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Mar 8, 2015
Short Version:
Read it. But guaranteed it's probably going to make you wanna cry.

Not lemme elaborate:
Story: 10
This is because it's so amazing. The feelings it evokes- specifically the last couple of chapters. NO. It's too much. But not really too much. Because wow.
Art: 10
It's got beautiful art. No question.
Not perfect because of one thing. The main character not being able to do one little thing. A simple function for most humans. But yeah. Other than that, decent characters.
Enjoyment: 8
Mostly because of that one character flaw and the fact that it ALWAYS MAKES ME FUCKING CRY.

So yeah. Overall that makes a 9. So READ IT.
Mar 8, 2015
Quick version:
If you haven't read this, then read it. It's amazing.

Not lemme elaborate:
I gave it a 10/10 across the board for a reason.
The development wasn't rushed. It was fun (maybe not always realistic, but hey it's manga), and not super cliched, so that was pretty refreshing for me. It also didn't over romanticize things like- "Oh Abc is SO amazing we'll get married and live a happily ever-after" and be all kawaii kawaii desu desu everywhere. Which was another thing I liked.
I'll tell you now, it's not your usual fluffy, skinny girls with magical proportions. Especially Momo. Any dance scene was so....*drools*. Very anatomically read more