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Dec 27, 2018
You're gonna have to buy the manga in stores, because there's only one chapter online. I expected a joke manga and what I got was that and a lil more. It starts as a simple gag about a magical girl that is the first thing from a magical girl. With fights that are one punch man style, in that she's so strong she clobbers demons with her bare fists, doesn't even need to transform. Add in a couple extra characters for some humorous interaction and you get a gag manga with low lying shounen theme.

My final word is I'm interested in reading more and read more
Oct 8, 2015
I found Mahou Shoujo Site while reading Mahou Shoujo of the end and honestly it's been almost, if not at times, better than mahou shoujo of the end. The artwork is detailed and the shadow work draws you into the dark world of this series.

The plot isn't as strong as Mahou Shoujo of the end, which has multiple questions looming at once. Mahou Shoujo site keeps it simple with, why were teenage girls given weapons and what does the countdown mean? So in regards to the story, this manga does rely on it to sell itself.

No, where this series really shines is it's read more
Nov 29, 2014
PunPun is one of those manga's that will appeal to some and be completely foreign to others. I caught some of the allegories and symbolism, but at the same time I felt there was a lot that just went completely over my head. Like the author was throwing paint on a canvas and saying it has a deeper meaning.

Let me first say if you aren't one for depressing coming of age stories, this series is not for you. Because this series is as long winded and depressing as they come. Sure, the beginning starts of really interesting, kid goes to elementary and makes friends. read more
Oct 19, 2014
This is one of the few mangas I would buy, if it ever came out to NA. This series is one that is full of moments that will keep you on the edge of your seat and warm your heart at different moments.

The story and characters are what define this series best. What appears to be a simple slice of life series about girls living on campus, is quickly revealed to be much darker.

This is one of the best survival series I've read next to 7 seeds, highly recommended
May 20, 2014
Cynthia the mission is another one of those "missed potential" series, the characters were very well done and each had their own quirks and background. However there were several characters that felt thrown into the story for the sheer hell of it or served no purpose through most of the series. I say it missed its potential, because the plot was very weak throughout most of the series and alot of the characters were overused or underused.

Another thing I didn't like is alot of circumstances occur that make almost no sense for happening or just flat out make you say "WHY!?", an example being read more
Feb 20, 2014
I had this series on my "to read" pile for years, because it looked interesting, however I was sadly mistaken. Variante's plot is fairly convoluted and the way they explain how everything came to be was okay, but the why behind it all made no sense. It felt like the plot was derived in the last 3 chapters and was very confusing. All the characters were fairly bland as well, save the main girl and the lead guy. The major reason I'm rating this so low was the ending, it was just plain terrible, no comfort, no fitting conclusion, just emptiness. I don't recommend it read more
Oct 23, 2012
I first found Onihime Vs about three years ago and completely fell in love with it, in a sea of generic titles and cliche anime story lines Onihime VS was a breath of fresh air. The characters were interesting and the sky was the limit for this series... then came the ending. After waiting months on end for a new chapter, sometimes a whole year, the series was wrapped up last month and I was painfully disappointed. All the potential this series had, all the interesting plot points that had been developed and all the possibilities of where this series could go were spat upon. read more