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Jan 24, 2020
I tried watching FGO over my own great interest in the original fate series. Without any warning nor any proper precaution I jumped right into this and found myself drowned, suffocated by it's intense waves of cringes and bad writings.
This anime is what happens when you try to take the core gimmick and characters of another good story, and then plastered some cringe, fanservice, genderbender fetish, odd camera angles, and bad writings all over it. It is so bad that the act of watching it is a punishment on it's own.

Story 1/10
It is a decent enough story in a context of a money read more
Jan 14, 2020
Do you like it when a story treats you like you're an absolute moron? Congratulations, this anime is for you. It treats the audience like a moron. Like on the 1st episode. Oh look, futuristic fast moving bike! Nope, someone can run faster than that bike. Oh look, futuristic police AI in a sophisticated robotic body! Nope, they are brain dead dumb AI catching the wrong person IN PUBLIC COMPLETE WITH PUBLIC SURVEILLANCE AND A F****ING VICTIM/WITNESS VOUCHING FOR HIM. Immediately you're being attacked by the story treating you with zero respect treating you as if you're some kind of kid with special needs.

As the read more
Mar 9, 2014
Oh look, noucome... another generic harem anime... Nope, not gonna watch it... Gotta be like another date a f***ing live anyway... Idiot protagonist and brain dead heroine with the ultimate selling point was the super huge plotholes (plots and holes) and absolute cringes...

I was wrong....

Well, it is a pretty generic harem themed story, but the idea was not that bad, and the most important point is that this anime doesn't try to randomly combine a serious story and random jokes all together like some "nowadays" romance comedy. It's like... maybe, seto no hanayome? Totally random with pure comedy and cheesy romance. The show that requires read more
Jul 1, 2013
First of all, I am not a mecha lover. I find gundam or other mecha anime make no sense at all. Why? Because there are no way that a low level human civilization would use some robot manually controlled by human from the inside of the robot to fly around and destroy things. It is inefficient in more than one reason. From the limitation of metallic strength, the gravity issue, g-force, and the energy consumption. It's pretty much mechanical fantasy with non sense concept of logic. I can't seem to think that it is cool just because it looks badass. For me, if it's called read more
Mar 5, 2013
Since this is my 1st ever review, lets make this short...

Something made me not to watch this anime up till 8th episodes and I really regret it now... Yep, waiting for another week for this anime is one of the enjoyment because it give me chance to talk about one episode each week with my buddies.

Now then, enough about my regret, here comes the review:

Story : 6/10
Fair enough.

Art : 9/10
The art is totally nice. Not perfect, but it does deserve 9/10.

Sound : 9/10
The OP & ED fits the anime perfectly, the background sounds help brings out the comedy.

Character : 10/10
Characters are actually git gud here. read more