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Apr 13, 2008
A real emotional rollercoaster anime this one is. What pulled me in straight away is that the main character knew she had 300 or so days to live and shes not even human!! From a battle maiden to a house maid, well you gotta wanna see what happens

It is a comedy and yes its funny how mahoro behaves as she tries to maintain a working reletionship with her boss (a 14 year old sexually curious kid) but obviously they are much much more. She pulls you in with her bright nature yet there is an underlying dark side to her from her war torn past read more
Apr 13, 2008
WOW, i've never seen gundam before and wanted to get into it and Gundam 00 is a great introduction into gundams.For those of you's who never seen gundam, give this one a go as there are no previous knowledge you need to know in order to enjoy gundam 00 and all technical stuff was explained nicely :O

The artwork is breathtaking and i rate it the best mecha artwork i have seen to date, it is very detailed and even the common enemy mecha's are very pleasing and detailed. Sometimes you'd just want to pause and stare in wonder :D.

The story line was very read more
Apr 11, 2008
Never seen another anime quite like this one, there are so many surprises thats it's unpredictable but not in a stupid fashion. It has a bit of everything, romance, war, parent/ child love, magic, sword play, memorable funny scenes and mecha, yep thats right, MECHA.

But for those of you who hate mecha anime, dont go just yet, cuase the anime's not heavily based on mecha, but more on the story (you'll understand why mecha was used in the end). The fanstasy land that the story is set is akin to animes such as Full metal alchemist or naurto, a mix of science and medievil theme. read more
Apr 8, 2008
I've seen FMP Fumofu and that was a blast but disappointed with the short duration of the anime so when i heard of a manga that had more of the whacky and fun filled stories of socially challenged sosuke, i got right into it and it has meet all my expectations

prepare yourselves for more of sosuke's misunderstanding of the basic things in life and chidori's explosive reactions. The manga is not serious and doesnt have any real story line about mithril or any real fighting but it deals with the fun side of sosukes school life.

The character design is very cute which suits read more
Apr 5, 2008
Gunnm (Manga) add (All reviews)
What a great original story this was. The art is very detailed and clear in the sense that you can actually understand whats going on in the fight scenes. For some fighting manga's it was very difficult to imagine what went on during a fight scene but Alita didnt lose me. I got a sense of excitment following Alita's develpment from innocent cyborg to bounty hunter to elite sportwomen to warrior as there was not a single boring moment. It was a thrill to see what new weapons or body she would get and how she would defeat or catch her enemies.

Not only was the read more
Apr 5, 2008
A war between men and women!!! wooooo hooo BRING IT ON. Set in the future, the age long contest between men and women will be fought in space and in mechas. Enters the hero where he finds himself on a ship full of women after accidently becoming a prisoner of war and then guess what... WHAM enters the unknown aliens... now what?? Whats great about this anime is the funny incidents that occur between ppl who have no idea what to do with the opposite sex. Intriguing plot where we see how these bunch of wacks work together to fight though the tough times.The animation read more
Apr 5, 2008
at first i saw the anime art and thought... heck no... but i had a go anyway and never regreted it. Yes the art is not so cute but its roughness backs up the tough story of a son trying to win the love of his mum and to an extent his dad... though fighting. The most interesting part to this anime is the fight match ups where you would have judo against boxing or street brawling against chinese kenpo for example and the best part, there are no rules. Plenty of blood and plenty of unique action where each fighter has their own techiques. read more
Apr 5, 2008
a story about a group of high school girls and their teachers, so your thinking, yeah thats been done before... but not like this. A unique story about the lives of 6 high school girls and their adventures with their not so average home room teacher (think women version of GTO), none of them is alike and the story is very touching in that each one of these girls pulls you in with their unique personality. There are some unbeatable crack up moments where their stupidity goes beyond hilarious. However the story is kinda slow at the start where everyone is introduced and there are read more