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Anime Stats
Days: 474.8
Mean Score: 1.66
  • Total Entries3,035
  • Rewatched41
  • Episodes30,714
Anime History Last Anime Updates
Gokinjo Monogatari
Gokinjo Monogatari
May 14, 2:25 AM
Watching 7/50 · Scored -
Dr. Rin ni Kiitemite!
Dr. Rin ni Kiitemite!
May 13, 2:17 AM
Watching 23/51 · Scored -
Onegai My Melody
Onegai My Melody
May 12, 8:44 AM
Completed 52/52 · Scored 5
Manga Stats
Days: 26.0
Mean Score: 2.68
  • Total Entries390
  • Reread5
  • Chapters3,828
  • Volumes514
Manga History Last Manga Updates
Full Moon wo Sagashite
Full Moon wo Sagashite
May 12, 8:45 AM
Reading 7/35 · Scored -
May 12, 8:44 AM
Completed 54/54 · Scored 4
Kitchen no Ohimesama
Kitchen no Ohimesama
May 4, 8:52 PM
Completed 53/53 · Scored 7


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BurntFlower May 15, 2:15 PM
I don't know if I should envy them for liking almost everything they watch or not, haha. I'm currently doing the 'OVA Scum Challenge' and it's reminder of the depths of depravity anime can go. Or be unintentionally funny lol. I guess I'm a bit of an anime masochist, if I were to be completely honest. I'm going to sound incredibly old, but I've never been on a discord server, but I'm imagining it's like a private chat? I recently got accepted to that C&C group, btw.

If you had never been bullied, wouldn't you have seen guys in an attractive light eventually? I'm sorry that you were bullied by homophobic assholes. There's nothing wrong with liking shoujo/magical girl shows. I'm the opposite, in that respect. I've always been drawn more towards seinen and shows were targeted towards men. I guess I would normally be called a tomboy. I believe society as a whole would improve by getting rid of gender preconceptions/roles altogether; it does untold psychological damage to people who don't fit into those traditional gender constructions ....the feminist in me could talk about this for hours. And yes, I'm very pro-LGBT and I think representation is important in the media we consume. Hence, that is a plus for Cardcaptor Sakura in my eyes.

I do think you would like Fushigi Yuugi, especially you don't mind dumb female leads. There were so many times I wanted to throw Miaka into an active volcano; she doesn't have a speech impediment. I do think the series as a whole has merit. It also has this very nice ancient China aesthetic. Definitely not the best shoujo I've seen, though. I'll add With The Light in my plan to read list...there's like almost 200 manga in there heh.

I've played all the mainline Pokemon games! I do like to play video games a lot, but my 5-year old laptop is currently falling apart at the moment, so I can't play any of the games that have come out in the last few years.
Edocchi May 14, 3:52 PM
me after watching Chuunibyou

davidman001 May 14, 2:49 AM
i love how your profile aesthetics so much you do not understand
ellextanner May 13, 9:07 PM
firstly, I love gokinjo the style is amazing. Risa is a huge inspo for me and i've been sewing a lot of clothing based on it. Secondly I added you due to your cool profile super 90s anime vibes and its the wave. Also you seem like a really dedicated person by your profile, and I bet we would get along if we talked.

PinkPinkSakura May 11, 11:50 PM
BurntFlower May 8, 9:47 AM
I'm glad you don't receive a lot of hate comments. Maybe I'm biased (I totally am), but if I see someone with a mean score of 8.0 and above and they have multiple anime completed, I do wonder if they ever criticize a show that they watch. Yes, I agree, I do think of people with lower mean scores as more analytical and has high standards for the anime medium. Which brings me on how I came upon your profile! I requested to join the Critics and Connoisseurs club and was checking out some of the users there. I tended to agree more with their anime list scores than a lot of people on MAL.

Oh my gosh, that's horrible! Homophobia is horrendous, but I am happy that things have been getting better in regards to LGBT acceptance in the last couple of years. Don't listen to those bullies. I would even say there is also an implicit misogyny that they carry, since "girly" shows are seen as inferior. Also, shows with a lot of female characters. I truly like the fact that you watch a lot of female-empowering shows. Cardcaptor Sakura I've watched - and liked! I do wanto to get around to reading the manga.

I'm mostly inside now, especially since this is the second time I've gotten sick. My coronavirus exam came back negative, but I seem to be having bad luck, because I'm catching influenza most likely.

YES - late 90's, early 00's is the absolute best time! Rose of Versailles has been on my must-watch list ever since I read a review from my favorite reviewer years back. I have a feeling I'd love it. Oniisama e is also on my list! I haven't heard about the others, though, but I'll check them out. As for shoujo've seen far more than me hahaha, but check out Fushigi Yuugi. I wish the main character, Miaka, weren't so dumb, though...
BurntFlower May 7, 1:13 PM
Hahaha, I'm sure you get strange looks from your friends if you talk about your rating scale, but your first paragraph definitely helped clarify things for me. You sure have one of the most unique rating scales, that's for sure! Although I'm sure it garners a lot of angry PMs/comments from others... I do think shows have objective values, so I'll continue explaining my point with Pokemon, lol. Pokemon has scenes that definitely made me tear up, like Butterfree's goodbye and Misty leaving the show (like you, I, too, miss her). Several popular anime that are supposed to be 'tragic' caused nothing more but an eye-roll from me, and yet, this fantastical monster show genuinely made me sad. It's not only one of the most immensely important anime in my life, it's also one of the most impactful audio-visual works for me. And yet, I gave it a 5/10. Why? It has too many flaws: lots of filler, stalled characterization, reused plotlines, constant animation shortcuts, etc. I still adore the show, issues and all. But that's just my two cents :)

Full Moon needs more love, tbh. I do need to read the manga, but there are soooo many in my backlog already. Cardcaptor Sakura is certainly up there! I don't know much about Mermaid Melody, I'm afraid.

No need to apologize, please do take care of yourself! I, myself, thought I had COVID-19 recently after feeling ill for a while, but thankfully the test proved negative. Stay healthy!

And yessss, please do recommend me obscure anime - even the bad ones, hahahaha. I admit, I'm a bit of a garbage dumpster diver myself. I grew up watching anime in the 90's so it's my favorite aesthetic. I'll be happy to recommend obscure gems I've found too!
Swiggy May 7, 2:27 AM
Oh darn, but okay!

And no worries and understood! I really hope your health improves though. No comment is worth putting over your health. In general, don't ever feel like you have to reply to me-- not even for this reply. Comments can go on forever. Not everyone has time for that or wants to keep up with them, so I won't be offended in the slightest if I don't get a reply. This is especially the case if you're not feeling well.

Hopefully all goes well for your health!
BurntFlower May 6, 9:24 PM
Ah, that clears up some of the questions I have! I'd be lying if I said I completely understood your rating scale 100% (like, how do you differentiate two anime close in rating at the lower end of the spectrum), but that is the beauty of looking through people's lists. We all have varied interests and tastes in anime! It would be awfully boring if everyone were the same. Balancing personal taste and objective value is something I also have trouble with at times. I looooove Pokemon, but I also know that the anime isn't that...great. So, I gave it a 5 even though in my heart it's a 10.

Kudos on having Full Moon Wo Sagashite as one of your favorites. I don't see it discussed as much nowadays, and its later episodes honestly made me tear up; its soundtrack was also on point. I should rewatch it some time. And yessss, Lafiel needs more love! And so does Crest of the Stars.

Thank you for the friend request! You seem quite nice :)
BurntFlower May 6, 10:35 AM
I somehow came across your profile, and love how positive and bubbly it is! I also took a look at your anime list, and enjoyed reading about your opinions on several shows. Like several people before me, I, too, have questions about your rating scale. So, I know everything you dislike (anything under 5) is rated a 1. Thus, would I be incorrect in saying that a 2/10 would be equivalent to a 6/10, and so on?
Swiggy May 5, 9:08 PM
Congrats on hitting 2,000 anime and adding the rest to your list!
I'll be going on an obscure anime dive once the semester ends, so the added shorts helps me figure out if you've seen them already or not since I wanted to send you anything new. ouo)b Soon!
mhkr May 4, 10:05 AM
Hi, just wanted to say I really like your rating system though I wouldn't ever use it myself...
Edocchi Apr 28, 3:12 PM
lol chuunibyou
PinkPinkSakura Apr 27, 10:06 PM
don't worry about it!

take your time <3
davidman001 Apr 25, 5:17 AM
hi i hope you're doing well <3