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caramellatte 3 hours ago
Same!! ♥ and awww, such a fitting comparison haha. I love it!

I miss Sulli so much! Even though she's still active on social media and her photoshoots have been gorgeous, I'm looking forward to her upcoming movie role. You can always count on SM visuals to deliver!

I know what you mean! It seems like K-pop has really quieted down in Japan, so it would be exciting to see Twice succeed and do well there. I would love to hear an anime OP/ED by a K-pop group/artist again! I think a lot of the latest releases by Day6, Lovelyz, and Gfriend would fit right in :)

Yes!! We definitely need someone like you to ward off all the JMB antis ;_; how he even has antis at all is beyond me!

Jisoo really looks amazing! I keep getting thrown off because Jeonghan, Seungkwan, and Woozi all have blonde hair (in slightly different shades but they look pretty similar from afar!) with bangs parted right down the middle haha. I'm glad Seventeen is going for a more mature sound this time around because I wasn't too fond of their last couple title tracks, but their latest song does sound a little too much like something the Chainsmokers would release! It's definitely grown on me though, and I can't deny that it's catchy.

ME TOO! It was amazing to see Jean again, and he's the same as always as you said ;u; he's grown a lot yet his leadership qualities and ability to stay calm and rational in the midst of a crisis haven't changed one bit!

I'm also glad to see things up and running again so quickly :') thankfully we didn't have to wait long to get our anime fix again haha.
caramellatte May 20, 5:41 PM
AHHHH I JUST SAW :') I'm so happy for the girls, they definitely deserved it!! Hopefully this will be the start of even more awards and accolades for them!

Oh wow, I actually completely forgot about Irene's blonde hair until you mentioned it! Irene and Yoona both going back to blonde at the same time would be amazing and a visual overload haha. It seems like Signal is receiving a lot of backlash, but I thought the chorus was pretty catchy at least! And Jeongyeon is really shining during this comeback. The rapping/talking bits felt quite out of place, but overall I liked the song more than Knock Knock, which I wasn't too fond of. Signal has a very distinct JYP sound to it too. Hopefully they change things up a bit for their next comeback though!

Yup, that's him! Poor Daehwi was really cute and bubbly early on, but after receiving hate and dropping in the rankings he became so subdued, trying not to attract attention to himself and usually hunched over in the corner :( the second elimination airs next week, so it'll be nail biting to find out who went home this time!

Now that you mention it, Jeonghan is definitely channeling Namtae with his current hair color! Even down to the middle parting of their bangs haha.

I'm not sure if you had a chance yet to watch the new ep so I don't want to spoil anything, but we finally got to see Jean in the present timeline and saying more than one line ;v; it made me so happy!

Thank you so much!! I heard that nyaa [dot] si is another new tracker, so it's great that we have a couple options to choose from now :)
Vinesma May 18, 6:04 AM
97 club represent! o7

I see you're watching Parasyte, it's amazing. I hope you're enjoying it!
neonr4in May 17, 6:44 AM
Hello, It's Vulphere. Nice to see you here!
caramellatte May 13, 11:37 PM
I can't wait until we get more details about their 10th anniversary comeback! It would be great if they released multiple MVs again covering different genres and concepts. They're versatile so I have no doubt they'll be able to pull it off! Yoona's blonde hair was amazing and so, so short-lived ;_; I hope she brings it back soon too! And same! Although I loved LOA concept-wise, my fave title track from Twice is still Cheer Up. All of the Signal teasers so far have been kinda cryptic, so it'll be interesting to see how the actual song turns out!

Yes! The rankings have been really wild so far, last week's #2 and #3 ranked #17 and #13 this week, respectively. Last season there was a lot more stability and predictability in the weekly rankings, but this season they're all over the place haha. It's definitely nerve-racking, but I'm sure Mnet is enjoying all the hype this season is generating.

Ah, that's right! Jisoo's grapefruit hair seemed to cause quite a commotion in the fandom for a while haha. Have you watched any of the teasers, btw? I was pretty taken aback that Jeonghan's hair is blonde now! I wasn't expecting his hair to be so light.

Same :( I just barely noticed Jean at the end of the opening too, and he finally got another one-liner in a flashback this week haha. AHHHH YES the reveals were just as anticlimactic in the manga! There was no buildup and the spotlight wasn't even on them during that scene, and then bam. It seemed like this approach worked really well for some people, while others would've preferred a flashier reveal.

Poor Miyamura :( the mangaka wrote short crossover chapters for Yankee-kun after the manga ended, so it would be nice if we got little extras and side stories with Miyamura too! He deserved so much more than his treatment at the end of the manga.

Ahh thank you!! This is really helpful :)
caramellatte May 5, 9:31 PM
I just listened to Aya after reading your comment and I liked it quite a bit! It was definitely interesting, but I loved how it was a little unpredictable and I couldn't tell what was coming next musically. I haven't listened to the rest of their repackaged songs yet, but I should do that soon!

Me too! Some of the members didn't seem to be crazy about the cute concepts, especially Taeyeon with Gee and Seohyun with Oh! haha. So I'm glad they made the shift to more mature concepts eventually! And that's a good point about Twice. Even though they're great at cute concepts and have some younger members too, I would love to see them return with a LOA concept soon. Hopefully Signal will be a little closer to that style than TT and Knock Knock were!

You're right! Performance evals have ended, but if this season follows the same format as the first, there will be position evals and concept evals coming up haha. The stress never ends for the poor trainees ;^; some trainees (Lee Daehwi, Kwon Hyunbin) have taken quite a dip in the rankings because of unfavorable editing, while others (Yoon Jisung, Ahn Hyungseob) are starting to get hate because they have lots of screentime. Mnet really started pushing Daniel a couple weeks ago, and so far it's working but I'm worried that it'll backfire and he'll eventually get hate too :( it was even confirmed that his reactions got added in to a couple scenes last week when he wasn't even present in the room at the time. Meanwhile there's Park Jihoon, who got virtually zero screentime until the end of ep 4, yet managed to secure first place each week from a 0.5 second wink haha. And JMB dropped quite a bit, which makes me sad because he seems like a such genuinely nice, humble, and supportive person :(

Jeonghan would look amazing in pink! I agree that it depends on the shade, but I'm sure he would be able to pull it off.

Same!! Hopefully Isayama/the anime staff hear our pleas and give us some Jean screentime soon :( even if it's just random fillers with him haha.

Yes! The last arc really helped bring back the charm of the Yamada-kun manga, especially because the story was stagnant for a while. It was disappointing that a chunk of the original cast got pushed to the sidelines for the second half though, particularly Miyamura as you said :( I was hoping he would have a more proactive role in the end, but he never got the development and story arc he deserved. I'm looking forward to Yoshikawa Miki's next work though! Hopefully it'll be as fun and enjoyable as Yamada-kun was.

True! Speaking of the final OVA that came out last year, I still need to watch it haha. It's a bummer that I might have to find a place to stream it though because I didn't get a chance to download it before Nyaa went under ;_;

I second everything you said :') and ahh that's really reassuring to hear. I saw some TV/BD comparisons from the earlier eps/volumes while the anime was still airing, and there was a world of difference between the two haha. I'm sure the animation blips won't be TOO noticeable in your case!
caramellatte May 4, 4:28 PM
That's true! It's wonderful that it looks like they're really enjoying themselves, but a win would be like icing on the cake for them ;u;

That definitely makes sense! I remember when Genie first came out and I thought that was the end of SNSD's cute concepts, but they immediately followed up with Oh! and I realized that I was completely wrong haha. Irene is my bias too, she's quite observant and insightful so it's too bad that gets overlooked because she's not a particularly loud or outgoing person. Hopefully she'll get more opportunities very soon in the near future!

You're right! We haven't seen JMB try out many new hairstyles yet during the show itself, so hopefully he rocks some braids during their next performance evals :) also, man, I know Mnet is notorious for their evil editing, but they're not even trying to be subtle about pushing their agenda at this point ;_; it's too bad that it seems to be working and some trainees are getting hate when I'm pretty sure it's just Mnet not painting the whole picture and trying to shake off certain contestants from the top 11.

Ohh, Mingyu's Mansae era hair would look amazing on Jeonghan! I'm remembering now how wonderful he looked then. Hopefully his long hair makes a comeback someday, but for now a proper short cut would probably be for the best!

I remember the shipping wars in SnK got quite bad during their peak, so I'm glad I don't have to see that anymore haha. Ah, that does ring a bell! I assumed that Jean would be with either the main trio or the others, but he doesn't seem to be with either group atm. Since this season is only one cour, hopefully Jean shows up in the present timeline before we reach the halfway point :c I miss him more with each passing ep we don't see him!

YES their children would be the absolute cutest and most precious :) KamiHaji is full of so many unique and vibrant characters. You're right, it would be wonderful if we could see more of their antics and just overall omake-style skits in the future.

I feel the same way, and reading your thoughts on Maid-sama makes me want to go back and rewatch bits and pieces of it too! There were many solid supporting characters in it as well. And yes! That was Masuda Toshiki's first lead role iirc, and the anime really helped put him on my radar :) he was so charming as Masayoshi. Yup, Goto the policeman was voiced by Sugita Tomokazu! The animation was definitely one of the biggest drawbacks of the series, and it really detracted from the overall viewing experience at times. If you can overlook it, though, the story itself and the general themes of the show stand out and are quite engaging!
caramellatte May 3, 9:28 PM
Ohh, that's a good point! Now that you mention it, there are definitely parallels with the stylistic choices Gfriend often uses in their title tracks. I hope the girls manage to secure their first music show win soon :( they deserve it.

So true! And now that they're a little older and more experienced, I'm sure they would like to branch out and try new concepts too. I would love it if Irene got a role that was quite expressive and outgoing, because it would show the public that she isn't as stiff as they make her out to be at times ;u; she seems very capable and versatile, so I'm confident she'll be able to handle it!

Me too! After ep 4 of PD101 S2, I think I've also really fallen for Takada Kenta and Im Youngmin, ahh. I need to stop getting attached to too many trainees because my heart will only get broken in the end :'c so far it doesn't look like JMB's hair has undergone any drastic changes (yet!) haha, so here's hoping he decides to keep it as is! His hair makes him unique and really helps him stand out from the crowd, so it would be a shame if he cut it.

Oh gosh, I'm still so sad over Jeonghan's hair :( </3 at this point, I wish he would just cut it properly rather than keep it at an awkward and uneven length. I hope he'll decide to grow it back out someday! His long hair and ponytail were so glorious.

Ahh yes, I definitely remember that! I haven't been on Tumblr in ages, but hopefully it hasn't been too unpleasant over there lately :( it can be frustrating when people take things a little too far and turn an enjoyable hobby into something stressful. I DID SEE IT and I was so happy we got a glimpse of Jean, even though he literally only got one line ;u; I think I need to rewatch the end of S1, because I've completely forgotten where he is at this point in the story haha. I have a vague idea, but it's all such a blur atm!

That's a good point! There was lots of closure in the end, so more of the anime probably isn't necessary at this point :') but short snippets and extras of their happy married life would be super cute!

I feel you there! Usui was a little /too/ perfect and ideal at times, but I found it impossible to ever dislike him because he was just too charming. Oh, those are all great choices for your next watch! SamFlam is such a crazy and wild ride, but it was worth every second of it. I wish I could experience it for the first time all over again! I have so many fond memories of the series, haha.
caramellatte May 2, 3:20 PM
Yes!! I like how they took a slightly different direction in their new release, but at the same time it has a very signature Lovelyz sound to it :') the dance looks super cute too. I can't wait to watch their lives!

So true! Some people seem to have a pretty broad definition of what is considered a ballad haha.

I would really like it if their future music evolved into more of a Red and Velvet mix too. It would be the perfect way for them to mature and grow musically! I'm a little sad that Joy wasn't able to participate in their upcoming reality show because of her drama shooting, but hopefully they can come back as a group sooner rather than later! Speaking of dramas, I would love to see Irene in another role soon ;u; she has so much potential as an actress.

Chungha really rose in the rankings at the end, placing at such an impressive #4! It seems like she benefited from the change in the voting system, as well as the support of female and international fans. Yeonjung seemed to have a lot of female voters too c': LOL, I love how you're a self-proclaimed JMB akgae! I remember him mentioning that he wants to cut his hair while he's on PD101, but I'm not sure how I feel about that ;_; it would definitely revamp his overall look, but his hair right now is so nice!

I agree! And it's kind of nice that the buzz has fizzed down a little since S1, because the hype back then definitely got a bit in-your-face at times haha.

That's such a good point! The small details in KamiHaji go a long way, and I love how so many things came full circle in the end. I hope we get to see more of the anime in the near future! The bond between Tomoe and Nanami is really wonderful and strong.

AHHH YOU FINISHED :) the ending was so lovely and I couldn't ask for anything more!!! Misaki and Usui have such amazing chemistry, I never got tired of their interactions. Are you eyeing any other shoujo anime for your next watch?
caramellatte May 1, 8:55 PM
First off -- I absolutely love your new username!! I can't wait for their comeback, and I'm glad we get to see and hear more of them so soon after their last release :')

That definitely makes sense! And I think it's great you have clear preferences when it comes to IU's ballads, because that really goes to show you give them a thorough listen and are able to sift through their nuances :) oftentimes I see people dismissing all of her ballads as boring, but they can be quite different stylistically and in their overall feel! So I can totally see why you would like some more and others not so much.

Talk To Me was such a wonderful track! Very title track-worthy, too. Body Talk was my fave off that mini, and I would love it if they explored that sound a little more in future releases! Tbh, while I always loved RV, none of their title tracks ever completely reeled me in until Russian Roulette, but I absolutely adored that + Rookie! They seem to be charting even better with their last couple of releases too, so I can't wait to see what they come out with next.

I hope so too!! Out of all the contestants, the ones that seem to be best mood makers with really bright personalities that draw others in and put them at ease are (imo, of course!) JMB, Daniel, and Jisung. The group would have such a cooperative and easygoing atmosphere if all three of them made it in, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed ;u; JMB dropped a little during the last ranking, but at the end of S1 the voting changed from each person's top 11 --> one pick, which ended up affecting the final results pretty drastically. I feel like JMB has more individual fans than people just voting for him alongside their other faves, so I'm hoping he can climb back up and secure a spot in the final lineup!

YES I totally agree!! Even though there were hints sprinkled about re: Nanami and Yukiji, it really was a revelation when the truth came out. I always wondered how they would resolve Tomoe's lingering feelings for Yukiji, so I was impressed with how cleanly they wrapped everything up. And I see that you're watching Kaichou wa Maid-sama now!! I love how you seem to be going through a shoujo-watching spree lately :') how do you like it so far? I watched Maid-sama in its entirety twice (maybe even 3x?), so it has a soft spot in my heart. It's a very fun and solid shoujo!

Ahh I see! That definitely makes sense. And with all the pressure the animators were under after S1's success, I can understand why they would want to take a little break after it ended. It really is bizarre how much of the buzz has died down!
caramellatte Apr 29, 10:39 PM
Same!! I have such a soft spot for the trifecta of slower songs in Chat-Shire, including Shower, Knees, and Glasses :') all of them are so wonderful and relaxing to listen to.

I know what you mean, I think Coloring Book is a /little/ too energetic and upbeat for me :( and not so much like Rookie, which really grew on me by the end, but in a more unrelenting way. Hopefully they're more successful with their next comeback!

I hope so too!! After almost a year of not watching any survival shows, I couldn't escape the hype surrounding PD101 S2 and found myself hooked yet again ;n; I still can't believe nearly 40 trainees are getting eliminated next week, and I think the filming for it has already finished too. Hopefully those who don't make it to the final lineup benefit from their experience and exposure on the show :(

Totally agreed! He perfectly captures how multifaceted Mizuki is, affectionate one moment and cunning the next. Mizuki is a wonderful and complex character with such a compelling backstory too, so I'm really happy to see you liking him so much! And he really does seem like the type of character you would gravitate towards haha. Ohh nice, 3 episodes a day! And I see that you're already on Kako-hen!! How are you liking it so far? And that's true, I can definitely see the similarities between Nanami, Yona, and Shirayuki! It's so rewarding being able to watch them blossom into even stronger-willed ladies.

Haha same!! I don't think I could bear to continue watching SnK without Jean. Even if he barely gets any screentime like now, it's reassuring enough just knowing that he's alive and will (hopefully) make another appearance soon! And I feel the same way, it's kinda strange and interesting that SnK is back after such a long gap. Some of the hype probably left with the break, but it's nice that the series itself really does seem to be the same as always!
caramellatte Apr 27, 4:52 PM
Haha true!! That reminds me of what a wonderful and calming song Shower is :) and I can't stop listening to Ending Scene lately. I know it's more of a standard ballad, but the lyrics are so heartfelt and the MV is gorgeous too.

Jiho really does have fox-like features! She has such stunning, sharp eyes too. And yes!! The attention to detail in the choreo and the way it lines up with the lyrics is adorable.

I hope so too! It'll be interesting to see how the production team responds to the series' popularity in the sequel ;u; it would be nice if 13rw doesn't lose its essence and manages to get even better and more interesting.

I know, I'm really worried about how Pledis is going to handle NU'EST post-PD101 :( with Seventeen continuing to gain popularity and Pristin rising as solid rookies, I'm worried they'll just return to the backburner even after gaining new fans and more recognition. Most of my faves are in Group 2 that covered Sorry Sorry, so I can't wait to watch their performance! I have a soft spot for a few contestants outside of the top 61 too, though unless they rise a lot and quickly in the rankings I don't see them making it out of the first round of eliminations next week ;_; it's going to be very heart-wrenching.

YES I love how Kurama always tries to be so smooth, but his true nature never fails to slip out in the end haha. Okamoto does an amazing job of capturing how sweet yet eerie Mizuki can be at times! I was quite creeped out by him several times during the anime (and I mean that in the best of ways!), which I don't remember happening when I read the manga. It still makes me so happy that you're watching and enjoying KamiHaji, and making such quick progress on it too :') at this rate, you'll reach Kako-hen in no time! The OVA's are wonderful and provide a lot of context for the overarching plot. They're definite eyeopeners! And I couldn't agree more about Nanami. I love how hardworking and bright she is, while never devolving into an archetype and still retaining her characteristic headstrong personality c: she's such a likable lead.

Oh no!!! If I saw that on his wiki too, my heart would've nearly skipped a beat ;___; I've completely forgotten where Jean was/is at this point of the story, but I sure hope we see more of him soon! The series definitely isn't the same without him. And I completely second what you said! I started getting a little worried because I thought the pacing took a slight dip ~ep 3, but thankfully ep 4 picked back up and the anime seems to be on track and in tiptop condition again! I was originally planning to pass on SnK S2 but decided to give it another try when I found out it would only be one-cour, and I'm glad I did! Hopefully the current pacing and quality continue until the end of the season :)
caramellatte Apr 25, 3:02 PM
That would be wonderful!! A special clip for Jam Jam like the ones 1theK uploaded for Chatshire would be amazing :')

YES, I couldn't agree more! They're all so beautiful! Now that you mention it, I can definitely see the resemblance between Jiho and Yoona. Jiho is already glowing and the bangs frame her face even more nicely! The choreo must take a lot out of them since it doesn't have many slow parts.

That's a good point :( especially since there are so many younger viewers watching 13rw, it would send a really positive message if the production team was more deliberate about their portrayal of mental health.

I hope so too! ;_; I heard Nu'est's videos have been getting more views ever since PD101 started airing, so hopefully the newfound attention pushes Pledis to promote them harder once the show ends.

AHHHH I second everything you said! Tomoe is the type of tsundere that is just too hard to resist. Kurama is SO funny! I think the anime did an even better job with his characterization than the manga haha. I didn't really notice him much in the manga, but he stole the show for me every time he got screentime in the anime. And I know what you mean! I love how easy it is to squeeze in anime eps even when you're on a bit of a time crunch. I was wondering the same thing about Jean!!! Even though I've read the current content in the manga already, I keep waiting for Jean to show up and then I get disappointed when an ep passes by without him ;_; hopefully we get to see him again soon!
caramellatte Apr 24, 10:06 PM
I completely agree!! I absolutely love how playful and mischievous the lyrics for Jam Jam are!

:( Yes!! Do it for Hyojung! The choreo is really fun and fast-paced too, so it may be worth checking out a couple of performances haha.

So true! It sounded like the perfect opportunity and platform for them to start a productive discussion on mental health too. Hopefully it'll be touched on more in season 2!

Aww, I love Moonbok! He has such a sweet and cheerful personality that makes it really hard not to root for him. Right now I have my eye on Kim Jonghyun from Nu'est. It's kinda funny because I was never really into Nu'est before, but my second fave Hwang Minhyun is also from the group, haha. I like Kang Daniel quite a bit as well ;u;

AHHHH this makes me happy to hear!!!! I'm glad you're enjoying KamiHaji so far :') Tomoe is seriously the best! How not to fall for him, really haha. There's a wonderful 4-part OVA called Kako-hen that I recommend watching once you're done with both seasons! It explains a lot and fills in some gaps in the story. And of course, the manga is great as well and actually quite different in its overall mood compared to the anime!
caramellatte Apr 23, 3:03 PM
Yes, Jam Jam is amazing!! I'm a little sad we won't get a full MV for it since the teaser she filmed was so fun and lively, haha. I actually love Palette a lot, especially the lyrics, but it's more on the mellow side as well so I can see why it doesn't really seem noteworthy as a title track.

She really is! From the couple of Coloring Book stages I've watched, I love how Hyojung starts off the choreo formation :') opening up with her bright smile was the best idea!

I see, how interesting! Hearing that makes me want to check out 13rw even more now. It's too bad they didn't seem to properly explore mental illness in the show though :( I actually had no idea they were going to make a second season! But that does make sense given how popular it ended up being. Did the season one ending have a fair amount of closure?

Also, are you keeping up with season 2 of Produce 101 or watching any of the clips/episodes? If so, I would love to hear your thoughts and if there are any contestants you have your eye on! I'm already quite invested ;_;