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Jul 7, 2021
This series had such a strong start, the premise being really interesting and perfect for a human drama story. However, the show continued on to disappoint me. Sayu is a very broken girl who has had a terrible life up until the point where we meet her; when she meets Yoshida. The most average anime protagonist ever. All she needed to turn her life around was a man who did not require her to have sex with him in exchange for basic human decency. What a lovely message. Just be a decent fucking person to a woman and you will improve her life tenfold. This ...
Mar 16, 2021
This hentai is an absolute masterpiece in every aspect.
The art direction was flawless and had amazing color palettes. The character designs were also very intricate and original. The plot was full of tribulations, like the specific scene where the main girl hid a key inside her pussy. It was such a shock! The foreshadowing preceeding this scene was also masterfully executed. She and the teacher had such a loving relationship together, I almost forgot it was illegal!

The teacher/student relationship is really gross and way too common so I had to give it a 4 even though it is an immaculate piece of art.
Feb 25, 2021
Suicide Boy (Manga) add
Preliminary (60/? chp)
I honestly hate how disgusting this manwha is. the characters have such nice designs and the art style is really good. it makes me sad to see all the romanticization of suicide, shotacon undertones and other problematic garbage that is rampant in it. the author is genuinely terrible and draws nsfw of their underage characters. there were so many opportunities to make this an actual meaningful story but the author just gave up and used it for their own sick shotacon fetish. there is also a chapter where a character is queerbaited and the reader believes she is a lesbian, until the end where it ...