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Jun 25, 2017
not bad... not consistently good though

both magical school and relaxed teacher are really old tropes but still ones i enjoy.
i watched it weekly and didnt really notice many overreaching inconsistencies. boring and shitty tropes were mixed with an ok executed actual story. it even had pretty cool moments and sometimes you didnt even know if glenn would succeed because he's the cool MC or fail because he's a lazy shitbag.

apart from the school uniform the character designs are good. they are obviously similar but it doesnt feel 100% copied. i didnt like the directing and pace, theres a lot that couldve been done better on read more
Jun 19, 2017
brick punch OP better nerf

not a perfect masterpiece but defenitely outstanding.

the story is good. its set in this day and age and it does give you a perspective into a career you rarely get (yet).
i feel its lacking a bit on relationship developement. there is a hint of romance but not much happens there. it has a climax but it feels weird to find out about the 9 year old rivalry in the very last episode. maybe i missed the hints because im not yet used to chinese names and i often had no idea who was talking about whom.

the art is good. there are read more
May 25, 2017
i highly enjoyed the crying
i put the manga about halfway through on hold

i loved the manga a lot and i think the story was well adapted. over two hours would usually feel a little long and draining but it was well paced (giving you a little time to breath after crying is always nice). the manga with its 7 volumes is packed with details that provide a better understanding but i do think they cut wisely.

the art was good and the cinematography really captured the main characters perspective. but the sound is just amazing. im thinking in particular about the voice acting of the character read more
May 24, 2017
that was so damn beautiful

the story was well done and very emotional. you have this magical mythological setting and explore how it interacts with human reality. there were some loose ends and there couldve been so much more but alas movie time is limited and it only made the world they built feel so much bigger
as i already said this was beautiful. but not just the stunning art, i was also very captured by the sound.
i usually dont bother or notice anything about the sound but here it was absolutely amazing. the music (both instrumental and vocal), the animal sounds (both backround and from the read more
May 24, 2017
i havent read the manga

i recomand this to people that like absurd humor. if youre sick of the jokes you should just stop watching because the romantic aspect isnt satisfying (this is a rom-com after all).

which brings me to my scoring

the story was... a funny premise with your average rom-com misunderstandings except the premise gave it a fun and absurd twist
art and sound - not bad, nothing special
the characters. i did not like them, some were interesting and well executed but most i did not like. they were too tropey and i get they were exagerated but the way they are mostly treated like normal read more
May 23, 2017
solid story, well established though feels a bit slow in the beginning nothing that stood out particularly
to have everything done in 3D still feels a bit jarring but the quality was detailed and consistent (duh)
sound didnt really stand out, ok i guess? (i never know how to rate that one)
the characters were good. silent brooding main character can be easily overdone but was executed well in this case. the characters overall were pretty realistic and likeable.
enjoyment was ok, not quite my style but i was invested in the characters and occasionally got excited from the action

overall pretty good

i wouldnt know how to get into details read more
May 13, 2017
the story had potential but the timing and structure is not a good execution.
art and sound were great
characters were annoying and not likeable
enjoyment not for me

i wanted to drop the show after the first episode but i figured i should at least wait until the first case is over. i powered through until the 4th, the case is not yet solved and i lost hope.

it was not engaging as a mystery story. usually theres a built up and payoff in form of the viewer getting subtle hints but not yet the solution. not so much here where the guy is just explaining his findings before read more
May 12, 2017
it was pretty good. i have yet to see the main series and im halfway through the second season.

The Art and Sound is good - as should be average.
I liked the Characters and trying to figure out if they have a future and what else might make for a great backstory. Its what i enjoyed most.
The Story isnt weak. There is often a lot of philosophical exposition which is fine but is more about the Characters and not the Story itself.

since this is the prequel i was kinda trying to figure out whod win the war. cant be the guy trying to prevent Sakuras tragic read more