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Feb 21, 2010
I came to this manga because i was told it was interesting. After reading the premise i thought it to be either perverted funny or a comedy but soon it evolves far beyond that.

The way the main characters evolves along the story, his reactions to what happens to him, his wishes to change into someone different. They all make this one of the most interesting mangas i have ever read.
Feb 18, 2010
One of the best mangas i have ever read.

Story: Its a interesting story that just makes you want to read it more and more. Unfortunately the ending was not my prefered type though it was still great.

Art: Very good art though i have seem better.

Character: The main characters were all well developed though the side ones were left into the dark.

Overall: I would have liked if the end was a little later, there were still things i wanted to see. Also the auras were very well thought out.
Jan 22, 2010
One of the best manga i have ever read.

At first i thought it was just another vampire story but soon it changed, the characters are very well developed, there is a reason behind everything they do, i can really think of them as "real people" and i feel sad for what happened to them.

This isnt a black/white story, its a gray one to its roots. There are no villains or heroes, or rather you can choose whoever you want to be villain/hero.

Its really saddening though, its been a really long time since a manga/anime/book/movie or any makeup story has managed to shake me read more