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Mar 24, 2014
There's always 2 kind of movies that you usually see on anime:

1. A total racap of a season with a few extra scenes
2. A totally different story be it a continuation or another side story

Unfortunately, it belongs to the first group. Hence, I under the assumption you have watch the first series before moving on to this movie.

If u realise I say movie, the reason is that I personally its more of a movie that a special, since special don't usually last this long and also its basically recapping the story. Thus, I will use this terminology for the rest of the review.

First off, is read more
Mar 24, 2014
I have high hopes for this movie after done watching the 2 seasons of the anime, and fortunately, the movie did not let me down.

There are 2 main groups of movies you usually see for anime:

1. They are usually recapping and summarising what happened in the main season with only a few xtras included.
2. They provide a continuation of the storyline from the main series or some other side stories.

I was glad when I watch it since this movie falls on the 2nd group. This movie tolds a (but somewhat related to the main series) different story from the main series. If you are expecting read more
Mar 24, 2014
For such a short anime with each episode lasting up to about 4 minutes, I won't consider it much of a series.

This anime provides you with a relaxing time for you to enjoy after all those intense days with the nice atmosphere and the characters they bring about. The art is something the eye would not be painful to watch, with the BGM and OP to be very enjoyable and memorable (which is unexpected in such a short anime). The characters themselves, those typical normal highschool girls provides you with enjoyment with their characters that make you calm for the day and maybe have read more
Jan 13, 2013
Well I am writing this review particulally to those who never watch the anime at all or just read the manga. First I need to ask several questions:

1. Do you hate harem animes?
2. Do you hate watching a lot of ecchi scenes in almost every episode?
3. Do you hate watching plenty of fillers?

If any of these is yes, then I recommend that you don't watch it at all because you would be wasting your time, which I think you can spend time watching other animes.

Now let me put down to reason why I might give quite a high score on these one which I rarely read more
Jan 13, 2013
I know that people may hate a bit of spoilers but I guess I just warn you first that I may reveal a bit that you may not want to know.

Firstly, was the story. In my point of view it was something unexpected. It was focused on a special character for the movie rather than the latest pretty cures(in this case, Smile Precure). That made the story a bit interesting cause its not that I don't like to say Pretty Cure fighting monsters and stuff, its just that I hate to keep seeing them a lot in the movies repetitively like the Pretty Cure DX read more
Jan 13, 2013
Well how do I start here? Not good at introduction but I'll try anyway.

First off, take not that I'm not a kid whose watching kid shows. I know for one was that Pita Ten was aim for a younger audience but I'll put it from that perspective that was what the company was aiming at.

The story was actually quite amazing for such a show, better than what I'm expecting. It involves supernatural worlds like angel and demons coming to the human world. And better yet, there was a bit of romance and a lot of comedy in there. It was pretty much random after several read more