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Jun 24, 2020
I usually find anime with low ratings dull and boring but Azur Lane is definitely not the case.

The story is actually not bad, it is quite exciting and I actually enjoyed it. Needless to say, the art is Azur lane's strongest point, the sceneries are very HD and character designs are the most beautiful thing I ever seen.

In fact, the three things I enjoyed about this anime most is:

1. There are a lot of lolis
2. The lolis has very attractive personalities
3. The lolis are very sexy

The anime is almost flawless. I just didn't like how the enemy side has so many lolis and most of read more
Jun 17, 2020
Why is this season so underrated? I find this season tremendously better than the first season. The OP is better, the plot is smarter and the character developments are better yet the score is only 7.24? (by the time I was writing this review)

While first season is rated almost 8, it felt like a bland filler. Although it succeeded in making funny jokes and peaceful slice of life, I feel that season 2 has portrayed this much better. I never laughed so much (especially the movie making arc) that it made season 1 felt like nothing in comparison.

Ok enough comparison, so why does season 2 read more
Mar 23, 2020
I am speechless. I am shocked.

I have seen many harem shows but none strikes me this critically. I blushed, I laughed, I sighed at many various scenes. This is without doubt, the best anime I have ever seen so far.

I thought season 1 was a great harem show as it definitely has waifus with good personalities, many good looking girls and outstanding ecchi scenes. To LOVE-Ru Darkness completely destroys this, it makes To LOVE-Ru looked like a normal pantsu fanservice show in comparison.

To LOVE-Ru's heroine, Lala, is replaced by Momo which made the show tremendously more interesting and enjoyable. This was due to Momo's characteristics read more
Mar 17, 2020
I hv a Slice of Life

I hv a Harem

UH! Town of Salem

ok bad one I'm sry.

I like slice of life and I like harem. These 2 are my favorite genres so it is obvious that I would enjoy To LOVE-Ru.

I started the show twice and dropped it both times after finishing the first episode as the story was introduced weirdly and everything seemed strange. But once I reached the 2nd episode, I discovered that the show is actually kind of peaceful and chill completely opposite from the first episode which was fast-paced and aggressive.

Although the story still has weird and strange elements in it read more
Mar 11, 2020
I have never seen a show this underrated before. Not only because of the gay score of 6.72 but also its unpopularity with just almost 19k users who completed the show. This show is basically the meaning of a "hidden gem", I would never have found this masterpiece even by sorting top anime by score rating or popularity if it wasn't for that loli moments video I found on youtube.

This show overwhelmed me several times. I expected a big mature man at the meeting place but it turns out to be 3 kawaii lolis instead, I expected Kiriyume to be a normal woman but she read more
Feb 22, 2020
[Contains spoiler]

While watching Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! I keep thinking to myself "why is this show so long?". Each episode seemed like an hour to finish and drains my stamina greatly that I had to walk around and take in some fresh air for a while before starting the next episode. This is the main reason why I dropped this show when I was new to anime, I got up to 6th episode and I realised that the show was just an everyday life of an MC dealing with a Chuuni girl.

And then I have returned to this show as a more pro read more
Feb 17, 2020
I really like this type of anime, an action romance anime with an op loli MC accompanied by a pro male MC. Unfortunately, there are only a few anime like this such as Black bullet, Shakugan no Shana and Machine-Doll wa Kizutsukanai (that is all I can think of) yea there are not that many so Hidan no Aria is probably the last one of this genre for me.

Although it may be the last but it is also one of the best, it was a very thrilling ride from the beginning towards the end not the actions though, the loli. Aria is such a read more
Jan 24, 2020
Woah what a way to start a show, an unexpected continuation of the cliffhanger in season 2 which was going the right way that will give me the scenes I want to see but instead, it did not go that way nor the other way, it completely did a full 180 and went back to its gay path even deeper.

As if Yuuji alone wasn't bad enough, Yuuji combining with a demon lord level antagonist? (and wtf is that ugly appearance) Unbelievable, although the show makes Yuuji stronger and finally shows love back towards Shana like I wanted but this is definitely illegal, hurting Shana read more
Jan 22, 2020
Now this is what I was expecting in the Shakugan no Shana series, some peaceful and relaxing filler episodes to give breaks from the heavy contents. I feel like there are too much going on in the series, when a problem is solved another problem is presented again and it makes me feel tired.

This OVA is like a fresh air, it gives me an entirely different feeling of the show. I have never liked OVAs, I only see them as another episode of an anime and did not feel that it is more special than other episodes either however, this is OVA is different, read more
Jan 22, 2020
[Contains spoilers]

When I finished this I lazy and decided not to review this and continued to season 3 right away since the cliffhanger ending was quite interesting and I wanted to see the happy episode where I can finally relax and watch Shana and Yuuji dating and hanging around. But I saw season 3's first episode. Ahhhh, I wish I hadn't seen that episode, Yuuji has evolved again and I thought he couldn't be any worse than what he had been but now omg I can't describe this, this level is beyond words. I should have known that this was coming anyways, the way Yuuji read more