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Mazinger Z
Mazinger Z
May 18, 4:12 AM
Watching 46/92 · Scored 7
Kanashimi no Belladonna
Kanashimi no Belladonna
Apr 22, 1:21 AM
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Babel Nisei
Babel Nisei
Apr 21, 7:24 PM
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Kaze no Tani no Nausicaä
Kaze no Tani no Nausicaä
Jan 4, 3:38 PM
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Crusher Joe
Crusher Joe
Jan 4, 4:22 AM
On-Hold -/3 · Scored -
Cinderella Boy
Cinderella Boy
Jan 4, 4:22 AM
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madchad May 31, 5:24 PM
how can you watch 2,258 anime and still give sao a 9/10
animeweeb_ May 20, 1:37 PM
agreed. video games and anime are something that keeps me sane. to me, life would be incredibly boring without them. the 80s definitely was the most the most influential decade for anime.
Ezekiel_01 May 19, 3:52 AM
Hello, There some Random Visitors.

bingamu85 May 14, 12:54 PM
Yeah, definitely a bummer. I am still pretty new to anime and manga, so don't have many long shows to compare it to, but HxH has to be one of my absolute favourites so far. I'm not sure how long the manga has got compared to the anime, but it's a real shame Togashi is not as prolific as many other managaka.
bingamu85 May 12, 12:52 PM
I haven't read the HxH manga, so can only really speak about the anime.. which seemed to be a good story in itself. The fact that the story may never be completed is definitely a big turn off for anyone considering picking up the manga.
bingamu85 May 11, 10:26 AM
Thanks for the info dude. I was looking to start one of the longer Shounens, and from what I've heard One Piece is the best out of the big ones you mentioned. Really liking it already.. I get the feeling I will be hooked on it like I was with HxH xD
animeweeb_ May 8, 5:28 PM
although i don't have a disabillity, I'm pretty much the same. i don't have many friends, and i live to play video games and watch anime.
animeweeb_ May 6, 9:49 AM
damn you've seen a lot of anime
Natsu88 Apr 21, 6:15 PM
I knew this would happen. I mean this goes to almost every which is currently airing. True that. Corona doesn't only have bad sites at least as long as no one gets infected. Best example is also our nature on earth. The air and also the oceans are as clean as many many years ago, most likely before we were even born lol.
Natsu88 Apr 21, 6:11 PM
Definitely agree. Health and being safe stands above everything. Everyone knows the situation we're in now. So if there's really a delay anime, manga or a video game that's okay. I'm glad that it slowed a little bit down here in Germany. Most of the people here are very disciplined just how it should be.
Natsu88 Apr 21, 6:03 PM
Omg my 2 messages I send you from my phone didn't arrive as it seems. Sorry for that I haven't checked it since then.

Damn 20+ episodes are more as I expected, but like you mentioned I think there still a lot of stuff to tell. That's nice to hear. I guess you're also excited to see how this will look like in the anime. I absolutely agree. You can see that they put a lot of work into it. also to do justice to what Oda did in the manga. Wano is one of the best things for One Piece, that's for sure. I guess because I'm also someone who likes the japanese culture a lot it's even more appealing to me.
Natsu88 Apr 2, 2:58 PM
First of all I hope you're doing well. With all what's happening in world right now because of Corona it got very serious.

Hmm it's true. If I think about it Oda really didn't do that in the past. But I mean I wouldn't say anything against good fights even if they were off screen in the manga. They could also get a bigger distance to the manga with that. Should be interesting to see what Toei has planned for that.

Do you know how many episodes till act 3 approximately will begin?
Pullman Mar 30, 10:13 AM
Yeah I agree, I liked the darker themes and oldschool adventure charm of the show, to the point where I was willing to forgive a lot of the questionable writing.
Chitea03 Mar 20, 2:45 PM
I do feel that I have been "starving for shonen" for a while now haha. But I will check out the other series with shonen elements rather than just the typical battle shonen I had been watching before. I really enjoyed the first season of Haikyuu which I believe is a shonen, but not the traditional battle shonen I was used to. I have been watching alot of Hunter x Hunter recently and I am really enjoying it. I also will definitely check out Sailor Moon very soon as it has always been something that has interested me and I would like to step out of the tradition shonen genre. So Magi will also be high on my list. So will Soul Eater as I have seen some fight scenes and Bones truly did a good job on that one. I also have proabably already mentioned before but I really like the older anime aesthetic so Rirouni Kenshin will be something I check out soon and I really was pleased with the Dark Tournament of Yu Yu Haksuho that I just wrapped up and I am excited to be tossed into the Chapter Black Saga. I watched bits and pieces of Dragon Ball when I was very young and I thought it was interesting but I didn't really appreiciate the more relaxing moments and the high action fast paced moments of Dragon Ball Z was more my speed. I would like to rewatch the entire franchise in the near future to see if my opinions on it have changed as I remember really liking the entirety of DBZ and specifically the Cell Saga which was some of my favorite stuff in television at all. But what I am most interested in is what other series you would recommend for me to step all the way outside of my shonen preferences and try to experience something new. Thanks again for the recommendations.
Natsu88 Mar 15, 9:24 PM
That episode was awesome in many ways. The slight introduction in what King is able to do keeps my hopes high for an awesome fight in the future whoever he will fight against. I also like the fact that Sanji gets more screen time.

You're absolute right. Next episode should be epic with his transformation. Can't wait to see what it actually does for him. :D