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uni Yesterday, 4:34 PM
It sounds like some of the drivers here could take a page or two out of the book of Austrian drivers :'( some people drive over 80mph on the freeway even when it's pouring, while I'm just holding on to my steering wheel for dear life haha. It's good that it hasn't snowed much there recently! I can't imagine how difficult it must be to get from place to place when it's snowing.

Yes!! He really is. And that's a good point - many characters in SnS seem to fall to the wayside after their face-off with Souma, only popping up occasionally afterwards to provide commentary. Omg, I actually don't think I've ever talked with Bii about Tsukasa, but now that you mention it that would be a fun topic to discuss haha.

I definitely enjoyed Kino, and it had a strong string of episodes leading up to the end, especially the backstory focusing on the original Kino. But the actual finale itself felt rather anticlimactic and out of place :( I kinda wish they had moved the sheep stuff to the halfway point and made ep 11 the ending instead haha. I still do want to watch the original series sometime though! What were your thoughts on it?

This season has been pretty solid for the most part! I dropped a couple shows because they were a bit disappointing and/or not really sustaining my interest (such as Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san and Citrus, mostly the latter unfortunately haha). But otherwise, the winter offerings are off to a promising start! I'm liking Koi wa Ameagari no You ni, Miira no Kaikata, and Sanrio Boys each a fair amount. I wasn't a big fan of Darling in the FranXX's premiere and wasn't sure if I would stick around for much longer, and although I'm still not quite on board yet, I think ep 2 gave me a better idea of what to expect from the story. I feel like there are many different paths the series can take, so I'm a little worried it might squander its potential :o but since it's 2 cours, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it'll be an entertaining ride at least!

I'm really enjoying Violet Evergarden so far! It was another series that had me a bit lukewarm after its premiere, but I think that was mostly just me being overly cautious about managing my expectations due to the hype. I liked ep 2 much more, thankfully! And I'm really appreciating the subdued nature of the series, as well as the delicate way the story handles love as one of its core themes. I also have a soft spot for the flashback scenes, particularly the ones at the end of ep 1/beginning of ep 2 featuring Gilbert. Oh! And it doesn't hurt that Benedict is a very cute character haha. I enjoy every scene that he's in.

Whew, I ended up writing a ton as always haha. What are your thoughts on everything airing this season? I would love to know :D

Ahh I decided to put Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens on hold midway into ep 2 because I didn't think I would be able to follow it on a weekly basis, but I did enjoy what I watched and found the setting/characters to be quite likable and fun! I would be interested to hear how you're liking it later on, and if you're still enjoying it I might pick it back up c:

I did watch Devilman Crybaby! I liked it quite a bit, and the music and visuals in particular were top notch. I thought the first half was stronger and the pacing/characterization during the second half felt a bit off to me, but it was still a very dynamic and creatively intriguing effort overall :) what were your thoughts on it?

Me too!! I can't wait to hear more details about the Grand Blue anime, especially the airing date and the cast. There's lots to look forward to.

YES! Totally agree there. And ahh I've been meaning to watch Eccentric Family for a while! I do think I'll end up liking it a lot, and I'm hoping to pick it up during my next break when I have more time for non-airing anime. Thank you for the rec! I'm looking forward to it.
Drugs Jan 16, 9:20 PM
Heeey c:
uni Jan 8, 8:24 PM
Thank you!! We got our first rainy day of the year today, which wasn't too bad, but I feel like drivers are much more reckless when it's raining ;___; so that can be a bit scary. But otherwise, the weather has been pretty tame on my end! And likewise, I'm very happy about the longer days too :)

Me too! I think Rindou was actually my favorite part of the Moon Banquet Festival arc. I did enjoy Tsukasa's character quite a bit! Although I feel like we were just barely getting to know him during his face-off with Souma, so I look forward to learning more about his motivations for siding with Central in the upcoming season. I also love the contrast between his actual personality and when he gets extremely focused on his cooking haha. Akira Ishida did a very solid job of voicing him, as always c:

Oh man! I was hoping that would be the start of more scenes of them together, so it would be a bit of a bummer if that wasn't the case :( they have such a tight-knit bond and close mutual understanding of one another.

It's great that WSJ series get translated so quickly after raws are released! That must make the wait for spoilers more bearable. I'm worried about what's happening with Batoto too :( hopefully they manage to find an alternate place to upload their scanlations.

Wow!! Having only two Ghibli movies left to watch is a really impressive feat. I feel like I've been slowly chipping away at their filmography for years now, yet I still have almost half of their movies left to watch haha. I've barely made a dent. Hopefully the remaining five (including the rewatches) end up being enjoyable! And yes, I'm really liking Idolish7 so far! The characters are quite charming and distinct, and their goals and motivations feel real and believable. The show itself also seems a little different from your typical male idol anime, somehow. My current profile pic is actually of Sougo from there haha. I'm surprised by how quickly the series won me over. Iori is also wonderful and he's probably my second favorite among the bunch so far! Are you thinking of checking out the anime sometime?

Iori is such a likable protagonist! The mini arc with Busujima was so much fun - her and Iori have tons of chemistry together. I really like Asuza too, she's a refreshingly proactive character and things are always lively when she's around. Since I just caught up, I hadn't realized that scanlations were taking a while :( hopefully we don't have to wait too long for more releases.

Also!!! I finally (after many years) completed The Tatami Galaxy and I absolutely loved it :') it was very rewarding to see the story start coming together more cohesively during the second half, and in an effortless yet intentional way too. It has such an intricately wound narrative and one of the most satisfying endings I've encountered in a while. I can definitely see why it's one of your favorites! I haven't been able to get the ED out of my head ever since I finished the anime either.
Drugs Jan 6, 2:19 AM
I didn't realise you were such a fan of MHA :O
uni Jan 4, 10:50 PM
Happy new year!!! Hopefully it warms up a little more over there. It's gotten chillier here in general, but it was quite hot last weekend and overall it's probably much warmer than other parts of the world/country are, so I can't complain haha. It does snow in parts of California, especially near the mountains, but never anywhere close to where I live.

Yes! Rindou was one of the best parts of S3 for me :') the finale was actually better than I expected it to be! I wasn't sure how they would manage to wrap up Souma vs Tsukasa in a satisfying way, but thankfully it didn't feel too forced or abrupt. It's a bummer that Erina's father will be sticking around for a while longer though :(

Even when I'm not a big fan of Hyuna's songs, I always end up watching most of her lives for them anyway haha. She's such a fun performer and her stages can be quite a blast.

I hope so too! The Phos and Cinnabar scene in the final ep was so sweet, but it also made me a bit sad that we didn't get to see more of them together until the very end :( just another reason why a sequel is much-needed!

I totally agree! Do most WSJ series get translated pretty quickly after they're published? The weekly releases definitely give you something to look forward to.

I'm so glad you enjoyed Whisper of the Heart!! I've rewatched it many times over the years, and its themes and messages haven't lost their touch at all over time. And haha I feel you there, sadly most idol anime tend to be mediocre at best.

That's a good question! I love the dynamics between everyone so much, but my favorite characters are probably Iori and Aina. What about you? :)
Remix Jan 2, 10:05 AM
You filled out your favorites! It looks great <3

Belated Happy New Year btw~

uni Dec 24, 2017 5:39 AM
ahh i randomly logged in and saw that you had completed whisper of the heart and gave it a 10, and it's even in your faves now!! this made my day, i'm so glad you enjoyed it :') i thought you would appreciate and relate to the themes quite a bit, and i definitely see shizuku in you too! ♡
uni Dec 20, 2017 2:07 AM
yes!! thankfully, i did get to pet them all :') and oh no! i'm glad to hear that you didn't get sick at least. hopefully you stay healthy this winter and it warms up a bit over there!

you definitely should! there have been some fun scenes in s3, so even if you don't watch the whole thing, i'm sure it would be worthwhile to check out some clips :) oh man, i heard about that! and apparently season 4 is going to air this spring. i haven't watched the finale yet, but i can't imagine them wrapping up everything neatly this week :( especially since souma vs tsukasa just started. i really hope erina's father doesn't stick around for too long, because i haven't been a big fan of how the story has developed ever since he showed up, but that's most likely wishful thinking on my part haha. and i know what you mean! one of the anime's strengths is definitely its cast. they're all perfectly in sync with their characters, even erina's replacement seiyuu.

i feel the same way! i usually stop listening to twice's b-sides once their promo cycle for it ends, but surprisingly, something about their album this time around really clicked with me. it's definitely their strongest effort so far in my eyes. kingdom come, attaboy, and rollin' are all great! the latter two in particular are such upbeat songs. missing u was my fave track off of twicetagram, while i also really liked perfect 10 and look from perfect velvet. i'm also really glad to see hyuna back, even though i'm still trying to figure out how i feel about her new song haha.

same :( it was really sad to see how much phos changed, but at least they seem to be acting a little more like their old self now. hopefully we'll see a gradual return of the old phos eventually. and that's a good point! i'll probably hold off on reading the manga for a bit too in case a sequel gets announced. i took a peek at the manga a while back and the paneling is definitely impressive.

ahh that's really cool! shonen jump is such a powerhouse and so influential too, it's always interesting to see how series fare at different arcs and stages of their stories, and which trends come and go. it's also a bit of a shame that some manga get axed so early and rather mercilessly ;_; it's quite a competitive, cutthroat environment, but understandably so. i'll admit that my knowledge of shonen jump is pretty rusty though, since i learned most of what i know from bakuman haha. hopefully you enjoy reading more of their titles! it must be fun to compare how works appeal to various parts of the target demographic. i haven't heard of fire force before! and i would love to know your thoughts on dgm when you do get around to reading it :)

ooh, that's a bummer about castle in the sky. i actually heard it was quite strong in the romance department, but i might be confusing it with another ghibli film. i did see nausicaa! i still do want to watch castle in the sky eventually, but at least now i know to go in with rather modest expectations.

gakuen babysitters is one of my favorite manga so i'm a little biased haha, but i think it's very good! it's also extremely cute in a way that may be borderline saccharine to some, so it may not be everyone's cup of tea ;u; i've been following the manga since it started getting translated a few years ago, so it still feels a bit surreal that it's getting an anime adaptation. there are definitely plenty of cute guys (and girls!) in it, but the series as a whole is more focused on cute babies. it's very adorable with lots of heartwarming moments sprinkled throughout though, and certainly worth a shot if you're fond of young children! idolish7 next season seems to be better slated to fill in the gap left by im@s side m, and it had a pretty promising start too.

also! i started (and caught up to) grand blue the other day and i'm enjoying it a lot so far :) it's very funny and i love the chemistry between the characters! i'm already looking forward to more, i didn't expect to catch up so quickly haha.
uni Dec 9, 2017 9:23 PM
yes, the bachelorette party was quite fun! thank you for asking :') the highlight of it was going on a wine safari and getting to pet and feed many animals, including llamas, zebras, alpacas, and horses. we also had a pj party later that night and just took it easy and played some games. oh no! hopefully you've been able to stay warm in spite of the coldness. it's actually been quite warm over here recently, even reaching 80 degrees fahrenheit, and there have been several widespread fires nearby :o hopefully some of the coldness on your end will make its way over here eventually! and it really is, krystal's photoshoots are always such a treat.

that does make sense! ryo really has been channeling bakugou 100% during the past couple eps when he gets fired up haha. it's interesting because it sounds like a lot of manga readers enjoyed the autumn election, but it wasn't as well-received with anime-only viewers. that may have been due to its presentation/format in the anime. i've heard a lot of mixed reviews about the central arc and i can't say that i'm enjoying it too much so far, but it's disappointing that there's a big plothole coming up :( i'll try to brace myself for it! i think this season is going to be 2-cour, so i wonder how much material it's going to cover. since you really liked the autumn election, you would probably enjoy s2 a lot!

also! i've been meaning to ask you about this, but i kept forgetting to. what were your thoughts on twice and red velvet's latest releases?

that's true! even though got7 wrapped up their korean promos not too long ago, i'm already anticipating their next comeback haha. i feel like they're gradually reaching the stage in their careers where they're starting to focus more on individual activities. that definitely makes sense, but hopefully i'm jumping the gun and they'll stay active as a group for a while longer c':

i totally agree! at first it was heartbreaking to see how much phos changed, but it looks like remnants of their old self definitely still remain. hopefully we'll see a return of phos' whimsical and carefree side in the coming eps, although we only have a couple weeks left sadly :( i'm planning to pick up the manga once the anime ends. the last couple eps especially have been exceptional, and the action scenes are always so skillfully executed! each new episode manages to surpass the previous one. speaking of phos, your pf pic is very bittersweet and beautiful ;__;

yes!! i think you'll like kanda quite a bit :) he's the kind of guy who has a cold, aloof exterior but is in reality extremely perceptive and selfless. i can see you really liking lenalee as well! she's a very strong and compassionate person. i'm also excited for you to start it!

and i saw that you watched castle in the sky! that + princess kaguya and the wind rises are the ghibli movies i'm most looking forward to watching next. how did you like it?

edit: i just realized that i forgot to reply to a part of your comment again! but that's definitely true, i'm sure we'll experience another strong year in shonen, much like we have this year. i hadn't realized that bnha and free would be airing in the same season, how exciting! two of your favorites :) i was just about to say that i wish more (good!) shoujo anime would air in 2018, but then i remembered that two of my all-time fave shoujo, cardcaptor sakura and gakuen babysitters, both start airing next month haha. so i guess i can't complain there! i'm already looking forward to the winter anime :)
Remix Dec 9, 2017 7:43 PM
Phossu <3
uni Nov 25, 2017 7:15 PM
i did!! i was actually at a friend's bachelorette party that whole weekend, so the day was mostly dedicated to her haha. they got me a cake during dinner though, which was really nice :') i've been so busy this month preparing for her wedding, but now that it's over and it's thanksgiving week here in the us, i'm grateful to finally have a chance to catch my breath and also catch up on all the anime i've fallen behind on! how have you been doing? and thank you so much!! i kept switching my layout for a while, which i think was because of its therapeutic role in relieving stress like we discussed a while back haha. and likewise, i love your new layout! kryst's short hair is such a blessing. the bakudeku panel is super cute too!

that definitely makes sense! i think the amount of sympathy someone has for ueno comes down to how much they were able to understand her as a character. i wonder if many japanese anime viewers feel the same way about yuki kaji as english speaking viewers do, because i watched some of his interviews a while back and he seems like a laid back and likable person! it's too bad that he gets hate just because people aren't fond of some of his roles. ooh now that you mention it, i can imagine kuga and ryo with their voices switched! and that might actually fit the respective characters better haha. nobuhiko okamoto mostly uses his quieter hyoudou/obi/shinah-like voice for ryo (aside from the moments when he gets really heated up). i do like shokugeki no souma a lot in general! especially the first season, but i think s2's focus on the autumn elections took away from my enjoyment of it quite a bit, because it dragged on a little for me. the first few eps of s3 focusing on the moon banquet festival reminded me why i loved the series in the first place, but i haven't been too fond of the recent developments ever since erina's father showed up. i'm really hoping that season 3 will regain some momentum during the second half though! are you planning to pick the anime back up sometime?

ohh i didn't know that jackson attended the european music awards! though i did hear that he's been serving as some sort of socialite on behalf of the chinese entertainment industry at international events, so that definitely makes sense.

it's really fun to see how an adaptation can stay loyal to the source material, yet also put its own spin on things and bring the original content to life in a totally different way! i'm glad to hear that you've been enjoying the bnha anime so much :)

yes!! i totally agree. i also loved the latest episode and the relationship between shizu, riku, and ti. it would be nice if we got to see more of photo soon! i also think that more screentime dedicated to cinnabar and phos together would be wonderful, but i'm not sure when we'll get more of that now with the hibernation going on :( hopefully sooner rather than later!

i know what you mean. taiyou no ie stumbled a bit during the middle section, but all of the loose ends were tied up nicely and it regained its footing closer to the end! and that does make sense about sugimoto. i don't think she had bad intentions and i didn't mind her too much, but i second what you said about the whole issue with kuukai's identity being blown out of proportion. it would've been nice if everything got resolved quicker! i'm glad to hear that it's the best shoujo you've ever read, it's definitely a very charming and refreshing read in many ways.

ohh a ghibli marathon sounds like a great idea!! i've also been slowly chipping away at their movies, but i find that i can't watch more than a couple in a short span of time haha. i think i need some more time to process everything and let the movies sink in, and i keep my rewatching my favorites instead of getting to the rest. i'm planning to watch the wind rises and castle in the sky over my winter break next month though. i hope you enjoy your ghibli marathon, and i'm excited to see which movie(s) end up being your faves!! there's such an array of exceptional ones to choose from. YES! kanda is a really great character, he can seem quite uncooperative and apathetic on the surface, but in reality he's very observant and caring :'( he also has a wonderful backstory that's the focus of the 2016 anime. among the older cast i was the saddest about sakurai takahiro being replaced as kanda, because he was so in sync with that role! kanda and allen are my favorite characters from the series.

♥ ♥ ♥

i see! and haha awww, i'm sure you and your sister will have a blast watching banana fish once it starts airing!! i remember a lot of individual episodes from eternal summer, but my memory of the bigger picture and how all of the events connect together is a little blurry, so i would definitely benefit from a rewatch. it'll be interesting finding out which shows leave the biggest impact next year! it's fun trying to predict sleeper hits, although there always seem to be series that fly under everyone's radar and end up being such pleasant surprises haha.
sleepyafrican Nov 24, 2017 12:21 PM
Oooh that's a really nice spread! Did you just happen upon it or do you regularly follow GQ Korea?
sleepyafrican Nov 24, 2017 1:20 AM
Hey just curious what exactly is your profile image? Looks like an album cover lol
uni Nov 12, 2017 6:48 PM
ELIF!!! thank you so much ;____;

i'm just as grateful that we met and that i have you in my life! our in-depth and varied convos are one of the things that has remained constant for me throughout the years, and i always cherish and look forward to them.

it really was the roughest year i've had by a lot, far beyond what i ever could've imagined when it started :( this year tested the limits of what i'm able to handle in many ways. thank you for your support and thoughtfulness when i was at an all-time low, it meant a lot to me! on the flip side, this also means that the upcoming year has to be at least a little bit better and brighter by default. so i'll try to keep a positive mindset and take this as an opportunity for a fresh start :)

thank you again for the well wishes, i love you ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Tamakiiiiiiii Nov 12, 2017 12:01 PM
Not much, I'm just sitting around watching anime all day being depressed and lonely like always :(