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Sep 30, 2017
This is my first time to write review, and I don't know why I choose this anime to do so.

This review is absolutely free from any kinds of spoilers, unless you think advice on how bad this anime was a spoiler.

Okay. let's start from animation, it was good, the magical circle, power effect, battle and power explanation were good.
For story, well, the animation was good!
How about sound? I said the animation was good, wasn't I?

Enough joking, this is my real opinion for this anime.

It worth to watch....for once only, and obviously I wouldn't want to watch it twice. (Although I would like read more
Apr 11, 2016
If you love cute or colourful animation, Haitai Nanafa is an excellent choice for you. Most of the characters are very cute and has colourful eyes and hair. there's slightly shaft's head shift animation there, but do not confuse since this is not made by shaft.

the story revolves around nanafa's family, or it supposed to be like that, but not. The main character is nina, the troublemaker and makes nanafa family more lively. Nina is a wood spirit which nanafa kyan accidentally release from tree. I don't know what happen to the last 2-3 episode because it seems rush to climax (maybe the producer somehow read more
Apr 11, 2016
For me, Tamers is the most excellent digimon series out there. It has solid and understandable story background and the story doesn't focus just for one person.

Story : The story is interesting, it’s about tamers and its digimon. In this world, they have game call digimon card game where they can fight with other digimon by using cards to power up. Although it seems just okay for the story, i give 10/10 because later on you will learn many things from this anime such as how to let go someone you love, parent’s love, and how not to judge something from it’s cover. read more
Apr 11, 2016
Here is my first review for an anime that I watch (I have been watching anime since I'm 10 years old, and now I'm 26 years old). Due to Digimon Savers "excellent animation and story" I have to write one as to warn people who love Digimon franchise.

Story : I have to agree that Digimon Savers has the most unique storytelling compare to other digimon franchise. Not only the main characters is someone who is old (compare to others, where most of the character is 10-13 years old) most of character is 14 years old and above. Not only that, they have their own squad, read more