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Sep 20, 2015
Last day I entered in my typic watch-anime-online-free-with-tons-of-publicity webpage and saw that the last episode of this series had been shown. I got pretty interested on a slice-of-life of princes so I started watching it.

I finish it and I am very surprised in really different ways. Firstly for the character development. Even being really simple, pretty normal, it was really amazing. But not one for one, but all together. Those clichés characters all together makes the show really funny and interesting to watch. For me. This is the best thing of the anime so far.

Secondly, for a simple reason: This is the type of series read more
Sep 2, 2015
Since I started once again watching anime with english subs to improve my english I though that making some reviews would help me improving my vocabulary, first thing I though was to complete some old animes I stopped watching not because I dislike them but just for the reason I was too lazy to complete them. They didn't get all my attention so I just stopped watching them and hoping one day I'd get that bored to watch them. The day came. I completed the series and... I feel bad.

The first series I completed were Mayo Chiki and this one, Harem 7... err... Trinity 7.

The read more
Sep 1, 2015
One day I got up early on the morning thinking that I really needed to improve my english since I am always very interested on learning languages... You may ask why the fuck I am telling you this. Well, damn, that's the reason I got to watch this thrash... er... anime.

As fast as I got up I turn on my computer thinking in which way I could improve my english, and something got to my mind fastly. "Damn, I could start watching anime again in english and so I will learn some vocabulary"... the fuck I am gonna learn with this anime, the only words read more
Feb 16, 2013
It contains some spoilers from the beginning of the manga.

"No matter what, I love you and I will continue loving you forever" is a phrase that applies very well to the plot of this manga. Anyways, it's like a one more "soft-hentai romance" but with its quirks of wealthy families.

The boy, Saito, who had a childhood friend. The girl, Subaru, is like a tomboy, she played with "our protagonist" every time, and she didn't matter to get dirty. They were good friends. Yeeey!

One day, the girl goes to a famous boarding school that the boy can't go because "it's for rich families". So he read more
Feb 9, 2013
This short-film of two and a half minutes, produced by a student of 21 years; Hiroyasu Ishida, of Animation Department of the Faculty of Manga (interesting name), was created from applications such as Adobe After Effects, Soundbooth and Audition.

*Winner of the Award of Excellence Given to students at the Tokyo International Anime Award in 2010.*

We are all used to that. Currently, companies or fans realize a lot of short bored senseless. In this case is the complete opposite -- well that's my opinion.

The "small plot" follows the girl; Fumiko, who wants to plead to the boy she loves. Crying, she runs quickly throughout read more