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Apr 24, 2019
Narutaru was beneficial enough to have been made in an era where deconstruction series was gaining traction. If it were to made now, it'd probably be labeled as edgy without any mention of the actual quality of the story. It's notable that the genre being deconstructing is the Mon( Digimon, pokemon, etc) genre. Unlike magical girl and mecha shows of today, Mon anime are still generally fluffy and childish so a darker take on the genre was definitely in order.

Everything seems to be pretty standard at first. Protagonist Shiina meets a shadow dragon she names hoshimaru and quickly bonds with it. They go flying read more
Dec 12, 2018
The battle tournament/ survival game genre is something that always catches my interest due to it's massive potential. It's a quick and sure-fire way to have epic battles, dynamic characters and a thrilling ride of suspense. Even an average writer could make a good survival story. A terrible writer, however, can only produce garbage. Hand shakers could very well be the worst anime to Grace this genre.

Let's get straight to the elephant in the room: the art and animation. I don't understand how Gohands( what is it with Japan and weird names?) Could produce something as beautiful as k project then make this dumpster fire. read more
Nov 17, 2018
By now, many people have likely heard of the show that went down as the greatest Trainwreck of 2017. It was a glorious failure that was simultaneously annoying and hilarious. The concept of a survival game is simple enough that a average writer could make a entertaining work from it but only a truly horrible writer could mess it. getting flashbacks to my handshakers review Ousama game is what happens when you adapt the manga of a novel written by an author without a single shred of talent or slef awareness. He even named the mc after himself!

Ousama game is weird in that it read more
Oct 9, 2018
Being made from the creator of the utter monstrosity that is future diary , big order was bound to fail from the start. It's hard to find a writer who fails so hard at telling a story without any form of self awareness. It's somehow even more badly written than future diary but thankfully less annoying. The anime adaptation only expands on the flaws by adding new scenes that are even worse than what happened in the manga. This is what happens when you hire the creator of boku no pico( I'm dead serious) to write the script .

To be fair, the series did have read more
Mar 9, 2018
Akuma no riddle can best be described as a waterdowned version of danganronpa or no more heroes. There's a whole lot of potential but not much bite. This can be attributed not the fact this show is based off a manga written by yun Kouga. Loveless is the only other manga I read by her but I can tell there isn't much impact in her writing. Just like how loveless is a shonen ai with barely any romance much less non ambiguously gay characters, akuma no riddle is a action survival series filled with fluff.

The basic premise is that Haru Ichinose is read more
Dec 11, 2017
For some reason, anime fans tends to flock towards grimdark series that put on the facade of being mature. Akame ga kill could of been a good story if the writer knew how to handle concepts such as morality, world building and proper characterization. There are three big reasons why this manga is an utter failure.

THE LACK OF MORALITY - Given that the main characters are assassin's who kill those they believe to be evil monsters it's only natural this manga would have a gray sense of morals. However, the narrative seems to want readers to believe certain villians read more
Feb 9, 2017
I honestly can't see why this anime garnered so much hate. It's actually pretty engaging and I found the characters to be pretty interesting I like how it feels like a wuxia novel with the story centering on One big journey. Ibuki has a power that really not common at all : he's been cursed by a powerful red dragon and must kill his friends in order to gain great power. It would of been best if he only had to use it once or twice since it can get depressing to see deaths that could of been avoided read more
Dec 18, 2016
It's a shame that this anime turned out to be so disappointing.  It had a lot of promise but it really got screwed over.  This anime is based off a ten volume light novel series of the same name but fails to provide an adequate adaptation.  Even the author of the novels didn't like it !

 Mahou sensou has an interesting enough premise : the main character Takashi has a troubled home life and one day he and his friends are put in a war in the magical world. This could of been a great piece of work but the writers wouldn't let that happen. From read more
Dec 4, 2016
it's gonna be fun to talk about the ova's for one of my favorite manga. The kuro hane ova's are like a small glimpse of what the air gear anime would have been like it or got the second season it deserves. It's an underrated manga series and could use some more fans. These 3 ova's sum up everything there is to love about the series.

The first episode adapts the chapters concerning the fight between Ikki and Ringo while the two proceeding ones adapts the inorganic net arc. A strong sense of tension and action is ever present and the fights are read more
Aug 26, 2016
This is a fine example of what's wrong with the vast majority of light novels. It's nowhere near as bad as other titles but the shoe horned cliches make it obvious this series lacks any substance. Basara Toujou meets his two new step sisters who turn out to be demons. Basara himself comes from a tribe of heroes but went Rouge after a freak accident and now heroes and demons alike have a vendetta against the family. With that premise, you'd expect something great but this show rather have otaku pandering than well written story .

The amount of easily read more