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Jul 3, 2016
The episodes are random and have nothing to do with each other. The main character travels to a different place in each episode, solving another mushi problem. The anime would be more interesting if these mushi problems had some relevance to real life, but they don't. The anime also doesn't tell us much about the main character's past or personality. So it's neither deep in storyline nor deep in character development. The artwork are music are also very simple. There are better serious anime out there. I recommend Serial Experiments: Lain, Earth Maiden Arjuna, Kino no Tabi (Kino's read more
Apr 28, 2016
The art is simple, but the story is enjoyable and the music is also very nice. The princess is compassionate and thoughtful. No one in her castle cares about her, but she cares about others. My complaint is that too much time was spent on the part where she is imprisoned, and too little time is spent on the part after she escapes. A whole series could have been made out of this story. Since it's only a movie, it was condensed. But I just think the part that should have been condensed more is her time of imprisonment, read more
Apr 27, 2016
Ajin (Anime) add (All reviews)
I liked the show (good plot), but the first season's last episode is not an ending at all. Whether there are additional seasons or not, I don't know. But it would be nice if the creators at least tried to make the last episode some sort of ending with a "to be continued" cliffhanger or something. Instead, the last episode is just like any other episode. My other complaint is about the main character's inconsistency. (Spoilers coming.) In the beginning, he seems like he is a good person who tries to always do the right thing even if it read more
Dec 20, 2015
This anime was interesting to me when it seemed like there was this one special girl who had a mysterious power over technology. But it ended up being nothing like it seemed at first. It turned out that almost everyone in her school had special powers, and the powers had more to do with spirits than technology. A better name for the show would've been "Red Glasses Girl" or "Red Spirit Girl" rather than "Red Data Girl," since the show had almost nothing to do with data. The ending was also unsatisfactory. We never learn the reason why Izumiko's past read more