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bobayeo Oct 1, 11:24 PM
Thank you! I'm already halfway through with my first semester of college

:0 woahhh lol I didn't even realize I was nearing 500 anime series
Shows how much time Ive been wasting to watch anime instead of study

Maid-sama!! A classic!
Yeah yuri on ice was super popular back then but now looking back to it I can remember what I its a good anime but that the best of the best...idk what made me addicted to it and love it so much
Its kinda like how when I first started watching anime I watched SAO pretty early on and I enjoyed it but a few years later I looked back to it and deemed SAO as trash like the concept was good at the beginning but the other parts were kinda useless and the new seasons just seem to be dragging it on when it should've just ended
I didn't want rezero season 2 because season 1 was ok for me...I liked it but I didn't like it as much as other ppl lol and when season 2 came out I tried to watch episode 1 but I literally couldn't remember most of the characters so I just gave up watching rezero season 2

OMG HAIKYUU!! Im so excited for the new season that's coming out! I know the manga ended but I haven't read the manga yet so I want to enjoy this anime experience and then after the anime ends Ill go back to read the manga.

Ive read up to like 130 chapters of Black Clover I think but I haven't caught up cuz I just ended up watching the anime but I remember when that demon arc came I legit binge read Black Clover cuz that was the best arc and I wanted to know what happened

Lol at least your enjoying your break! You finished law school and now u can watch as much anime as u want!
Yes! Shield Hero is so good when I watched episode one I was hooked right away cuz I wanted to see that bitch girl get her karma and I read the manga so fast too lol but the manga is kinda going downhill now since it updates really slow and Im kinda lost about wtf is happening
Purpose Sep 27, 6:03 AM
Hey kris, it definitely has been a while. Likewise, you too were my first few friends.

Thanks for checking up on me, I'm great! I'm still working so anime and manga is still my side activity but not so for MAL.
But I'm here now updating teehee.

All is good, I did got sick when the whole Pandemic started but luckily it was tested negative. I hope you're good and healthy too,
Take care my guy.
bobayeo Sep 18, 11:06 PM
I'm kind of just testing waters cuz Idk if I'll actually enjoy computer science...but right now I do like it and I understand it
It's just that when I took a quiz for it my brian kinda shut down...I guess I'm not used to the new concepts enough to know what to far they haven't graded the quiz but I'm sitting at a 68.7% on it XD so hopefully it goes up a bit

Yeah I liked it only being Chitoge and Onodera cuz the other 2 weren't a competition at offense they were kinda just there for comedy and adding to the haram

Dang I didn't even know anime had seasonal airings until kinda late into my anime watching life
Took me like 3 years to find out lol
I guess I kinda noticed when kissanime used to update the same stuff every other week but I never watched new anime back then so I never paid attention to that stuff
Back then I only watch anime that were completed
I think one of the first animes I've watched that was airing was Yuri! on Ice because there was so much hype about it so I just jumped on the hype train and watched it
Now I only watch new airing anime....I should watch more completed ones cuz they're easier to binge but I don't have time for that
not to mention I'm also fell behind on a lot of seasonal animes from a few years ago so they're still on my watching list ever since like 2017 lol

Black Clover isn't as bad as what ppl make it out to be
like I know everyone is saying its a Naruto and other mainstream anime ripoff but isn't that what ppl like??
Mainstream anime always have similar or the same concept so I don't see y it's wrong for Black Clover to be the same and then get hated on
Many ppl just drop it at the beginning but I think it's really good now cuz more plot was introduced

Kaguya-sama is slow most of the time for me cuz I kinda don't like their competition for love....I'm more into Chika and Ishigami-kun
Theyre really funny and Ishigami-kun is a whole mood whenever he talks about going home and watching anime
but season 2 made me cry because of his story in middle school like that was sad

Ahhhh yes Takagi-san! That one of the animes that don't really have a plot, but I really like it. I just like the wholesomeness and the cute parts and the comedy
If u like Takagi-san u might like Asobi Asobase because it's kinda like Takagi-san with no plot but its all comedy and I enjoyed it a lot
Ilyania Sep 11, 9:07 PM
I only want to watch movies tbh ahahaha

Yes i will check since i know some people who sell stuff internationally

Hmmm not actually busy. I am just hooked by other manga or kdrama lmal
bobayeo Sep 11, 12:35 PM
Lmao u made it really far for someone who didn't want to become a lawyer
I just hope I can make it as far as u cuz medical school soooo hard to get into....but so is law school and u did it so that's big achievement
I think I'll like the surgery portion because I like arts and craft and doing things with my hands so surgery seems fun to me, but learning all medical stuff might be a downfall for me lol
But computer science has been super interesting so far like I did not know I was so compatible with it cuz it requires logical thinking and math and I'm naturally a logical thinker and I LOVE math
but computer science is still hard so idk I might fail :')

Nisekoi anime had such a good start but after that the anime just felt like short and funny OVAs like each episode just had something different going and kinda adds nothing to the plot
The manga is soooo good tho cuz it really picks up towards the end when they started to actually talk about the past and who the destined girl is
I only have 2 volumes of the manga but I want to get all the volumes

Brooooo ur an OP for watching them when they're airing!!
when I started watching anime all of them were already complete so I just binged them

I honestly feel kinda OP for still watching Black Clover cuz I've been watching that since it was airing and now it's on like 142 I've been watching it for like 3 years now
Ilyania Sep 7, 6:55 AM
Yea at first i do too. Now i just think this virus as a way to kill stupid and uncared people lmao

Ahaha great if u have good memories XD i also have it but i am the type to go straight home from uni after class hahaha
I am not really a sociable person since i prefer to stay at the cafe alone meh

I used to use AmiAmi if i recall it right... But yea the shipping cost is the thing that make things annoying

Oooh i read black clover back then and i guess i forgot to reaf it again lmao
bobayeo Sep 7, 12:33 AM
I found biology interesting, but it's kinda cuz I dont have confidence in myself so I want to have a backup plan. There are many ppl wanting to go into medical school at my college, but they all seem passionate while my only reason seems to be "I want to do surgery"
In a way, I don't feel like I'm passionate enough so I feel like I might not make it into medical school and also cuz medical school is super hard to get into. :')

I was thinking he'll end up with Itsuki cuz she seems like the tsundere type that most MCs end up with. I was also cheering for Nino cuz she was also a tsundere and her crushing on a picture of the past him was just pure gold. Miku was first to fall for him so I wanted to cheer for her too and shes the nice and wifey type.

I like "waifu wars" too! I remember cheering for Chitoge in Nisekoi. I love that series so much but the manga was better cuz the anime is incomplete. Kinda sucked for Onodera tho cuz she could've got was all about the timing

Yes! plz watch them and tell me what you think because I really love them so much!
Hmmm I think have some harem animes you can watch
- Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai (this is a harem anime and it gave me hella Nisekoi vibes cuz of the art style. I thought this anime was hella interesting at the start but then hella girls got introduced so there's like 5 different ships....and also the anime character is the dense type so he knows nothing so it kinda gets boring for me but the manga seems way better but I haven't read that much of it)
- Otome Game no Hametsu Flag shika Nai Akuyaku Reijou ni Tensei shiteshimatta (not harem but reverse's also not school related but OMG ITS SO GOOD like I love the concept and everything....manga is better tho cuz anime can have some fillers but both are amazing)

Some CLASSIC shoujo animes:
- Special A
- Toradora
- Say I love you
- The world is still beautiful
- Ao haru ride
There's more but I cant remember the rest lol
Ilyania Sep 6, 7:07 PM
Oh thats great, unlike my country :v i wanna ki our citizen tbh :v

Yes, one. We are close but we are the type to hang out only when there was new movie to watch or when we want to do our assignments in the cafe ahahaha
Aah yea freedom is one of the thing. Its a good thing u can have it. But i am the type who wot hang out of after 6 pm unless i watched movies lmao. Such a good kid i am I ohoho

UwU cant u order it online?

Yes since my fave actors were in some of it thats why i watched it
Ah yea when i checked there were not many good animes. What do u watch at the moment?
bobayeo Sep 6, 11:36 AM
Lol I might not be good at school anymore since Im in college and its harder

the only reason y I'm going for 2 degrees is just in case I don't get into medical school I at least have my computer science degree to fall back on
I also went to an early college high school so I have some college credits coming into college so I don't have to take that many classes or else I honestly won't even manage double majoring

OMG I was on Instagram and came across a post about Go Toubun no Hanayome and ppl in the comments were hating on the ending
I read some of the manga but I never finished but I was curious on who he chose cuz honestly the anime had so much potential I love the concept and the mystery factor
So I went to the last chapter to see who he chose....I WAS DISAPPOINTED
I know I didn't read all of it to know y he chose her but she was like the last one I expected him to choose

Anime recommendations:
Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san (it's school and rom-com but more comedy but still cute and enjoyable)
Gakuen Alice (it didn't come out in the last 5 years but it's SOOOO GOOD and the manga is like even better)
Lovely Complex (also didn't come out in the last 5 years but it's one of the shoujo CLASSICS a must watch)

I haven't been watching much school shoujo animes these days so that's kinda all I got unless u want me to list off old shoujo animes I watched (IDK y but old shoujo anime days were sooooo much better than shoujo animes now)
Ilyania Sep 6, 6:36 AM
Ah still on lock down huh

I dont know why but high school is better for me. Maybe becuz i have my friends back then and here in college i dont really make any close friend :(( and participating in college event is... I dont know... Not reallt fun :(( BUT I WILL WORK HARD TO GRADUATE!!

HAHAHA I can relate to weeb stuff. I just gtab everything related to Haikyuu back then lmao
I am sure u will go there soon!! X3

Yea i hope so :((

I... Dont really watch anime anymore... More like i forgot... I wanna catch up to SnK but i always get dragged to korean drama. But i did watch Haikyuu S3. But do wanna catch up
U still watch anime?
Ilyania Sep 5, 12:11 PM
Cant go to the beach?

Yea i will just hope for the best XD but sometimes people's comment kinda making me not sure about myself even tho they are joking and i know it :(

AAAAAA i can imagine u really looking foward to it. Even i wanna go there for a lil longer X3

I dont know tbh. They said its becuz one of the teacher was from Dutch so we gotta start it earlier to match with Dutch uni time
Yea its making me lazier than before. I am not too motivated to study nor i get a lot of things :v
Huhu thankssss hopefully u can do something nice for ur long holiday ahahaha
bobayeo Sep 4, 11:18 PM
Hopefully, college graduation will be more fun :)
Weirdly enough I barely tried that hard to become everyday schedule was go to school (sleep in some classes) take naps at home, watch anime and read manga, and then do hw SUPER late at night
IDK how I did it but I ended up as valedictorian (I got As all 4 years of high school too)

Im majoring in Biology because I want to go to medical school to become a surgeon but Im also double majoring so Im thinking about majoring in computer science too
I think it's both! Im still adjusting to the workload but my schedule is also bad XD
I was advised not to take more than 2 STEM classes but I ended up signing up for 3 so its my own fault but I kinda had to if I wanted to double major cuz both of my majors r STEM

Yes! Watch a lot of anime! You deserve it for all your hard work!
Oh nooooo man I would have been so sad if a trip to Japan got canceled. Hopefully, you guys can reschedule and go when everything is safe!
Ilyania Sep 3, 10:22 AM
Yesss the beach is helping with that staying healthy condition XD hope ur healthy too

AHAHA i am 21 and i dont even have any imagination as to what i am gonna do after i graduate. My friends already have this amazing dream and here i am sucking my thumb having fun with myh games every single day :v

Wait wait, so u originally live in Japan?
Well as long as ur parents say its okay. Job is going to be available anytime so take it easy XD

Yes my online classes suppose to start on 7 sept but one class already started a month ago!! Imagine i gotta turn on my brain after a long year of inactive, and the first class they open is brain biology :v how am i suppose to study it when my brain was turned off :v
bobayeo Sep 3, 9:15 AM
Thank you!! But about graduation....I missed it XD I overslept so I just told my mom there's too much ppl so we shouldn't go and she believed me and she didn't like crowds cuz of corona so we stayed home lol
But graduation wasn't anything special cuz we weren't allowed a actual graduation so it was just driving ur car to school and picking up ur diploma and saying goodbye to teachers and other students but I missed all that so I had to go later to pick up my diploma
I was valedictorian of my school and yet I missed my graduation (don't be like me)

College is ok....jk I hate it
Too much work!! I'm struggling to watch anime these days and I've been cutting a lot of sleep
During quarantine, I was like getting 10 hours or more of sleep but now I'm only getting 6
It's a lot of work but so far I'm doing good in college I guess....I let u know if I start failing

OMG Congrats!! UR A LAWYER NOW! That honestly must have been a lot of work. We love seeing ppl succeed in life and watch anime at the same time :)
That's honestly smart by taking off cuz of corona...if only schools in America were that smart
I didn't move into my college cuz I chose to stay home cuz of corona and I MADE THE RIGHT CHOICE
like just 1 week into classes they had to shut down cuz there were too many ppl infected (right now I think they have over 1k infections at my college campus)
Ilyania Sep 3, 4:14 AM
Not anymore. Its new normal now. U can do ur normal activities but still wearing mask and take a distance from other people

No u havent told me that.
But I AM HAPPY TO HEAR THAT!! Congratz on ur graduation!! I am suppose i graduate next year if i do things right
Omo omo ur a lawyer now huh (゚∀゚ ) i can imagine u screaming objection lmao. I guess its also the right thing to do to put things on hold in this situation. it will be bad if we got infected :((