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Kanon (2006)
Kanon (2006)
5 hours ago
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Doujin Work
Doujin Work
11 hours ago
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Mayoi Neko Overrun!
Mayoi Neko Overrun!
Today, 8:37 AM
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Yesterday, 5:27 AM
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Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui!
Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui!
Nov 13, 6:57 AM
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Nov 13, 6:56 AM
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GuyKazama Today, 3:04 AM
I like how yours turned out, too! Didn't expect it to be retro game themed, but it's really neat. Is that background from anything in particular?

Heh, "IQ" ... I just looked it up somewhere in the forums here, and copy-pasted the CSS theme I liked the most. Is that what you did?
GuyKazama Yesterday, 11:14 AM
Nice new banner image!
GuyKazama Nov 14, 3:34 AM
Now that, I've never heard of! It's like an equivalent of "Lunar: Walking School" for the Game Gear and Saturn... or, not. Wow, playing similar to that Pac-Man game is not at all what I expected. I would assume the reason it hasn't gotten much attention, is due to how much it deviates from the main series in gameplay.

The soundtrack's a little rough-sounding in places, but I like it. These are my favorites:

The SFC version of Popful Mail is another obscure gem of a soundtrack. Way too overlooked.
GuyKazama Nov 14, 3:31 AM
Hey, I wouldn't mind if you stole it - we could be like the 'Nene Duo' or something! I also really like the one of her with glasses on.

Thanks! I figured yours was from Touhou; it's pretty neat. I wanted that Nene cover image to be animated, but the file size was too big, so I just put a CRT filter over it. Yeah, I do that a lot.

Hmm. Perhaps it's because you did a lot of grinding? I could see how using the speedup function of an emulator could make grinding much easier, especially for a game that has auto-battle combat. That is good to hear that I won't be needing a walkthrough, because too many games on NES have a bad sense of direction... ever play Dragon Warrior II? I didn't complete that game for literal years after playing it for the first time, because once you get the boat, nearly the entire world is accessible to you, without a single hint as to where to head next.

That was truly a bizarre glitch. Whenever I get around to playing it myself, I'll confirm for you whether or not that's in the JP version. I love how the menu and overworld were just flipping their shit! It actually makes me think of a certain glitch in Yume Nikki, although that was actually an intentional event, as a sort of Easter egg when you check a specific part of the wall. Imagine coming across this on a blind playthrough:

I've only been able to enjoy the soundtrack, but it's my most wanted Aeon Genesis game by FAR, especially since Laplace no Ma and SMT: if are already out. Speaking of unknown game commercials, the original Megami Tensei also had one, but... it's very weird. Hair color inconsistencies were definitely more common, back then: there's Terra from Final Fantasy VI who had blonde hair in the artwork, but green hair in-game; (although there's good reasoning behind that) as well as Link having pink hair in A Link to the Past, despite the art in the manual showing him with blonde hair. Palette limitations are the only explanation I've heard, but I don't believe that to be the case, when there's shades of brown on his sprite. Pink hair Link is best Link.

Huh, it's also one of the first images to come up on a Kirin Madara Google search! I've never seen Madara's cover art until now, but damn, that is cool-looking. It's super cheap on eBay, too. I never did know there was a manga, until you brought it up. I really want to get into the Clock Tower mangos, at some point.

Well, I'll be watching Belladonna of Sadness alongside High Score Girl. After that, though, I'm still debating between Kobato and Utena. After what you said before, I think I might be leaning toward Utena right now.

It'll probably be a bit before getting to High Score Girl, since I'm suddenly watching horror stuff. Just saw the 1990 Night of the Living Dead on the CRT, (LOVED IT) and will probably watch the Day of the Dead remake tomorrow. I might just marathon all of Ash vs. Evil Dead season 3, too, since I completely adored the first two.
GuyKazama Nov 6, 4:13 AM
Thanks! Priss is my favorite, but I just couldn't resist using that Nene picture, hehe. Here's the source image:

Oh yeah, I'd forgotten about that! This is the only site I can think of that uses vertical avatars, but I've changed mine to suit that. I'm pretty happy with how my new anime list theme turned out, too. Took forever to find a decent GIF that didn't exceed the size limit.

I still have to play through Madara, but perhaps I'll watch the anime alongside it, as I did with Sweet Home and its movie. There's actually an arrange album for the game, and it's really good; I have it playing right now. Man, I really hope to see the Madara 2 Aeon Genesis patch come out, one of these days.

...I thought I remembered there being a PC-98 release of Madara! Had to search it up. It looks like... more of a visual novel, maybe? It's hard to find much information at all on it, and I don't even have the ROM. Hope there's a dump somewhere out there. I just love those aesthetics.

I'll get to your other MAL comments, soon! I'm actually in the midst of writing out your replies elsewhere, at the moment. :)
Weebaloo Nov 1, 5:07 PM
I have heard of it never played it though. Also, I had a Ui Hirasawa figure it was really cute I don't collect figures anymore though.
Weebaloo Oct 30, 10:22 PM
Hi I friend requested you because we both like Ritsu lol
GuyKazama Oct 28, 11:51 PM
I know how much you love that series. I'll probably wind up making it my next to get into, at least once I'm finished with Ys and High Score Girl! Or, would you suggest I watch Utena first?

That explains it, then; I haven't been to Gelbooru, or even Danbooru in quite a while. Used to visit them both almost daily, though.

Valkyrie Drive Mermaid, Keijo, and Kanashimi no Belladonna are also high on my priority list... especially Belladonna, for how weird and surreal it looks; the art, from what I've seen, is just incredible.
GuyKazama Oct 28, 3:22 AM
Hey, nice new avatar. :)

Doing a reverse Google image search gave me hilarious results... what's it from?

Edit: Oh, I see it's from Kobato! Google thought "pornography."
Exorbitant_Mango Oct 19, 9:25 PM
Yeah, it was absolutely amazing, I'm going to start the movie soon.
GuyKazama Oct 14, 1:38 AM
That scene in Chuunibyou, in which they related math equations to JRPG boss forms was great, too; it reminded me that I used to do the same shit in high school... and pretending my calculator was some kind of HP counter. I was easily amused. I haven't seen FLCL for a good seven years, so I'd have to rewatch it before diving into Progressive. Man, I would've loved to hear about a new series forever ago, but I'm still happy that it happened at all! Wasn't the first airing on Toonami announced as an April Fools' joke?

I really liked the idea of the story behind the Mecha chapter, especially for a certain reveal later on, but I won't spoil that here. The gameplay does indeed suck; it would have been nice to have the same level of depth as the Bakumatsu or Western chapters, with several different ways to go about them. (both being my favorite, along with Sci-fi) But here, it can drag on and on, having to wander around until shit happens. It was the first chapter of the game I ever played, and if it weren't for the fantastic soundtrack, it might have left a bad first impression. Still, the mind-reading was cool.
And thanks for mentioning Whoisthisgit! It's a little astonishing to see /any/ video of Live-A-Live with that many views, let alone the few others he did. Saw a little, and I like his style; I'll watch it later.

High Score Girl will most certainly be my next anime, then; although, probably after a small detour, in favor of my NES-October. For now, I'm rewatching the Ys series, since it really didn't grab me at all the first time through, and I'm willing to give it another shot... I don't know, I just found so much more enjoyment out of the games, personally.

Considering the fact that the last two episodes of Hellsing were left undubbed, I'd say the high budget eventually got to them, sadly. I'm just happy that Ultimate ended properly at all, with how the T.V. series turned out.

I'm doing that 'rewatch' option now, with the Ys series. Seriously, this site really impresses me, and makes me wish The Backloggery had some of its features - such as a "total times replayed," or entire page entries on each game - though, that wouldn't work for every category, since I'd obviously be adding mods and hacks, too. My only real complaint about MAL, is the lack of a real 'comments' section for your completed anime list; I see that you're using the tags section for a brief review, but it would be better to have more to work with.
GuyKazama Oct 4, 1:47 PM
Oh, you're on Hellsing Ultimate! Awesome. I'd recommend watching the dub, because it's just amazing... unfortunately, I'm pretty sure the last two episodes remain Japanese only, so if you want consistency, I'd just stick with the latter. Seriously, that series makes me so happy; I haven't seen it in ages, so I might just mark it as "unwatched" and go through it start to finish again.

The main thing you're missing out on with the TV series is its soundtrack - definitely at least hear the opening and Alucard's theme. It does have its own share of badass moments, but it was only loosely based off the manga, and ended prematurely.
GuyKazama Oct 3, 2:33 AM
Thanks; there are some display issues with some games using that CRT, but it's overall pretty awesome.

Well, not that the video game references are my only draw to the show. I know exactly what you mean, though; the fight between Rikka and her sister just had me dying. I'm going to be jumping right back in, as soon as I get this reply out!

The mountain was exactly the place I was speaking of that made me look up an FAQ; it had taken me quite a while to get used to that area's layout, to be honest. Gosh, it's been so long that I don't actually remember that last part you described, having to go around talking to those NPCs. I guess a replay is long overdue.

Yeah, High Score Girl sounds like a blast. I've seen some GIFs of some of its game references, already... but there's also mention of D?! That just blows my mind, and makes me really happy to hear, since Kenji Eno's games have mostly gone long forgotten. I'll watch that after Perfect Blue, for sure.

I do have some recommendations in mind, but I think I'll let you at Live-A-Live, for now. It's one of those games that may have a slow boil for some, but trust me when I say that it gets really amazing at a certain point. There's a certain twist that is in my opinion, still unmatched to this day.

I hope you've been well, Karkki! I'll try and get my replies out within the next few days.
katemonster123 Oct 2, 8:46 PM
have fun suffering with bad anime this month !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
KatsutoSaki Oct 2, 6:05 PM
Most people aren't even pointing out the things I said in my review to be false. They are just coming over to say my score is absurd... Which doesn't matter since I can't be offended by such comments...