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Joker Game
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Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens
Mar 11, 8:04 AM
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Violet Evergarden
Feb 23, 9:21 AM
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Fire Punch
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Boku no Hero Academia
Boku no Hero Academia
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Mar 13, 11:50 PM
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uni 4 hours ago
Of course!! And you're very welcome! ♥ ♥ ♥ how was your day?

I'm glad to hear that! Getting into a comfortable pace and routine can be such a nice feeling. And I definitely feel you there haha. It's always a good idea to take a break from anime every now and then so that you avoid getting burnt out ;w; hopefully you've been enjoying going back to Western movies and TV series!

Oh no :( it sounds like we've both fallen behind on seasonal anime for the most part. It's great that you're still liking Ramens so much though! The couple episodes I watched got me interested in Lin's backstory, so it's a good thing they're focusing more on him now. I hope that you continue to enjoy it!!

That's true! I didn't expect the story to go the direction it did in the second half, so it was definitely an interesting development and shift. Ahh I still haven't seen Uchouten Kazoku yet, so I may hold off on watching Night Is Short, Walk on Girl for now, at least until curiosity gets the best of me haha. It seems like Lu Over the Wall is the less regarded of the two, but the character designer of it is a josei mangaka I'm quite fond of, so I'm still looking forward to it a fair amount :)

Loona is wonderful!! I still need to watch more of their behind the scenes stuff to get to know the members a little more, but their releases thus far have really been delivering. The members are so uniquely talented and charming as well :') surprisingly, I've been enjoying a lot of K-pop releases lately! Red Velvet, Wanna One, Got7, Seventeen, Chungha, Suzy, WJSN, April, CLC... I'm probably forgetting some too haha. The mullet also seems to be making a comeback, first with Minghao and now Jaebum. Jinyoung is really shining this comeback too! And same, I'm more of a casual fan of NCT nowadays, although I did catch the first couple seasons of NCT Life when they aired. Baby Don't Stop is great! Taeyong definitely seems to be one of the strongest male visuals in K-pop right now. Yuta has such a refreshing smile that fits the Touch concept perfectly, and Johnny is very handsome as well. My personal biases in the group are Taeil and Jaehyun c:
uni Mar 10, 8:29 PM
Finally properly replying to your comment! Thank you again for your patience. I've fallen behind on most of the seasonal anime we were talking about last time though ;___; I'm planning to catch up on them during my spring break in two weeks, which I'm really looking forward to! How have the winter anime been faring for you now that the season is a couple weeks away from ending? Are you still enjoying Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens? :)

I know!! People here tend to speed the most when it rains, which is dangerous, and late at night, when visibility isn't very good :( now I almost wish we got snow over here too so we could also have snowball fights! That sounds like so much fun. Hopefully it hasn't snowed much there recently and it's finally starting to warm up instead.

That's true! Season 3 of SnS actually ended right at the part you mentioned, so I'm a little worried to see how S4 goes. Hopefully there will be some worthwhile bits nevertheless. I enjoyed S3 a bit more than S2, although it did drag at points. And haha, I know what you mean!! She does follow SnS but she's actually a Hayama fan :)

Same! I didn't expect to hear Daisuke Ono in Kino, so that was quite a treat. And that's a good point, even though I enjoyed some of the episodes that didn't necessarily focus on Kino, they did disrupt the overall flow of the story and made it come across as rather disjointed :(

I'm going to try catching up to FranXX over my spring break, but since I already considered dropping it a couple times, I'm not sure how far I'll get haha. The only character who really caught my attention in the 3 eps I watched was Goro, though I can't deny how interesting and alluring Zero Two is! She really spices things up when she's around. I heard the second half of VEG has been much better so far and that the middle eps (I think it was 4 or 5, or maybe both?) are kinda slow/boring. So I'm excited to reach the latter episodes!

That does make sense! I can see why you would like the second half of DM:C more since there was a bit of a tonal shift and the scale of the story expanded a lot too. I'm planning to watch Yuasa's two 2017 movies soon, which I've heard many good things about so I can't wait!

I hope so as well, and it looks the director of Grand Blue has worked on a lot of comedy anime in the past, which is very promising and reassuring to hear c:

I think so too!! I'll be sure to keep you updated when I watch Eccentric Family.

Also! Have there been any K-pop releases recently that caught your attention? I forgot, but are you a fan of/do you listen to NCT? :)

And again, I hope you had a wonderful birthday and that life is treating you very very well right now!! ♥
uni Mar 6, 3:00 PM

(I'm not the best with time zones, but if I'm correct, it should've just turned midnight over there hehe.)

I'm so fortunate that this is the fourth birthday of yours I have the pleasure of celebrating :') and I look forward to the many more to come! Thank you for being such a wonderful and supportive friend throughout the years. I know that I can count on you anytime, and please don't forget that I'm always here for you, too! I'm very grateful to have you in my life.

Do you have any plans for today? Also, how have work and life in general been going? I hope this year has been a prosperous one for you thus far, and that there are countless blessings in store for the future. I also hope you're able to spend today having fun and doing enjoyable things, even if you do have work! I recently saw that BnHA S3 has been confirmed for two cours and will be airing in exactly a month, so the prospects of upcoming Bakugo screentime are quite exciting :')

Also!! Thank you for your patience with my ridiculously late reply ;___; my time management skills this school term haven't been the best, and I've been paying the price for that over the past month haha. This week is my second to last before spring break though, so my schedule should finally free up again and I can't wait to resume our conversations c: I hope you've been doing well, and I love you so so much!! Again, wishing you the happiest of birthdays and just happy days for you all around ♥
Objective Mar 6, 5:56 AM

f u c k

first years blow too
Eternal_Jamie Mar 5, 1:57 PM
Yeah I've been doing pretty good thanks!
Eternal_Jamie Mar 3, 6:25 PM
Love the new profile pic! What gorgeous colours. Hope you're doing well.
Objective Mar 3, 9:12 AM
or is it because the main boy becomes irrelevant
Objective Mar 3, 9:06 AM
although i'm quickly getting over this classical themed idiot tbh
Objective Mar 3, 8:57 AM
latest show doesn't seem THAT bad but please explain boo
Objective Mar 3, 8:56 AM
omg wait do tell
Objective Mar 3, 6:50 AM
i miss being gay as fuck about yowapeda with you
ginzuo Feb 22, 3:00 AM
Shouta invasion
Drugs Feb 6, 2:22 AM
Yeah I do ^^, tho not that much haha. And they areeee, I only wish Kaminari had more screen time, or cool moments ;~;

Oh wow, now you have me very intrigued for S3, tbh I can see him either going the sasuke route, or flipping that whole concept on it's head.

And thank you, I'm kinda trying hard, to try atm haha. The search for motivation is strong.
Remix Feb 5, 3:45 PM
Remix Jan 31, 10:19 PM
Oniisama e... when??