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Mar 31, 2022
Arifureta is my guilty pleasure. For me, this second season was 7, but overall i guess it is 6. It was less enjoyable than the first one, but did improve in some ways.

If you absolutely hated the 1st season, the 2nd one will not be any better. There are less coldblood Hajime moments, less cool ass pulls, less edgelord... All of the things that made arifureta distinguish itself from other harem powerfantasy isekais are less apparent in this season. This is an absolute disappointment for me, as it was mainly the reason i liked 1st season. The fact that Hajime learned from his weaknesses and ...
Mar 30, 2022
Koroshi Ai (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
Expectation is part of the storytelling. When you dismiss it, or use it wrong, you may find your work viewed worse than it actually is.

If you read this anime synopsis before and after watching it, you will feel like you've been deceived. The synopsis here in MAL is essentially a resume of the first episodes. After said episodes, the show becomes something else. My expectations were that this would be some kind of lighthearted comedy set in a somewhat serious assassin plot. Now that i finished it, i'm not sure what this anime was trying to be.

And that's the thing about expectation. It is ...
Mar 29, 2022
I usually don't like Feudal-Political shows, because most of the time i don't understand half of what is happening, and the twists are just ass-pulled plot devices. Tensai Ouji doesn't break from this. It also takes tropes and themes from other fantasy shows, like the classic OP protagonist. Most of the time, Wein explains what he is doing to a character that is as oblivious to the situation as we are, and then does something unexpected, and solves it brilliantly.

So what is good about this show? The fact that it is a comedy. Yes, the reason why Wein is going through so much stress ...
Mar 29, 2022
This is definetly the surprise of the season for me. First of all, with a synopsis like this, i really don't know why people didn't hype this one, over the other isekais of the season.

If you look at distance, it seems like a generic power fantasy parody isekai "with a twist". But honestly, it felt quite unique for me, as the most important thing here is the relationship between Tachibana and Jinguji. And, for my surprise, it is an Isekai that actually makes the "past life", or "life before being isekai'd" important.

If Jinguji was a solo protagonist for an isekai, he would probably be ...
Mar 25, 2022
I was honestly afraid of this season of Takagi-san. Now, after finishing, i'm glad my worries were unfounded.

My main worry was that, while being wonderful, season 1 and 2 had only a little of character development. I was worried we would get more of the same, which would still be good, but would have shattered my expectations.

If you began to love this series after the famous "critical hit", you won't be disappointed. Season 3 will deliver a TON of development, not only for Nishikata, but also for Takagi. The once pure and innocent teasing from her will slowly go from a strong friendship to ...
Mar 23, 2022
Mixed Feelings
Leadale is the kind of show that did it's homework on how to not make your anime a trainwreck. But it forgot it's homework on how to make an anime interesting.

It isn't by any means the worst isekai of the season. There isn't anything fundamentally bad with this show, that makes it absolute trash. But... there isn't anything good about it either. Honestly i don't think i would recommend watching this one. Even a really bad show with a lot of issues would be more interesting, as trash shows can be amusing to some people.

By the last episode it was a chore to keep watching. ...
Mar 10, 2022
Kyokou Suiri (Anime) add
This anime's first season consists of two arcs. One is about 3 episodes, and introduces how the main charatcer Iwanaga works, with a very simple mystery. It sets in stone how the deduction process work for this character.
The second one is the main one for the season. When i found out that it would be like 9 episodes for a single case, i was kinda disapointed. But now that i finished it', i'm glad. I mean, surely they could do it in fewer episodes, but i can't disagree with the pacing they took, and am afraid that it would be ruined if they tried to ...
Feb 24, 2022
I really liked this one. For my tastes it is a solid 9, but i guess overall it is 7~8.

Although it doesn't have anything that makes it a masterpiece, it is still a really solid story. I like how original it is, because of all "timetravel to the past" shows, this one isn't like " re-do your life". The story is really well paced, and even though it is a little previsible, it is still enjoyable. The main concepts are also really interesting, as i've never seen a character that deals with a problem like not seeing colors in an anime before.

Character wise, it is ...
Feb 22, 2022
You know what? I liked it.
I don't know if it is because i watched too many shit shows by now, but this one managed to be entertaining.

At first it is ridiculous how the coincidences happen, then it kinda gets funny, then it is hinted that there is a reason for it. I personally didn't like the two main character's personalities, i'm personally tired of emotionless heroes and tsundere heroines. But Iska's emotionlessness is kinda bearable, and Alice's tsundereness isn't annoying. And, unlike most attempts at this pairing, Iska and Alice do have a good chemestry between them (even though sometimes it seems one-sided towards ...
Feb 20, 2022
I'll keep it short. I love silly romances like this one.
It is just a simple love story, and every good love story has its bit of drama. This show, in my opinion, gets the drama right where most romantic classics didn't. For example, Kimi ni Todoke is a pillar in romantic shows, but its dramatic points can get annoying (specially on season 2). This one is just right.
Another strength of the show is how real the characters feelings are portrayed. It just makes sense to me that they fell in love on first sight, but didn't notice/understand at first. They both come from different ...