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Jun 10, 2013
The pace is kind of too slow at the start, but you will be rewarded if you continue reading it. This webtoon has a fresh story. All characters are noteworthy and their past is slowly (too slowly!) being unravelled. There is a thin line that distinguishes the good from the bad characters. You have so many questions about their backstories and about what is going to happen in the next chapter that it is difficult to stop reading. Also, there are so many elements that are present in this story; You have vampires, zombies, succubi, werewolfs and ghosts, all living together. You also get magic read more
Apr 16, 2012
Here you have your typical shounen ai manga. Two students meet out of luck and they fall for each other. The one constantly whines and fails at believing the true feelings of the other and the other keeps chasing him, trying to prove that his feelings are real. There's also a third person that appears and makes the situation even more difficult.Too many cliches, this title has nothing new to offer.
One positive thing i could say is that the design of the characters is very good, they all seem beautiful as to be expected in this genre.
Feb 29, 2012
So, to put it simply, Cain is a troubled boy who solves weird mysteries. The two first volumes of the manga contain some stories which are pretty dull and it's pretty easy for the reader to guess the endings. The second and third stories are better but lack intrigue or something else to keep the reader interested. I ended up reading the pages mechanichally, waiting to reach the end. The mangaka doesn't seem to have put much thought in it, considering she used the -girl taking the place of another dead girl- plot three times(!). If this isn't lack of imagination then what read more