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KAYnyaa Jun 30, 1:43 AM
lmao its fine, did u go over to anilist when mal died?
KAYnyaa Jun 24, 3:33 PM
lol wh0
iloshiro Apr 20, 12:59 PM
Sorry I'm responding almost a month late :x
I'm doing fine, how about you?
Yea I enjoyed it! Why do you have to watch half the season in one week though? ^^
Btw, it has been a while since we have last spoken. About 4 years have past xD time sure flies.
Sonal1988 Apr 6, 1:16 AM
Hi. Thank you.
If you mean how I get these ideas, well, I have a huge collection of Zen pics. So I simply see which two images would complement each other the best when put beside each other.
SparkleBunnies Apr 5, 11:21 PM
Be careful kona :<
mewinblue Mar 20, 7:53 AM
Yeah I loved Kuzu no Honkai! But be aware that there are some scenes you don't want to watch in public... xD And I wouldn't call it sweet either... If you are looking for one of those fluffy romance series, Kuzu no Honkai isn't really that xD But still I would definitely recommend it ^^

HxH is kinda long so I think that watching it during the summer is probably the best choice you can make :D

And cute girls are awesome, so I totally get your fav list xD KANNA'S SO FRIGGIN' CUTE!!! <3
Roroline Mar 20, 3:50 AM
Well everyone life is equal but that individual itself who can drive it to good or bad :3
Kinekuri Mar 13, 6:29 AM
M-me? With you?

Ah, I was under the impression your name Kuro was from "black" judging by your avatar. Still, looking at the track record she doesn't seem to be that big (at least right now) is she? Her old lady voice sticks out like a sore thumb to me with her "mukashi mukashi".

lol I'm kind of the same with the name thing, though it's kind of obscure that only fans know about it.
mewinblue Mar 12, 9:06 AM
Hi! Answering on your comment on my profile :3 (Or should I have answered on my profile? Not sure how this works yet xD)

Well, that depends on your mood. Looking at your list, you have already watched Code Geass, Re:Zero and Mawaru. I think you should go with HxH, because it's a freaking masterpiece! Starts of slower, but gets really good over time! It's a longer series tho, so idk if you mind that. Shingeki no Kyojin is a gory anime with great action and score, but if I were you, I would wait 'till season 3 comes out xD. Katanagatari is a unique series with nice art style and great score, plus there's romance in it which I love. Kuzu no Honkai is a romance series that will make you feel uncomfortable and Shinsekai Yori can give you some mindfucks (it did give me, at least). Bungou is full of bishies (but looking at your fav character list, there're only girls, so dunno if you would appreciate that xD) and Digimon is a classic from my childhood, practically Pokémon with plot. I love it mainly 'cause it was my first anime and the nostalgia xD

My most favourite out of those would ve Hunter x Hunter, so I say go with that! ^^

Hope I was of some help :D

Have a nice day ^^
Skorpie Mar 12, 3:22 AM
Thank you! :)
Kinekuri Mar 11, 11:51 PM
There's never enough lewds tbh

I haven't finished it yet, though I initially only watched it cause my waifu's VA is in it.

Maria watches over you seems to be the best of this kind of genre from what I've been hearing so I plan to see that one soon (hopefully).
Konakana Mar 8, 1:57 PM
It's a pleasant watch.
Kinekuri Mar 8, 6:47 AM
As long as the lesbian aspect is good it's good enough for me.

Faerynn Mar 8, 4:19 AM
Aw that's awesome! I'll continue watching it as soon as I can
tinkitiger Mar 8, 1:21 AM
I like your point. The core of us certainly stays the same. I suppose what I mean is I'm constantly changing my direction and interests, which reshape my perspective over and over until I can no longer recognise myself as the person from before.

As it so happens I've also been getting into classic novels recently. At the moment I'm reading Brave New World by Huxley, which started off a little slow but now I'm really enjoying it. Haha yeah, I still have a whole bunch of novels that I've been putting off reading! For some reason I've never been interested in reading Lolita... should I give it a go?