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Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou
Jan 3, 7:48 PM
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Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari
Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari
Jan 3, 7:41 PM
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Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai
Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai
Jan 2, 10:03 PM
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Ilyania Feb 17, 5:42 AM
OMOOOOOOO its been a long time i use my MALLLLL and no worries i just remember i have an old man in lmao

My holiday is greeaaatttttt i went to US ans Canada and for the first time saw that much snoow OMGGG
Hopefully you are great with anything including your school and stuff

uwukooki Jan 27, 10:22 AM
It's ok! I understand that you had school so you should focus on that.

I'll wait for break to here a reply from you again XD

Stay safe and I wish you the best of luck in college
Purpose Jan 4, 9:27 PM
Just 2 more weeks of in camp training
before I go into specialization! WOO HOO

I thought the school murdered you man,
you didn't came back at all. The funeral service
is going to be on New Years rip kristoff
But ayeee don't worry man just believe in yourself,
you can do it my man!
AnimePixelz Jan 4, 6:54 PM
qt uwu

heheh, awhh all goods! dw, and probably mine would be to, since school is gonna start soon >;C
ye! and mhmm! currently in America atm owo

ooh?what’s a condo? and oooh, that sounds fun ish >.<
uwukooki Jan 4, 1:00 PM
I live in North Carolina which is like on the very east side of the United States
Lol I barely talk to my parents tho because I'm always in my room and they never try to talk to me about anything besides trying to get me to go places and calling me fat XD

Yeah I go to China like over summer break sometimes. The last time I went was like yearssss ago. I know it was before I started middle school so I was probably like 10 so like 2013 is when I went. My parents always try to get me and my sister to go to China but we're always like no because we like America better but Idk what happened but I became more interested in going places now so next time if they ask I'll totally want to go
And besides chinese ice cream is like the besttttt XD

Lol I hope I do became a famous animator but I at least want to be able to make a living because I feel like Im taking a huge risk
I know that if I tried I could probably go into the medical field but that doesnt interest me so Im setting for a job like an animator and I feel like choosing that is like a waste of all my efforts because Ive worked hard in school to maintain good grades and yet Im going to become an animator which do not even consider grades as that important XD

Yeah manga artist would be too hard for me and besides there are so many mangas in this world so not all of them would sell
I'm already starting my plan in becoming famous on social media. I made like 3 social media accounts and started posting my artwork but there isnt much progress yet. I'll start doing commissions and have people pay me through paypal when I reach 1k followers on instagram. I'm like at 350 followers XD
I think I might start my youtube channel like in college because right now I have to focus on getting my high school diploma and I dont even know what content I should post on my channel but hopefully my youtube channel would be a success and not one of those that fall apart
I mean cosplaying is cool but I dont think I have to looks to do that XD
I dont have clear skin or big eyes to be an anime character XD having me cosplay as other characters is like calling that character ugly

Yeah I understand. School just started and it's already quite hard and I have college classes next week and Im not ready for it cuz that means more classes and more work
Lol I'm 16 XD Im actually one of the youngest people in my grade
Lol yeah we started talking like in August of 2017 so when October came I turned 15 and now a whole year passed and now Im 16
It's okay I understand that college is like a huge struggle and you have other things to focus on besides going on MAL to chat with a 16 year old girl XD

I just caught up to the manga for Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari because I just couldnt wait XD
The anime is like Re:Zero and the other series where the character goes to another world (Isekai series)
But it's about this guy who was summoned to another world because they needed him to save the world. This other world is basically like a video game. There are 4 heroes that fight against these waves which are events that happen like every month or so. The waves bring out monsters that would destroy towns and kill people which is why the heroes were summoned to defeat them. There are 4 heroes: sword hero, bow hero, spear hero, and the shield hero. The main character was summoned and became the shield hero. He was looked down upon by other people and even framed for crimes he did not even commit. So he has a hard time as the shield hero because he was treated so differently from the other heroes.
It might seem like I spoiled quite a lot but I didnt XD because all this stuff happens in like the beginning
It gets more interesting from there because the manga was interesting and good
But I really liked this because it's kinda similar to Boku no Hero Academia because it's one of those zero to hero stories
The main character is like Deku. Deku does not have a quirk but he strives hard to become a hero. The main character of Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari does not have any attack abilities because he is a shield hero but he is trying hard to become better than the other heroes.

I hope you have some time to watch
I dont want to force u to watch it but its a recommendation
AnimePixelz Jan 3, 10:27 AM
awh really? <3 >.<

thanks ><
waaa so cute! love it heheh

your welcome and oh god no, school ahhh, school sucks >;c
nothing much hahah, just traveling lol, currently good hehe. you? :)
AnimePixelz Jan 1, 11:52 AM
just don’t want people to know lol, yknow? and ;ooo you don’t like my name??? ;(

ooh hmm maybe pixelz owo idkk rip

awh and ooh okie, yes! I missed you a lot, glad ur semi back...? owo
uwukooki Jan 1, 11:22 AM
Lol XD

Im not sure where I will be studying because I feel like the good colleges that offer animation degrees are not in my state. (TvT)
I might have to take some online classes but Ive been looking for colleges I should consider that are in my state
TBH Im not sure who I like more because my mom is mean to me and my dad is chill asf but he's lazy so thats his downpoint XD
I always try to download it on gogoanime because it loads after XD and Kissanime always makes me answer dumb questions before letting me download

I like firing fireworks but Im broke so Im not going to buy fireworks
Yeah she's the only chinese friend I have XD I think I might have some in china but I dont talk to them since I dont go to china often

Yeah chinese is really hard
I cannot read or write in chinese
I do know like some simple chinese characters but thats it
I understand most of the drama by listening because Im better at listening and speaking chinese
And watching drama also makes me better at speaking chinese XD so its a win win situation

I hope I do not keep getting teachers who cannot teach

I told myself to not listen to what my parents want me to be because I know what I want and I dont want to do something that I wont enjoy
Lol! Im rooting for you! You will become a lawyer :D and then you'll be rich while Im broke XD

Yeah I also wanted to be a manga artist at one point but when I saw their schedules and how they only get like 5-6 hours of sleep and the rest of the time is mostly work, I was like oh nooooo I need time to watch anime so I cannot be that busy all the time XD
I think some animators get paid a lot depending on what u work for
But I want to work for an anime studio but all anime studios are in japan (TwT)
This is why I planned to get famous on social media with my art so I can maybe start selling my artwork online and in college I will start a youtube channel using animation and then hopefully get enough ppl watching my channel that it will pay me a good amount and then when I become an animator I can earn money as a animator and a youtuber and still continue to sell my artwork online
I basically want to make as much money as I can XD
But if I become a super popular youtuber then I can drop being an animator and just work on youtube with animation

Lol I almost missed the count down because I was drawing and I was not paying attention to the time but good thing I noticed it was 11:58 pm XD
Lol I'm always here because anime is my life XD and this is the only place I can talk to you (its been such a long time since we started talking)

I went back to our old messages and realized that I started talking to you when I was like 14 and now Im 16 TwT
So much time has gone by

I watched this really good anime last night
It's a winter 2019 anime and the first episode got me hooked
It's called Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari
I was staying up to watch the sunrise of the New Year and while I waited I watched it and got hooked and started reading the manga because I could not wait that long for the next episode XD
I ended up going to sleep at like 7:30 am in the morning XD and I didnt wake up until 1:00 pm
But this new year is off to a good start because that anime was soooo gooood
I've legit been telling all my friends about it and getting them to watch it XD
Purpose Jan 1, 12:03 AM
oof, aren't you the one be going on hiatus and never replying

Hey, i'm great, aside from serving the police HAHAHA.
Tiring but hey, the training phase is about to be over soon.
How about you?

Happy New Year Buddy !!
AnimePixelz Dec 31, 2018 5:46 PM
(Btw I know you know my name but uhhh is it possible to refer me to something else, possibly a nickname xd owo tyyy)
uwukooki Dec 31, 2018 11:33 AM
Lol I honestly only come on MAL often to update my watching and talk to you XD

I hope my list can get that big lol but I need to start limiting myself because I need to start focusing on my future careers and the best way to do that is keep drawing and become popular with my drawing because I want to be a animator so I'm trying to promote my artwork more with social media XD
Yeah my mom is super strict which is why I do not like her sometimes because she always goes against her words and she sometimes blame her mistakes on other and it gets annoying
My mom would kill me if she knew I was awake at 2 am XD thats why I secretly stay awake in my room but just turn the lights off and lock the door making them think that Im asleep while Im awake watching anime lol
I usually download my anime from anime websites like Kissanime or Gogoanime

Lol I want to go to Japan very badly but that type of New Year celebration sounds fun
All we do in the USA is fire fireworks which is cool but my parents dont like buying fireworks cuz theyre expensive so our family usually watch other neighbor's fireworks or do nothing at all XD
Yeah and she was also chinese so our family were able to get along more because usually my friends are american and do not speak or understand chinese so its hard for my parents to communicate with them since they do speak english that well
She basically my first friend who her parents are also close with my parents
Lol I'm shy too but if you're going somewhere fun with a friend then there's nothing to worry about
My advice would be if you're meeting a friend for the first time then the best would be not to sit in a room and talk because that might get awkward so just go somewhere fun like a theme park XD

Yes I am chinese (I speak 2 types of chinese XD)
I can speak chinese and fuzhounese but Im fluent but I dont know like everything in that language. I know enough to get my point across XD
Yeah I understand the language not the very complicated speaking terms tho but I understand it
When I watch drama I can understand like 90-95% of what they are saying (unless its not complicated then I can understand like 100% of it)
It makes me glad that Im chinese because some dramas do not have subtitles so for the ppl who speak only english cannot watch it but I can understand it so I do not need the subtitles

Lol I just hope that I can pass classes without cheating because I feel like I rely too much on cheating to pass so I might not be able to pass without cheating XD but I had to cheat for the one class because no one understood what that teacher was teaching
He just kept talking and talking so you dont even know what to write or what is important. He had a slide show but his lecture did not match his slide show at all
Lol I hope I can keep being number 1

WOAHHHH!!! You must to super smart! You want to be a lawyer??
I feel like my parents do pressure me into being a lawyer or doctor somethings because theyre super good careers but I'm not interested in them
I think if I tried I could be a doctor but I know I will be miserable if I studied something I was not interested in
I want to be a animator (maybe for anime but IDK because I heard that Japan do not pay animators much) and I also want to have a side job as a youtuber XD I just need a bunch of ways to make money

Dangggg!!! I'm still in 2018! You're in the future XD
I still have like 9 hours and 30 minutes to go before its 2019
Lol no worries I will not go inactive because I come on MAL almost everyday to update my list because whenever I watch an episode of anime I make sure to update my list XD
And I always come on to look at more seasonal animes to watch
The only way I would become inactive is if I have too much work to do and not watch anime but thats kinda impossible since I watch anime almost on the daily XD
But Happy New Years to you!
uwukooki Dec 30, 2018 6:39 PM
I remember you because you're the only person I talk to on MAL XD and yes my profile picture is from Angel Beats

I think I might be able to finish all of them soon but I'm not trying to binge it cuz Im alway doing something else like drawing, knitting, or napping. Yeah I do forget some parts of the story if I watch it too fast or watch too many at once but I still know what it was generally about so thats good I guess
Lol no worries I download anime all the time!! I dont like watching it on the websites cuz there are too many adds so I download them onto my computer and besides my mom has a habit of getting mad about all my siblings being on technology all the time so she'll sometimes shut off the wifi and since I downloaded anime I can watch that without wifi so it's a win win situation for me :D
I actually have a lot of anime downloaded cuz some of them are from a year ago that I never finished watching XD I really should finish them so I can delete them from my computer

I do celebrate Christmas a bit if u call giving gifts to friends celebrating
I want to celebrate New Years in New York or Japan. I was born in New York but I never go there much but I know they do a huge ball drop for the new years which I always wanted to see in person XD and in Japan I want to go visit a shrine on New Years like all the anime characters and then watch fireworks and watch the first sunrise of the new year XD (sounds like a really cute date idea)

Me and my online friend (her name is Amy) we met on instagram cuz she thought I was someone else (she thought I was this other girl named Amanda from her AP Chinese class) but we started talking about anime cuz her profile picture was Todoroki from BNHA
Soon we found out that we lived closed to each other (not that close but in the same state; she lives like 2 hours away from me) We gave each other our addresses and bought each other stuff online and got it shipped to each others house
That was our 4th time meeting in person XD the first time was last spring break when I went to her house and then over the summer we went to a water park together and then the weekend of my birthday we met and went shopping and two days ago we met at a different mall to go shopping again XD

I watched way too many chinese dramas to keep count of. I watched chinese dramas a kid too because my parents would play it on the big TV in our living room so I would just sit there and watch it even tho I probably didnt understand it at all XD (but I loved watching the journey to the west; thats my childhood show)
But I really like chinese dramas especially the ones with myths and gods and magic in it (and a bit of romance XD)

Lol I'm no smart. I just try but then again I do cheat XD cuz some teachers just sit in the front of the classrooms when we take tests and never walk around so we all just pull out our phones and text each other the answers XD (and this was a college professor too; Im in high school but I take college classes)
Next semester I just wish I have good luck again because I feel like its my good luck thats keeping me from getting a B because sometimes I will have a B and the grading period ends the next day and all the sudden my grade will go up to an A (IDK how I do it but I hope I can keep doing that so then I can continue being number 1)

Dang! You're in college right? That must be hard. I dont even want to go to college but I know I have to XD
Last semester I was sleeping ok. I didnt have a lot of homework but I always stayed up late cuz of anime or just doing some dumb stuff XD and believe it or not but I sleep in classes IDK how I became the top student XD
Well I wish both of us good luck on the new semester and a early Happy New Year!
uwukooki Dec 29, 2018 7:13 PM
Lol! I was also wondering if you would remember me cuz I changed my username but I didn't think u would remember my profile picture either. I would change my profile picture but Im too lazy to do that XD

I have tons to catch up on too!! I fell behind on anime last year and I still havent finished watching those but yet I keep watching more seasonal animes each season XD

My family does celebrate Christmas like that but at least I didnt have to go to work. I dont think we're doing anything for New Year's either. All I'm, going to do is watch the countdown on my computer and be like "Happy New Year" and then go back to whatever Im doing XD

Lol sounds like ur Christmas was fun! At you least u had a mini vacation. My family do not go on vacations often. But yesturday I was able to meet up with an online friend again and we went shopping and ate some Thai food.
And same I got back on the 3rd and now Im wishing the 3rd will never come. XD Im not ready to do more work and worry about grades and GPA

I'm also bingeing some shows but not anime. I found an interesting Chinese drama so now Im just bingeing that XD
Ive been good and last semester I worried so much about my grades because I found out that I was rank 1 in my school based on GPA and then I felt so pressured to keep being number 1. I was so worried that I was going to fail this English final and get a B which will bring down my GPA but IDK if Im lucky or something but I ended up getting a 90 as a final average which is an A but a 89 would have been a B so that was superrrr close. So now Im safe but who knows what will happen next semester (TwT)

How was ur semester? I bet it wasnt as stressful as mine XD
uwukooki Dec 28, 2018 10:40 PM
Yeah I changed my name cuz I changed my Instagram name XD
But dang u must be super busy
Good thing I’m not that busy so I was able to watch seasonal animes
I’m good and my Christmas was a normal day since my family don’t reallt do anything special but it was relaxing so that was good for me
How was your Christmas? How have u been?
Purpose Aug 14, 2018 9:51 AM
Wait, online friends are friends too?! just kidding!

For about half a year, then deployed to do duties!
pew pew