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Yuusha Shirei Dagwon: Suishou no Hitomi no Shounen
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joe_g7 Aug 15, 9:00 PM
That's true, music can do miracles when used correctly. But One Piece has terrible sounds effects. I don't know what idiot is in charge of that, but they are annoyingly noticeable and distracting. There were several times where instead of focusing on the scene, I couldn't ignore the sound effects they used for sword clashing, punching, wall destruction etc., and that's terrible because it breaks the immersion. At least it did for me. Also, there's Luffy: while in the manga I find him to be hilariously dorky, in the anime he's just irritatingly retarded. They didn't nail him in the anime imho.

About Shippuden: Yes, obviously Pierrot ruined the anime with a lot of filler and bad animation. Then again, that's the thing: you can SKIP filler without a problem, and most of the terrible animation in Shippuden is in those filler episodes. Without the filler, Shippuden is a pretty decent anime with some great fights.
That's another problem with One Piece: it has a very little amount of filler, but absolutely terrible pacing. And that's not me saying it, that's the fans saying it. So, unlike Shippuden where you could skip ahead without a problem (because most likely the problem was filler), you can't do that with One Piece.

But honestly, I say a lot of bad things about the anime, I don't want you to think I hate One Piece. My main problem is the production and how it's being treated by Pierrot. That's it.
joe_g7 Aug 15, 6:25 PM
I've seen what Oda can do, after all, I've read almost 300 chapters of his manga and he's very good at what he does. And I know Toei too, and how incredibly cheap they are when it comes to animating. Take their most recent long-running show, for example, DBS. I could count on my fingers the number of times I thought the animation was good, that's after watching all of the episodes, and dozens upon dozens of fights. I have absolutely no trust in Toei, so I apologize, but I don't believe you when you say that in some places the anime is better than the manga.
joe_g7 Aug 14, 9:29 AM
I plan to continue with the manga once I stop the anime. I won't be missing out on anything important.
ChrollosWaifu Aug 6, 3:51 PM
Just saw your Naruto review, and it's awesome!

It's cool that it had such an impact on you when you were younger. I'm 21 and watching it for the first time (if you can believe it!) and I'm still having weird feelings of nostalgia from it. Naruto brings out the little kid hope in me, I suppose.
Nerd27 Aug 5, 9:00 PM
In response to your comment about long walls of text, I do not mind at all. I also write huge walls of text, and I was also a bit worried if my last message was just too much. I mean, I really went off the rails with that rant about possible Curie Honey releases in the states. It wasn’t even related to what we were talking about, and yet I kept going on about it anyway! So to answer your question: No. I don’t mind, as I also like having long conversations about my interests. It’s all good.

That’s true. I’ve always liked hearing opposing opinions on shows I like as well. There have been plenty of negative (and very valid) points of view on anime I like. For instance, I love Madoka Magica, but there was a fairly negative review on here that made some very interesting and fair points that I hadn’t really thought about before. I definitely get what you mean about nostalgia. I may not like Steel Angel Kurumi, but I definitely understand the feeling of looking back fondly on a series you loved after your initial viewing. When I was younger, I loved Oreimo. I thought Kirino was beautiful, and even though she was a very mean and abrasive character, I absolutely adored her. Now that I’m older, I know Oreimo isn’t a good show (and that Kuroneko is obviously the better of the two), but that doesn’t change the fact that I used to love the show and Kirino, so I remember it fondly.

That’s a fair point. Sailor Moon has it’s flaws (and a repetitive monster of the week formula), but I still gave it 9 because I have an extreme love for it. I appreciate its lovable cast of characters, it’s influence on the magical girl genre (a genre I came to love thanks to Sailor Moon), and it’s overall influence on my childhood. When I was younger, I had a small and beloved collection of Sailor Moon VHS tapes, and because of that, I have frequent dreams about finding Salilor Moon VHS tapes at yard sales and flea markets, as that’s just such an important and memorable part of my childhood. Now that I’m having this conversation, I realize that I’m too critical. Given Sailor Moon’s influence on me, I probably should have given it a 10, but it’s flaws made me feel like a 10 was too fair. I guess you taught me something.

Not only was Cutie Honey one of the first pioneers of the Mahou Shoujo genre, but it was also the first magical girl series to have a targeted audience of primarily males (at least I think that’s right), making it somewhat revolutionary. It was also one of the first titles in the magical girl warrior sub-genre. I haven’t seen many other shows from the 70s (in fact, I can’t say that I’ve seen ANY other anime from the 70s), so I’m ignorant about Cutie Honey’s writing quality compared to other 70’s anime, but I imagine you’re right about it.
Nerd27 Aug 2, 9:43 PM
Thank you. I’ll try to watch it whenever I get the chance. Yeah, I wasn’t sure if Maico 2010 would be that great, but it’s obscurity pulled me in. I actually discovered the manga first when I was dong research on manga published by ComicsOne, and I just sort of fell down the rabbit hole from there. I really like the art style for the manga, but the anime doesn’t look nearly as great art-wise.

Thank you for appreciating my love of the obscure. I love finding out about all kinds of anime, and have a knack for discovering obscure titles. Recently, I finished this one called Seraphim Call (Media Blasters actually released it over here in the states, but it never got dubbed, only a sub. There were actually so many typos in the subs on that DVD to the point that it was embarrassing. It was like they didn’t even care and just quickly threw the set together, hoping it would sell.) the anime had 12 episodes, and each one focused on a specific girl and her dilemma. It wasn’t particularly great, but some episodes felt somewhat experimental. There were two episodes that focused on a set of twins, and the way things were presented in those two episodes were kind of Trippy and bizarre. I can’t really say that I liked those episodes, but I commend it for giving me a unique experience. It also experiments with different story-telling methods. One episode was shown in a first-person POV as a girl spoke to you as if you were one of stuffed toys (there’s a creepy twist at the end of that one), and another presents a girl’s story as if she were in a single-character play. While Seraphim Call certainly wasn’t my favorite, it had some really creative ideas up its sleeve, and I really appreciated that about it.

Oh, man. Did you see my Steel Angel Kurumi review? I gave it a two, and I was so mean to it. I’m really sorry. However, I DO have to agree with you on the opening theme. It’s adorable, and I still listen to it from time to time. Steel Angel Kurumi has certainly been forgotten with time, but I can’t really say that I mind.

I’ve heard great things about Now and Then Here and There. I’ll need to watch that too.
Nerd27 Aug 2, 9:13 PM
Yeah. I will admit that my rating of a 7 was probably a little too fair. I have to agree with you about the ending. That was a total disappointment! I would have liked to see her defeat Panther Zora too. At least she got Sister Jill, I guess...

I’ve been planning to get around to watching New Cutie Honey very soon, and your praise for it got me pretty pumped up. I’ll definitely try to start it within the next few days.

I love the idea of Cutie Honey Flash (taking a classic shonen property, and repurposing it into a shoujo). I’m also very disappointed that so few episodes have been fansubbed. I’ve considered watching what’s available anyway, even if I wouldn’t be able to finish it, but I would love to see it get a U.S. release, though I would think that out of all the iterations of Cutie Honey to come out over the years, Cutie Honey F would be the most niche to a western audience, making it harder to sell, and therefore the least likely to get a U.S. release. It’s around 50 or so episodes, I believe, and the only people who I can imagine that would sit through that many episodes would be hardcore Mahou shoujo fans, and possibly the very dedicated Honey fans. Not to mention, it’s so vastly different from the other iterations. It’s supposed to be much more family friendly, and part of the appeal of Cutie Honey has always been the fan service.

Cutie Honey Universe has been licensed by Sentai Filmworks, and is sure to get a get a DVD/Blu-ray release before long (if it hasn’t been released already). I’m shocked that Re:Cutie Honey hasn’t gotten a U.S. release yet, as it’s the one Cutie Honey installment that I’ve seen the most praise for online. Plus it’s animated by Gainax, and people LOVE Gainax. Heck, I’ve seen many people online who’ve watched Re: Cutie Honey and nothing else. I really do believe that Re:Cutie Honey will get a U.S. release before long, and it’s very possible that New Cutie Honey will be re-released as well. It’s already dubbed, and it’s a classic OVA. I can easily see a company like Discotek picking up the license for that. I expect more future Cutie Honey releases in the U.S. due to several factors including:

1.both the original 70s Cutie Honey manga and Cutie Honey A Go Go got U.S. releases in the past year. This was in light of Go Nagai’s 50th anniversary of his career

2. A Cutie Honey anime was released just this year, so the series has really been on anime fans’ radars as of late. The 2018 Cutie Honey anime has also been licensed in the U.S. by Sentai Filmworks, and has been featured on their anime streaming service, Hi-Dive. This could easily generate greater interest in future Cutie Honey releases among fans.

3. The increasing popularity of the recent anime adaptation for Devilman (Devilman Crybaby), another property of Nagai’s, could create an even larger interest in his other works among western fans. Any new Cutie Honey releases that could come out in the U.S. in the future might use the popularity of Crybaby to their advantage. They could market it as being “from the mind behind Devilman”, which might get Fans of Crybaby to pay attention and take interest in a new Cutie Honey release.

4. The Discotek DVD release for the original 1970s Cutie Honey is a bestseller on (last time I checked anyway). This tells me that Cutie Honey has a somewhat sizable and loyal fanbase in the West already, and they are very likely willing to buy future releases of Cutie Honey.

Holy cow! I’m sorry I turned this whole conversation into a chaotic rambling about my anticipation/predictions for possible future Cutie Honey releases in the states, but I’ve been thinking about how much I would love for Cutie Honey F to get a U.S. release, and I realized how unlikely it is to get released over here vs. the others installments. As a huge fan of Sailor Moon, Magical Girl anime, and Shoujo anime, Cutie Honey F is the particular installment that seems right up my alley, but so many shoujo magical girl anime either get butchered United States releases, or just never get released here at all! Tokyo Mew Mew was butchered by 4Kids (and they never even aired the entire thing!), Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne’s anime never got released over here (but the manga has been released twice! First by CMX, and then it was republished by Vid Media in recent years. Arina Tanemura is a fairly popular shoujo mangaka in the West, but I guess that still wasn’t enough to get the Jeanne anime over here), Saint Tail has been given a full and uncut release here in the West, but Tokyopop eventually stopped dubbing it fairly early on because it wasn’t doing well enough. Awesome classics like Nurse Angel Ririka will probably never see a U.S. release, and Precure is now “Glitter Force”, apparently (although that’s because of legal issues, as Saban didn’t really have the rights to use the Precure name, so I can’t really blame them for that, but still...). Sailor Moon was popular and iconic enough to finally get an uncut, high-quality, faithfully-dubbed re-release, but fans had to wait years for that to happen! Overall, Cutie Honey F is thd joe outlier of all the Cutie Honey installments, and the poor treatment of many shoujo magical girl series in the West leads me to believe it’ll never come to the States. However, I can positively say that I think we will be seeing more of Honey in the states in the coming future, even if it won’t be Cutie Honey F.
Nerd27 Aug 1, 5:48 PM
I actually haven’t seen Devilman, believe it or not, but I love Cutie Honey (1970’s version. Shin Cutie Honey is actually on my shelf, but I haven’t watched it yet). The action is just so campy and lovable, and Honey is just a badass! I love her. I think it also helps that I’m a massive magical girl fan.

With that said, I really have to admit that the show hasn’t aged well, but I think that’s part of its charm for me. It certainly isn’t for everyone, and I can see why a younger fan might skip out on the original Honey for something more contemporary like Re:Cutie Honey or Cutie Honey Universe.

On a totally unrelated note, the anime girl on the “welcome” part of your bio is form Maico 2010, right. Is it any good? Where did you watch it? Ive been unable to find the episodes online.
ToriXtra Aug 1, 4:16 PM
I'm not exactly very familiar with the 70s myself either. I've only seen a handful of shows from the 70s with a mix of classics and some "lesser" known shows like Primitive Boy Ryu and Ore wa Teppei. From what I've seen though the 70s focused very much on two different demographics. It was either mecha/sci-fi for the boys or slice of life/romance for the girls. Obviously there are some exceptions, but those seem like the domineering genres of the time. Then the 80s rolled around and with OVAs becoming a thing people had much more room to experiment with different types of shows, though mecha and sci-fi still remained arguably the most popular genres through most of the 80s as well.

I'm personally not much of a mecha fan, but I really do recommend Yamato. Obviously more of a space opera than a mecha, but it's just a pretty good ride, and it looks really good for it's time. Easily one of the best looking shows from the 70s. Kinda sad that the first season got cancelled and the ending suffers a bit from it, but other than that it's good for the most part.

Anyways, good luck on your journey through the 70s. Hopefully you find lots to like.
ToriXtra Aug 1, 5:57 AM
Go Nagai was a pretty controversial mangaka, but that's also part of why he was popular. Like I said, Cutey Honey gets a lot of praise for being by many concidered as one of the first magical girl anime and manga. That said, Cutey Honey suffered the same fate as most of the other adaptations of Go Nagai works. Being targeted at a different demographic than his manga were, and being cencored to high hell. It's a shame, but oh well.

The 70s as a decade for anime is pretty weird. I've been going through some 70s shows, and the difference in quality is quite significant. The good shows like Ashita no Joe, Yamato, Future Boy Conan, Akage no Anne, etc are incredibly good, but the bad shows are in turn very bad. At least in my experience with them.
Br3X Jul 18, 4:28 AM
Well, I think that FT is adventure, but in much smaller portion than it is in One Piece. I used that "genre" only to comparison with Edens Zero, but you are right, Edens Zero feels really like One piece in space, which is good because OP is probably best adventure series out there. (this might be subjective tho)

I didnt read Rave Master so I dont know how good or consistant it was but I also hope that Edens Zero will remain consistent and interesting down to very end.

I dont hink that I have much more to say so, Good day/night wherever you live ^^
SpiritGT Jun 26, 5:36 AM
Oh man I am up to date! IT IS HYPEEEE! Yeah who the hell is that?!!?! Lol the eye reminded me of the Rinnegan and I'm thinking ahhh not this again.

But yeahhh I can't wait for the story to develop further! Where is the next chapter lol!!!

I don't remember Whitebeard's prophecy though... what was it?
Ijneg Jun 23, 12:42 AM
Ditf is darling in the franxx
Ijneg May 28, 1:57 AM
If you're going to start watching 2017-2018 anime just skip ditf tho
Ijneg May 27, 10:59 AM
holy moly 500 days spent watching anime and 50 days spent reading manga wow dude