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Oct 2, 2019
I know this is already too late to write a review but because this anime is so good, I have to express my feelings.

Not long ago I finished Trinity Seven and it was stress relieving so I decided to find more similar kind of harem anime to watch since I was not ready for serious stuff and I had tough exams so I kinda want to relax and cure depression. THEN I found an anime with twintail loli in someone's profile which certainly grabbed my attention since twintail loli is something I am obsessed in.

At first I expected this to be some CGDCT anime that read more
May 21, 2019
This anime is disliked and dropped off by many Grisaia series fans and some of the reasons are that it isn't a continuation of the Grisaia series or doesn't contain characters from the Grisaia series like "omg where is Yuuji?, ok rate 0/10 done." which i find quite unreasonable since it is indeed quite acceptable and can be enjoyable to watch.

Ok, from what i understand, this show may be about what happens at Mihama Private academy a school for assassins with new 4 students, a class president, a homeroom teacher and a principle where they are assigned a proper mission to assassinate or capture a read more