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May 27, 2019
Started out quite interesting. Had alot of potential. The art is decent. the ending song is pretty nice. the opening is whacky and doesn't fit the anime but it's okay.
After a few episodes they start doing flashbacks and I was hoping to find out the characters motivations, the backstory, what a delight. well no.

The backstory just makes me hate the characters.
It's interesting in it's own way but just raises more questions than it answers. and the last episode is the most rushed episode i have ever seen ever. it made me facepalm and laugh at how ridiculous it was. Overrall it had read more
Aug 25, 2018
Amazing, exciting, awesome, cool
Yeah its a nice anime go watch it

A spoiler free, vague and unprofessional review

good action, little romance, interesting characters, war, little strategy, little emotional
a good anime

A hidden gem of the season, the story starts of pretty quick and is very well formatted. Its very straight forward you dont have to sit there wondering what is going on
I am enjoying the story alot it always keeps you glued as things keep happening.
I will not give away details as i think its best to just jump in with as little expectations as possible. but it is an anime set in read more
Jan 19, 2018
Kyoukai no Rinne is an episodic supernatural comedy which is quite funny and enjoyable if you dont go in with too many expectations

Kyoukai no Rinne follows
Mamiya Sakura (the best Sakura ever), a first year in high school who was spirited away as a little girl and after being saved, she was left with the ability to see ghosts / spirits
and also follows Rokudo Rinne a really broke half human, half shinigami who works hard as a shinigami inorder to get paid but is met with slight mishaps here and there

It very much reminded me of Noragami and Inuyasha but more comedic and not read more
Jan 18, 2018
Overlord is just okay

I feel like people over praise Overlord because its similar to SAO with traits of overpowered MC gets stuck in game but different because it doesnt focus on romance then introduce harem or have almost rape or almost incest
but honestly if you look at it independently Overlord isnt that amazing. People just over exaggerate because of all the bad things it manages to avoid doing

You have this guy who allegedly gets stuck in an MMORPG and has no way to get back to the real world so he gathers information about his new world and (for some reason) tries to find read more
Jan 12, 2018
This is my very first review
I give Nichijou full 10/10 masterpiece rating
I have watched Nichijou over 4 times and its still awesome

Nichijou is a slice of life gag anime that truly deserved better
There are many reasons why it didnt do well in Japan like it came out at the wrong time after tsunami, high price in bad economy at the time etc etc but lets not get into that

Nichijou's formula can be seen as, It takes everyday life situations and just exaggerates reactions to situations and keeps going to the point where it made me laugh until i cried
Nichijou's comedy isnt crude like read more