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Aug 23, 2011

The story starts out a little weird, but by the end of the episode you understand and already get attached to characters. There was great flow and never a boring episode or random filler. EVERY episode had importance or some kind of significance. There's also symbolism if you catch it.

The sound was great and every song triggered some kind of emotion tied to it. Whether it was beginning, or something sad happened, ...or when the anime eventually ended and you were like "DAMN!!!!!!!" (Hopefully speaking for those who kept up with every episode like I did and couldn't wait for the new episode to read more
Aug 23, 2011
So, I never really wanted to watch Darker Than Black, but my boyfriend kept telling me how much I would love it if I did.

Well...he was right T~T

After watching the first episode, I was completely hooked on the story and as the anime went on, I loved learning about every single character and all of their weird payments (if you haven't watched this anime, just watch it and you'll know what a payment it and find yourself picking which one you'd want).

I have not yet seen the 2nd series, but I'm planning on it. If you find yourself second guessing on whether or not to read more
Aug 23, 2011
Although I know the series is not yet done, this show still gets a 10 for me. I thoroughly enjoy every episode (yes, even those random fillers). One by one the show picks a character to build on and even though they don't go deep into each and every character (and sometimes it's kinda vague), you still feel for them and have an attachment to them.

This idea for the series is very interesting and I can't deny the show has moments where I'm really LOL'ing at everything going on.

Great ongoing anime and it's one of this season's bests!
Aug 22, 2011
The only thing I really liked about this anime was the whole Gods and Demons on Earth aspect. Besides that, this anime was kinda terrible. They invest so much time in characters, but most of them have the same kind of story and you don't feel any kind of attachment to any characters. Rin ends up with the most randomest person and the last 5 episodes completely sucked and took a turn for something lame and tragic.

I don't really recommend this anime unless you're bored and have nothing else to watch.
Aug 19, 2011
Overall 10 for me.

This was the perfect blend of action, romance, comedy, everything. The length was perfect (even though I wish there was more).

There was never a moment where the episode was boring for me. The episodes were easy to understand and connect, and the flow was great.

Kinda wish they went into some characters a little more, just because I was personally interested in them, but still GREAT.

Aug 9, 2011
Nana (Anime) add (All reviews)

I'm very borderline 8/9 on my score for this show, because I wasn't really disappointed in the story until the end. I didn't expect some super happy ending, but I didn't think Nana (Hachi) would just be so stupid with all her choices (but, there's really some girls out there that are like that).

Relationships were portrayed in sooo many different ways here and had a lot of variety and problems people come face to face with in real life.

Good story, just kind sad.