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Apr 12, 2020
The author's art style wasn't my favorite, and I wish it had been longer. Given that, this manga is probably my most favorite manga of all time.

The author managed to do something that isn't found commonly in most manga whether it is shounen, shoujo, BL, or otherwise. The author managed to cram so much imagination and literary alchemy into the 6 chapters that they did write. The manga wasn't mundane- it was realistic, outlining real struggles of real people.

I don't know how to describe the feelings this manga made me feel even though it was only 6 chapters. The amount of emotional depth read more
Apr 12, 2020
Given (Anime) add (All reviews)
If I had to summarize this whole anime, it would be akin to life after love.

What does this anime excel in?

The theme- watching the main character move forward from tragedy to live and forgive is really inspiring and well developed. It was also more realistic from typical boys love works.

The art- For a BL anime, Given was given (hah) a lot thought for the anime adaptation. The animation was wonderful, and I already love the art style of the manga author.

The sound- The OST score was well coordinated as well as just enjoyable. While the ending and opening didn't quite stick read more
Apr 11, 2014
No.6 (Anime) add (All reviews)
No. 6 was an amazing anime. Okay, I know what you're thinking already-- wow what an UNBIASED REVIEW. But, please, read on. This will hopefully be an unbiased review.

The first episode starts off with a boy with an iq of something like 180 living in the very rich and well off places in the city utopia of No. 6. One day a boy running through the sewers shows up in the boy's house. He's a convict. His name is Nezumi. Sion, being super naive- and there is an underlying essence of some wit behind it seeming idiocy- read more
Dec 24, 2013
Once upon a time, I thought that outside of high school life, nothing ever happened to anime characters. Boy was I wrong.
This anime can make a rock cry.
Dec 23, 2013
Um. I'll try to make this as legitimate as possible. I hope no one knows I watched this.
The art was wonderful.
They definitely made very intimate and sexual noises while doing very sexual things.
And um, they probably enjoyed themselves a lot. But, I didn't.
I think all the boys are about ten or eleven and i don't think that is a proper age to be having sex with everybody that you meet about three times an hour.
What is with their boners... They get hard every time anything ever happens. Is that normal?
As far as story goes... I caught the part when they read more
Dec 23, 2013
Let's begin the fact that there are no female characters whatsoever in this series. Many males that look like females, but no female characters.
People who aren't patient with this anime will get really irritated when the episodes don't start uncovering any of what seems like a really deep, dark plot line about a misconception between two inseparable and premature lovers.
It starts out very slow and sometimes, it is only the comedy that kept me watching.
The first ending is great, the art is good- there's nothing bad about it- but the story and characters really struck me when I was watching read more
Dec 23, 2013
Bleach (Anime) add (All reviews)
Bleach is the story of an unappreciated teenage boy with a dark past and special abilities who thought that no one liked him because they made fun of his hair and have clearly never seen him take off his shirt.
Well... I just made it sound like every other story out there.
Bleach is very special-- to me and to many other fans-- in the way that we were able to sit through the fillers multiple times. *kind of spoilers*

Art- 8
In the beginning of the Anime, the art is very... interesting. Personally, I love the art in this anime with the fight scenes and the whole read more
Oct 27, 2013
If you want to see Anime all bundled up into one in the most stereotypical setting with the most cliche characters and unoriginal title and all the hilariously idiotic romance you could ask for, this is for you-- I love it!

I had the experience of watching Baka no Test as one of my first Shojo anime and I could hardly contain my outbursts of laughter and confusion. Then, I watched it after watching a lot of anime, and I still laughed because it brought back so many memories.

You have the cute, perfect, sexual magnet, (who can't cook) innocent girl that the hero seems to have read more
Oct 26, 2013
...This anime...
I had absolutely NO expectations going into this anime... maybe I should've had some. Nah, what's the point, it would've surpassesd them all.

I tihnk the best adjective to describe this anime is "Godly". Or maybe I've just been so many shitty anime coming out recently that I got so fucking excited watching people battle taller, sexual organ-lacking, fat blobs of what they claim to be sunlight.

Shingeki no Kyojin gives you a gut-wrenching feeling as you go into it and you come out. It gets you on the edge with the end of each episode and makes you lose your man card. Starting slowly, it read more
Oct 26, 2013
Sword Art was a pretty decent anime. The problem is that it kind of became the one direction or justin bieber of the anime world, at least by 2013. You either love it or you hate it. It kind of introduced a lot of characters that you don't get to know much about and it left you hanging. For all i know, I'm probably just stupid, but I still haven't figured out why Kagame made SAO in the first place.
SAO was good but it took a major, major dive into the abyss of a mario-princess peach scenario at around episode 14. On the bright read more