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Days: 552.5
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Shinzou Ningen Casshern
Shinzou Ningen Casshern
Oct 21, 11:29 PM
Watching 8/35 · Scored -
Atagoal wa Neko no Mori
Atagoal wa Neko no Mori
Oct 12, 9:03 PM
Dropped -/1 · Scored -
Komadori Eiga: Komaneko
Komadori Eiga: Komaneko
Oct 12, 9:03 PM
Dropped -/1 · Scored -
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Days: 59.8
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Edens Zero
Edens Zero
Oct 8, 2:42 PM
Reading 15/? · Scored -
Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest
Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest
Oct 3, 8:56 PM
Reading 9/? · Scored -
Senjutsu Choukoukaku Orion
Senjutsu Choukoukaku Orion
Sep 29, 2:10 AM
Reading 1/6 · Scored -


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shadowstep89 Oct 20, 5:38 PM
Yeah there is still so much left to see and things to be explained! I have heard the managa was getting close to its ending and that is super sad to hear!
shadowstep89 Oct 17, 1:13 AM
Yeah, it's crazy messed up she ate all her orphan friends. Mother Caramel deserved it! Doesn't realize what she had done.
shadowstep89 Oct 17, 12:25 AM
sabi-chan Oct 13, 7:41 AM
Hey, sorry for the super late reply... MAL was down so long and I just was online to keep my list up to date.
Well, yeah, I still didn't read or watch Berserk, but yep, this animation quality seems very underwhelming to me ._.

The new season just began and I don't know... this whole year my RL held me captive :p so I need to catch up to so many anime! I'm watching SNK 3 of course and the last season of FT just began, so I'm in xD

How are you doing?
Ston3_FreeN7 Oct 8, 11:08 PM
So, I'm about 50 hrs into Xenoblade and I like it a lot. The story is interesting and I dig how grounded the characters feel, except for Riki lol. Though as far as mascot/cutesy characters go I really do not mind him tbh. The combat has turned out to be my favorite part of the game it is really fun and I dig how the characters play pretty differently. At first I wasn't sure if I'd like it too much, what with the other characters being automated and me not having control over any of their actions. But then the chain attack system opened up and I see how much the battle system is built around that and it is all good to me now. I do wish I could switch out characters mid-battle but I guess since it's built around the chain system I get why I can't.

The shear amount of side quests is crazy though and, I'll be honest, this is by far my least favorite thing in the game. They are frequently dull and a lot of them are fetch quests, I enjoy fighting the special monsters though. Reminds me a lot of the bounties in FFXII. I think I"m going to start blowing some stuff off because I'm not sure how long the game will go on if I keep going for them. I'm at the Entia capital right now and a lot of stuff is timed, so I'm a bit worried about putting off the side quest for too long. I guess you did recommend not going for them all below, so I guess I'll take that advice.

Another thing I don't like is how damn hard it is to find quest givers. I've had to look up a few of their names because their are so many and I ended up forgetting their locations. It's especially bad in the capital where I'm at right now. Also, I kind of feel like the side quests kind of screw up forward momentum a lot for me.

That said, yeah, I enjoy it a lot. I'm kind of interested in playing the other two games, what do you think of Xenoblade Chronicles X? I know it's not as story focused as 1 and is very side quest heavy too but I hear they are a lot better? And the combat is more in depth? Just want your thoughts I won't buy it until after I finish the first game.

What other Wii/Wii U games do you recommend? Besides Xenoblade 1 I have: Metroid Prime Trilogy and older games like Ocarina of Time, Fire Emblem, and Super Mario Bros. Funnily enough I do not have any actual Wii U games yet lol. Bayonetta definitely has my eye though. Have you played those games?
SuperRed Sep 30, 4:01 PM
Help me add data for this poll I made
Ston3_FreeN7 Sep 20, 8:31 PM
Honestly? Going by the footage of what I've seen of Xenoblade 2 I'm not sure if I'm feeling it. Kind of prefer the style Xenoblade 1 has going on tbh and I'm impressed by how much there is on a system that wasn't all that powerful like the Wii. That said, dude, I am not someone all that worried about graphics so I don't know if it would really influence my opinion too much if it looked better. I don't care too much.

Yeah, I'm getting absolutely swamped by side quests. I got a shit load after I just met Sharla and am supposed to save her brother. Thing is a lot of these quests are timed and I'm not sure if going to Colony 6 will fuck those quests up or not. I don't think it makes too much sense not going right to the colony though.

Holy shit the battle system is really cool, btw. If I had to describe it, it kind of really does remind me of FFXII but there is a lot going on here. All the characters I've used so far have felt pretty unique so it's fun to just wander around trying out their abilities. For whatever reason I've always been fond of long distance characters like bow and arrow or gun types so Sharla is catching my interest so far.

The whole vision thing definitely seems interesting, so that's a good story hook. Kind of interesting that, so far, the big antagonist for Shulk seems to be a Mechon, a robot.
Ston3_FreeN7 Sep 19, 1:37 PM
Between starting the game and finishing the prologue it took me about 10 hrs and I still missed out on finding the Stone Krables. I liked it though, I could see the Colony getting attacked a mile away (which isn't really a particularly astute observation on my part this happens a lot in JRPGs) and it's a shame about Fiora because I kind of digged her design and dual dagger style of fighting. I see what you mean, the look of the characters remind of like FFXII, particularly Reyn. Hell, combat kind of reminds me of it too. I do not mind this though.

One thing I do like is the future vision thing that the Sword gives Shulk.
Ston3_FreeN7 Sep 18, 10:53 AM
Well, I don't know what happened but it actually let me get a new password set up when I tried it this time. So, guess I'm back.
MozillaFennekin Sep 17, 6:49 AM
All of my reviews are completely serious and fully honest with no sarcastic intentions whatsoever.
sevenPocky Aug 28, 2:06 PM
Yup. if you go at the Clubs section and it has "►English Licensed Manga Club - PART 1/2◄" then it's licensed in English.
sevenPocky Aug 28, 1:44 PM
Hi! I'm elated that you are! I also work for the manga industry so I'm very grateful for your overwhelming passion.
The "manga relations" on the right should be fairly updated and if there's anything that we might have missed, feel free to point it out! Otherwise, you can track them there.

Snow Aug 27, 4:16 AM

Thanks for messaging me. Unfortunately, I don't really update the database with license information, so I can't really say how up-to-date it is. However, they seem to be fairly up-to-date from what I can tell. There are also two clubs (one club split into two) that actively updates each entry with that information. The first club and the second club are both run by one of our news writers, sevenPocky. I'd suggest checking them out and/or contact her as she's more up to date with that than me.

I can't really comment on the site you linked, but other than that I hope this will be to some help. Cheers!
joe_g7 Aug 15, 9:00 PM
That's true, music can do miracles when used correctly. But One Piece has terrible sounds effects. I don't know what idiot is in charge of that, but they are annoyingly noticeable and distracting. There were several times where instead of focusing on the scene, I couldn't ignore the sound effects they used for sword clashing, punching, wall destruction etc., and that's terrible because it breaks the immersion. At least it did for me. Also, there's Luffy: while in the manga I find him to be hilariously dorky, in the anime he's just irritatingly retarded. They didn't nail him in the anime imho.

About Shippuden: Yes, obviously Pierrot ruined the anime with a lot of filler and bad animation. Then again, that's the thing: you can SKIP filler without a problem, and most of the terrible animation in Shippuden is in those filler episodes. Without the filler, Shippuden is a pretty decent anime with some great fights.
That's another problem with One Piece: it has a very little amount of filler, but absolutely terrible pacing. And that's not me saying it, that's the fans saying it. So, unlike Shippuden where you could skip ahead without a problem (because most likely the problem was filler), you can't do that with One Piece.

But honestly, I say a lot of bad things about the anime, I don't want you to think I hate One Piece. My main problem is the production and how it's being treated by Pierrot. That's it.
joe_g7 Aug 15, 6:25 PM
I've seen what Oda can do, after all, I've read almost 300 chapters of his manga and he's very good at what he does. And I know Toei too, and how incredibly cheap they are when it comes to animating. Take their most recent long-running show, for example, DBS. I could count on my fingers the number of times I thought the animation was good, that's after watching all of the episodes, and dozens upon dozens of fights. I have absolutely no trust in Toei, so I apologize, but I don't believe you when you say that in some places the anime is better than the manga.