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Dec 16, 2017
The great animation is wasted by the trash art! (OK, that is a bit exaggerated, but really, I hope they did better. The animation on the other hand, is pretty good)

Conclusion: If you are very picky about art, reading the novel will be a better alternative. But in other perspectives the anime itself is still decent and has some great animations.

* Thanks to people's reply I see the show with a new light and have adjusted my review accordingly (This is an updated review after finished watching the show) (Overall: 5->7)

Konosuba is a pretty good show, but it was more due to the story and read more
Nov 25, 2017
Urahara (Anime) add (All reviews)
Temporary Edit:
Just finished watching episode 9 and the turn of events as well as the pace of the story suddenly took a huge dip downwards. What I mean by downwards is in terms of viewer age, so originally I felt this show was meant for age 14+, now it felt more like 10+. I will suggest to new viewers to wait and see if future reviews will change their scores before starting this show. But with that said, the show is still decent with unique art style and is fun to watch.

Currently due to the latest episode (ep.9) I adjusted my review from Story:8 -> read more
Sep 20, 2016
This review composes of 2 parts, first part being a short review by myself, and the second part will be a review of the low rating reviews given by others.

Part 1:

As the genre of this suggests, it is a slice of life anime with moe elements. So I felt this anime has achieved a great combination from both the art style, the characters, and the music. It brilliantly mixed the parts of elements at work together with cute characters. So at the same time making you feel "ah, I've seen / done this before", you also experience it from another perspective in a more light read more
Nov 28, 2015
I will have to say the series really have disappointed me.

It had potential, but never really developed any of them. Many elements were used in this anime, but it seems to be just there for making the series broader and cover a bigger range but no depth.

Spoiler Free, general overview:
Yes, this is a comedy. Yes, there might be some parody component, BUT,
that doesn't mean the story and character development can be ignored.
The concept is somewhat interesting, but the way the story develops ruined it.

the good parts first:
For the art and sound of this anime, it is if not better, at least the average: characters are read more