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Jun 22, 2017
That ending kiled me ;-;

This long-awaited (for me) second season was into so much doubt within the comunity because of the filler moments in the fisrt one. However, this demonstrated that A-1 Pictures can make good anime once in a while.

As I haven't read any of the original light novel I'll be reviewing the series as it is by itself. A generic eviroment and setting with unique characters and weird but still natural development.

In the first season I just watched it because I was going into harem stuff. But the fact that the main heroine was Megumi since ever made me think harem anime aren't read more
Apr 14, 2016

I watched "Motto To LOVE-Ru" because I was in kind of a race. The first four days I watched the first season, and then I got to watch the "Motto" season / shorts / specials. I was surprised on how the image quality improved since the first season, but the story itself wasn't something I could enjoy. I was more a break than an actual plot. I really prefer the first season over this one, but it's always good to see more "Plot" than just plot. ¬w¬


Llegué a ver "Motto To LOVE-Ru" porque estaba en un frenesí. En los primeros cuatro días ví la primera read more