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Jul 16, 2015
its a brilliant story the plot is epic as hell you really have no clue what will happen next and i loved every minute of it.

the plot is unbelievable i don't know what to say its so unique and so great that every minute will keep you guessing and in edge of your last nerve its just so exciting to watch.

any anime fan this is a must watch! i smiled with it i cried with it i scream of joy with it so many experiences i never felt before ran through my heart as i watched this masterpiece !

so many lessons are given about the read more
Jul 6, 2015
i will never forget this anime as long as i live even after i will remember it forever and ever !

very heart worming wonderful story about the miracle of life and kick ass fun that comes with it.
this anime is brilliant in every which way a very sweet creation from the world of anime definitely one of a kind masterpiece anyone who is a fan of anime this is a must watch its just beautiful.
i really hope someday this will get a 2nd season , ova, movie or something i just want more "nichijou" never thought i will miss it this much i already miss read more
Jun 17, 2014
i have seen lot of otakus here write a review for this epic anime movie so i thought i should say what i felt as well

i have watched this anime so many times. enough times to make me remember the characters dialogs. the story had a very warm feeling from the beginning which is very hard to find some gems like these can be found even today's stories if you look hard enough. i loved the plot from the beginning to the end ... everything was just perfect. of course its being miyazaki senseis movie and a studio GHIBLI it delivered everything read more
Apr 2, 2014
first of all there is great news for mushishi fans..there is a ova episode and the 2nd season to this anime is on the way guys they have officially announced it ..!i cant wait!!!!!

i have been wanting to write a review for this masterpiece for a long time but i just didn't know what to say, the experience i got from it was something i cant put it in to words ..never the less i'll try my best!


is great! absolutely mind blowing ... literary you have to see it to believe it! it takes us to a world that's read more
Feb 20, 2014
i am not the kind of person who writes stuff but when i find a masterpiece unlike any other i just have to tell how i felt or i wouldn't catch any sleep ever i call it "OTAKU SENSE" he he he okay... i am sorry ill start.

"this story is like if miyazaki sensei and the ghibli directors and animators meet summer wars director and the result is this creation :3"

is so unique.that it is happening next door.plot twist placement were brilliant..just 100% correct... it talks about a topic that we already know and takes it to a another level..which is harder read more
Dec 9, 2013
i am writing a review after a long long long time in this year hope i can write what i felt when i was watching this anime movie and make you want to watch it too..
alright this anime was amazing ....the story felt so real and the emotion throughout the story was carried out very well.

STORY- was very unique a topic that isn't talked about at all in the society or in anime world in general. it is because not every one can pull of a brilliant plot with HOMELESS people and a simple normal setting like Tokyo city streets wearing nothing read more
Aug 5, 2013
ex driver is an anime and always will be something that is very close to my heart because its being one of the "first animes" that i have ever watch in my whole life it was in 2005 that i laid eyes on anime and lucky for me that this was a "gem" to me and made me inseparable to anime that was the time that anime became "a part of my life" a fantasy that will never end.for me this was a re watch and was i a happy camper to find this again in net.everything was the same it was just perfect with read more
Jun 29, 2013
Chobits (Anime) add (All reviews)
It’s been a while since I have written a review. Well here goes I will tell exactly what I felt while I was watching it and hope it will encourage you to watch this beautiful story of love breaking all boundaries "because no matter what being happy in life is the most valuable treasure".(It said that this has echchi comedy moments but there was very less and I wish there was a bit more comedy but it’s just me ok.the story is pure gold)

story-the plot starts very simple with lot of questions given from the very beginning so it’s fun because you feel like you read more
Mar 17, 2013
sometimes an anime is all about three things and that is-1-entertaintment
read more
Feb 3, 2013
it has the name saying that its the SHIKI SPECIALS but i think it just another two episodes that is absolutely 100% necessary for the story so do all a favor watch it in order or you will be confused if you watched it after the SHIKI.this is episode 20.5 and 21.5 watched it in that order when your watching the story because these episodes make the plot complete and it makes perfect sense how everything was handle at the very enjoy ! i have said everything i have to say in the previous review.this anime made me fall in love with anime all read more