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Objective 6 hours ago
i actually thought about it harder today, it'll cost like 650$ for the setup i want, it's more just a basic setup for when i'm too lazy to drive but my guilty conscious keeps bugging me

RIGHT, i literally did nothing irl besides gym in the morning, right now i can sit for like 3 hours max

so i've made my plan to complete by next july btw i'm gonna tell you

"new" car - check as of today (it's still used but saying another car sounds weird) - 7k gone eek
gym setup - next (estimated cost 650)
jap holiday savings - 3rd priority (need around 3k)
5-8k savings in bank - 4th (then i'll quit my job and live off that for 2-3 months)
AND LASTLY finally sort out my life in that 2-3 month period i take off EVERYTHING, because lately i've been getting like 1 month into my diet then something shit will happen and i'll revert to eating garbage and drinking energy drinks all day, sleeping at like 3am and it's so so so bad
like i would become like 40% happy then crumble back to 0% over and over again.

SOOOOOO if i save like 2k a month until march (which is 6 months away) i should be gucci c: which equates to 12k by March in a perfect world without problems

8k savings 3k holiday <1k gym shit = 12k

gl me c:
uni Sep 23, 2:45 PM
la traffic (and sometimes the drivers too, unfortunately!) can be pretty brutal at times, especially during rush hour ;_; it's definitely one of my least fave parts of living here! one time a couple months ago, it actually took me 2 hours to drive home from school. the commute can be as short as just over 30 minutes on a good day though, so hopefully it'll be closer to that most of the time!

same! it can be hard to trust what's written in an article when fact checking is so faulty at times :(

that's really interesting! i think got7 is almost like the reverse, where their japanese songs tend to be on the louder side and more hip hop/rap-focused. got7 has only released one japanese album so they don't have too many b-sides yet, but i tend to like their slower songs more so i'm a fan of stay, angel, and so lucky! the only downside is that not many of their japanese songs or mvs are easily accessible on youtube because of sony's copyright restrictions.

that definitely makes sense! it's a relief that bts hasn't lost sight of their roots and color in spite of the shifting direction of their music. btw, what did you think of dna and the other tracks? i've had all of their songs and iu's releases on repeat the past of couple days! i can't stop listening to them.

i feel like altair has a really strong, intricate narrative that gets buried under the subpar animation and anime pacing, especially the latter :( the pacing seems to move at breakneck speed at points, where conflicts get resolved pretty abruptly without much buildup. haha zehir really does seem like the type of character you would be drawn to!! so far i like beyazit a lot, and suleyman is great too. i enjoyed the latest ep, and in general i think altair is very charming in spite of its pacing/animation issues. the characters and political intrigue have been keeping me pretty invested! apparently it's continuing into the fall too, so it's reassuring to know that we're not going to get a rushed ending. hopefully the second cour will improve on the first!

i really want to like the ballroom anime, so i'll probably give it a few more chances to improve ;n; hopefully the introduction of some new characters will enliven things. i actually enjoyed last week's ep more than previous weeks, and the sneak peek of chinatsu at the end was such a treat! i love her so much and i can't wait for her to get properly introduced. i totally understand why you would drop it in favor of the manga though. hopefully you end up enjoying the manga more! and i agree, i miss ozen too :( nanachi is interesting so far, but nobody has been quite able to top ozen's impact as a character yet! i'm also wondering how they'll wrap up everything next week for the finale. even with a one-hour episode, it feels like there are too many loose ends to be properly resolved in that short amount of time ;_;

ahh i hope you're able to continue daiya sometime too!! i'm taking a bit of a break before i start season 2, and while the second half of s1 does have a few recaps and the pacing can be a little slow at points, it definitely stands its ground and is very solid overall. and yes, you hit the nail on the head there! i do generally avoid ln adaptations and harem anime/shows that seem to mostly only have fanservice as a defining characteristic. while i've enjoyed series from all of these areas before, i feel like they can be very hit-or-miss, maybe leaning more towards a miss for me haha. so i don't check out many of those series on my own unless i hear a lot about them beforehand, but i'm sure i'm missing out on some gems out there! what about you, are there any genres/types of shows that you generally try to stay away from?

i hope you enjoy the starmyu ovas! they're really cute and lighthearted and, above all, it's just nice seeing everyone back together again :) now that you mention it, you're right that it borrowed elements from sports anime! aww a starmyu-shaped hole in your heart, i can definitely empathize with that. starmyu is the most fun i've had with an idol (maybe idol-like would be more fitting in this case since it's technically a musical haha) anime in a long time, it's indeed a very very special series!

it's interesting that you mention uraraka's crush on izuku, because last week's episode touched on that in a more direct way! i'm curious to see how the manga expands on it. oh wow!! i had no idea horikoshi released a one-shot prototype manga, but that was such a fun read :D it was neat seeing which elements made the cut, and what he decided to tweak or change a bit. i loved salaryman midoriya, and the director seemed like a pretty cool character too!

right!! though now i'm not even sure why i put utena on hold when i was enjoying it so much! i think i was working on a lot of shows at the time, including princess tutu and rose of versailles, and i ended up finishing princess tutu and reading the versailles manga instead. so all i have left to complete among those three is utena! i think i watched the first 7 eps in the span of 2 days or so, so i certainly enjoyed what i did see c': i can't wait to continue it and get a little deeper into the themes and symbolism! utena seems very rich in it and there's so much to analyze and explore. and omg i know! there's nothing quite as therapeutic as making your layout pretty after a tiring day at work haha.

for sure!! i can't wait to catch up on their vlives. i'm sure they'll be more active again as a group soon now that they're gearing up for a comeback :D

ahh i remember when you were considering ENFP a while ago! i actually did think some of the characteristics fit you though haha. mbti can be pretty complicated and subjective, so it's tough to decide on a type when there are a few that seem to be calling your name! it's great that you've settled on a type that fits you really nicely now though :)
Objective Sep 23, 2:35 PM
1000$ silly

ah yes sounds like a huge pain tbh, idk how I remained so active a few years ago I get twitchy if I sit for too long now a days :c
sleepyafrican Sep 22, 10:07 AM
Sure. If you have the time for a longer show, I'd recommend Hunter x Hunter, one of my personal favorites. The battle system is pretty fleshed out in comparison to most shounen. Also the characters are pretty likeable and interesting(esp later on). I can already tell that you'd really like Kurapika and Killua haha

If you want a shorter show, I'd recommend Medaka Box. It's not necessarily one of my favorites but I think it's an interesting approach to say the least. It starts off as a SOL but eventually switches to a full on battle shounen. A bit slow in the beginning but overall I had fun with the show.
Objective Sep 22, 5:56 AM
another edgy anime site wee, being a cute girl on those is super duper hard

bench, power rack and some basic weights, i'll sink around 1000 to start off with and see how we go from there
Objective Sep 21, 11:08 PM
Haven't started yet :( when I get a day off next week I'll drive an hour to pick up some basic pieces

Must be hard being a cute girl on the internet, the talking community though does it not have any sort of common ground at all? I mean chat threads only work here because there is common ground to be had
Objective Sep 21, 5:24 PM
i'm fine my life is very consistent without much going on, i'm about to start building/collecting pieces for a home gym which is kind of a fun little project

care to go into detail or at least hint at the fandom that got you a bit down?
sleepyafrican Sep 20, 2:45 PM
Woah same here. You have excellent taste as well. This makes so much sense haha
Objective Sep 19, 6:14 PM
just need me a bicycle and i'm good c:

so what's got you so down boo, or is that a facade
Objective Sep 19, 7:33 AM
nah there's way too many places i have't been yet, i've only been 5 times


one weeb week then one new stuff week usually
Objective Sep 19, 6:21 AM
twice a year boo

you'll always have a special place in my heart weeb lover <3
Objective Sep 19, 5:23 AM
i'm good as per usual boo c:

yup, you're lucky that you're you

summers rolling around for me so it's time to go back to weebland for a snow trip weeee

Objective Sep 19, 4:35 AM
im offended but still love you
Objective Sep 18, 5:18 PM
oh, i meant stabbed with love but ok
Serendipity Sep 18, 8:02 AM

She's such a goddess. She has all the pretty genes.