgotten many of the details. i'm sure it'll be just as much of a visual treat (if not more!) the second time around. and it's great that watching more movies has helped you appreciate other details across mediums too!

yes! that's so true, nothing quite beats the liveliness of a big, bustling city. ahhh istanbul and linz sound amazing as well! i would love to visit them someday.

i couldn't agree more. i'm so satisfied with the amount of lines youngjae has, particularly during the chorus! he's also in the center of the final part of the choreo, which makes me really happy. i remember he barely got any screentime during some of their lives for fly, even though he had many ad-libs in it. i'm glad he's getting more of the spotlight now! i also liked the second half of the mini more :) i have quite a soft spot for remember you.

the backstory between mitty and nanachi really was heartwarming. and that does make sense, maybe the first half was pretty solid that it made the second half seem rather lackluster by comparison! ahh i see. in that case, i'll likely pick up black clover after it ends! but since it's a shonen jump manga, that may mean it will be a longer running anime :o maybe i shouldn't wait too long to check it out haha. i actually had no idea that children of the whales was a netflix series! that would explain why there have only been fansubs released for it so far. if the rest of the show can keep up with the pilot ep, then it should turn out to be a very enjoyable series.

AAAA i actually started kino the second i read your comment!! :) i wanted to watch the first series first, which is why i held off on starting the new one even though i was very interested in it. however, i couldn't resist after you recommended it to me! and you were completely right, i love it so far. it can get quite philosophical and thought-provoking at times, which is very interesting. and i absolutely love kino (the person)! as always, you know exactly what i'm going to like c': i'm glad i decided to pick it up! <3

i agree! the utapri boys seem to grow and be challenged more by one another, probably because they're in the same line of work, while haruka is just their 'muse' or songwriter for the most part ;n;

that's true, live action andou did have a unique charm to him! the actor had a different vibe from andou in the manga, but he still did quite a nice job. sota fukushi (ren's actor) is definitely handsome, but i've noticed in general that he's not a very emotive person haha. he had no problem pulling off ren though! apparently he's going to play tenka in the donten ni warau live action, so i'm curious to see how that turns out :o

i can't wait for s3, and even more so after hearing what you've said! for some reason i thought the manga didn't have enough material for another season so soon, but i'm glad i was proven wrong. oh man, this is reminding me how much i loved the tournament arc! it's chock full of memorable scenes, and it's where i really started to appreciate todoroki too.

the girls really did deserve so much better :( it's such a disappointment that their 10th year anniversary and final comeback as 8 was managed so poorly. it sounds like some people are hopeful for a full snsd comeback in the future like shinhwa, but since some of the girls are still signed with sm, i'm not sure how likely that is ;_; i'm also pretty hesitant to the idea of them returning as 5. i'm keeping my fingers crossed along with you for a jessica/tiffany reunion!! they have many mutual friends in their fashion social circle, like irene kim, and they attend quite a few of the same events. i would love to see them together again someday and i think there's a pretty good chance of it happening too, if they're willing!

i'm so glad you liked the soul eater manga! :) i only watched the anime, which i enjoyed a lot although the second half was a little weak. it's been a while though, since i watched the anime back when it was airing! i remember how popular soul eater was back then, but i hardly ever hear about it anymore. death the kid was my fave too, miyano mamoru did such a nice job voicing him in the anime haha. and i agree, the world building was top-notch and the series was all-around very fun and interesting!
uni Oct 11, 10:50 PM
ahh i keep realizing later on that i forgot to reply to something haha. but how did you like the soul eater manga? :) i only watched the anime back when it was airing, which i enjoyed quite a bit even though it lost a little steam in the second half! such a fun and visually stunning series.
uni Oct 11, 6:44 PM
oh wow!! that's a good point, it's interesting how our rating systems can evolve over time! it's great how completing more series gives you a clearer perspective on how a work fares relative to others in the same medium.

ME TOO ♥ i do, although i stay in california most of the time anyways haha. i'm actually going to new york in the spring with a couple college friends to visit another college friend who currently studies there, which i'm excited about! my friends go to las vegas quite regularly too, but i haven't been back in many years. do you visit different parts of austria pretty often? :)

i agree! i think i like the musical direction got7 is taking post-flight log, and i can't wait to watch their live performances this week. what did you think of 'you are'? :)

sadly, there have been no signs of hyoudou yet :( but he'll be popping in again soon enough! and i definitely know what you mean, the made in abyss finale felt kind of underwhelming overall for some reason even though i did think some parts of it were quite solid.

ahh nice! that's a very solid list of shows you're following this season. the mahoyome manga is so charming, and the anime has been capturing that nicely. black clover is a shonen jump series, right? and it's too bad that the premiere of just because was really boring! i haven't watched it yet but i heard it's a bit similar in atmosphere to tsuki ga kirei, which i loved. i think my fave premiere among the new shows i checked out actually ended up being children of the whales, which is also the final one i watched. i want to pick up more fall anime but i have a lot less free time now, especially during the first half of the week. i might try out some shows after they end though if i hear good things about them!

omg yes! i've heard that the later utapri games have shifted the focus from how the boys feel about haruka to their relationships with each other in order to market the franchise more heavily to bl fans. apparently the otome-only fans didn't take to this very well and haven't been happy about recent developments haha. it seems like utapri is trying to juggle too many things at once (including introducing too many characters!) that it struggles to excel in one area.

i know what you mean! ahr seemed to get the short end of the stick compared to strobe edge because of its even more convoluted love triangles haha. i'm kind of relieved that strobe edge ended where it did before things went south even further, although it did have some unnecessary drama in the second half. the live action was super cute!

that's very interesting to hear!! and this is making me look forward to s3 even more. the later developments in the manga sound so promising! and the comparison with all might not smiling does make a lot of sense. hopefully you're enjoying s2! the tournament arc really is chock full of details to soak in and appreciate, so i'm sure it'll be even more rewarding since you've already read the manga and know what to anticipate!

oh! and did you hear about what happened with snsd? :( i think i remember you mentioning that you wouldn't be surprised if not all of them renewed with sm, and that's exactly what happened! the writing was definitely on the walls, but it's such a bittersweet feeling. i hope all of the girls can go on to pursue their own interests and succeed in their respective fields. and i would love to finally see jessica interacting with at least one of the girls who didn't stick around with sm, if possible ;n;