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Jul 5, 2011
Maybe I'm just dumb... Or the first 10 pages are confusing. I didn't quite understood who was talking until page 12ish.

The story is about a person who's willing to do good things without wanting something in return; justice.

On my opinion, the girl would've not solved the case if the guy haven't helped her. Honestly, she's dumb... They should've given the guy better credits than the girl.

This manga sure has a lesson to tell us.

I recommend this to anyone who can read this review. It's not good where you can say 'awesummm' , but this manga can clearly tell us one thing other mangas forget.. Being read more
Jul 4, 2011
It annoys me how everyone in this manga is so nice. I mean the girl got amnesia, and I don't get how she can live her life the same everyday. She's even nice to the person that caused her to lose her memories. it's just too dumb.

I was about to drop it, but then I was like this is just a one shot so I guess I have to finish it. The art is good too, so why not.

Then the manga starts getting good, not good good but you know.

The manga is cute in its own way. A must read for romance manga fans
Jul 3, 2011
First off, I would like to say the art is really good. Both characters are so cute that even though the author said they're both 16, I feel like they're 12. The drawings are nicely done.

The story isn't really an original, but you will find yourself hooked up after 5 pages. There's not much of a story here, just a girl wanted to be kissed. But I find it awesome how I got sucked in the manga even if it's just a manga.

I recommend this for people who just wanna see a short romance manga with a really happy ending :)
Jul 3, 2011
First story: since I don't actually read romance manga, I find it unique that it's the vice versa of what we usually see - a guy who likes the girl and willing to wait.

Second story: If you want a pretty cute ending, then this manga is for you.
Jul 3, 2011
So I'm writing this while I'm on chapter three.

How can this manga be bad if all of other mangas good stuffs were stolen?

A gangster guy that falls in love with the geeky girl.
A girl that will pursue everything to be the guys girlfriend.
Her first kiss was when the guy was performing her a CPR.
There was a storm and the guy saved the girl.
Gangsters vs good kids.
Gangsters judged without really doing something.

Omg sorry for spoiling the 1/4 of the story, but I can absolutely assure everyone who will read this that you'll remember some exact manga scenes you've seen in a different manga in the past.

But read more
Jul 2, 2011
First to review. Awesome!

First thing I though after reading the manga: "dang! they could stretch it into a 30ish chapter manga! hdxskjhcnxsjd."

The story isn't original. Souls transferring to another body, a weak guy who happens to be really strong in the battle, and whatever.

But I have to say this, the manga is worth the read. Every reader will enjoy each and every page of the story. It maybe fast paced somehow, but you won't miss anything out since the story is given to you by the author as really easy to read and follow.

Actually, the art stand out for me. It wasn't detailed nor anything read more
Jun 24, 2011
A devil who falls in love with a girl and willing to give up everything just because the author says so. If you're into that type of anime, then this is a must read.

I find it cute for a one shot manga. The story might be a little bit too fast, and some of the scenes were just like wtf just happened, but it's actually worth a try. (Girls would probably read this. I doubt if guys would do.)

Oh well. And oh, the girl is cute, the guy is gorgeous.

I guess it's just me, but I really think the 'drawer' of the guy haven't had read more
Jun 23, 2011
This is a 5.5

Okay, let me start with letting you people know that page 32 made me say "aww" by myself -___-

This is like "King Egoist/Love Celeb" squished all together to be a one shot. Except that there's really no sex scenes nor the guy is the richest man in the country. I don't know. I feel like the characters' attitude are just the same (if you've seen it, if not... read more)

The story is pretty decent for a one shot manga. I liked it. There are no weird scenes, and though the story progresses really fast, I don't feel like there's "A LOT" of read more
Jun 21, 2011
This is actually a 5.5

The story isn't that original, but it isn't bad that you just want to drop the manga. The girl annoys me a bit, she's the usual girl who hates the guy but falls in love afterwards. Same as the guy, he's the usual "I'm cool, I won't like you" guy, but he really loves the girl.

Butttt, this manga is pretty decent for a one shot manga. It can at least have 10 more chapters.

It's kinda sad how this manga has only 1 chapter, the art is really good for a one shot. AHHHH ~
Jun 19, 2011
A one shot manga that doesn't have a unique story, but can be said as 'not-like-others'

It's more than just a story of a girl chasing her dream of being a Hollywood actress, but more of how she's willing to give up the dream for someone else's life.

Touching with a great moral lesson.

(I'm trying to say good stuff here, but seriously... The ending is weird. Lol)