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Apr 22, 2008
this series is a yonkoma(short comic strips).its about this group of girls who are in high school and are very unique magic powers, ninjas,or any fictional things that you can come up with.just "regular" high school girls.

i rated the characters 10 because the characters are so interesting and different that you wonder how they can hang out with each other.each girl adds something to the story.if you have never had a favorite manga/anime character before im sure this series could give you a selection.

overall this is a series for stupid jokes,humor, and just plain enjoyment.if you have nothing else to do this is a read more
Feb 24, 2008
this story takes a long time to get in the second or third is were it is good.the first volume is really slow. you get kinda bored but wait until the second volume to deceide if you want to drop it or not.
the romance is not too a chessy junoir high crush."like he was destined for me" kinda thing.basically it is about two teens tryin to find who they really are instead of who they try to be in every day life.
Feb 24, 2008
comic party was an enjoyable manga if your into funny manga.i would say that it was good but when they start to explain how mankas need to have passion for their creations and stuff yah that part was boring.
i would recommend to be patient with the storyline. sure there are some things that dont make sense but keep reading you might like it.
this would be a good read if you are new to the anime world for it displays good characters and useful information to this anime world.
if you pick up the first volume and dont like it read more
Jan 1, 2008
fruits basket was very enjoyable to watch and read.i am disappointed that it ended on the 1st season.overall i cannot say anything bad about it other than that they could not do the anime for all the books until the series ended.
if you like romance anime then this would be a good anime to watch.
Jan 1, 2008
this story was not very good in my opinion. i have finished the series but i had to read the ending 2 times for me to still not understand what happend.
the characters were okay, but the storyline to me was not understandable. in every volume the story kind of changed to what i was thinking it was going a different direction.i will admit that some parts were funny but it was kind of boring. if you liked the series you might have your own opinon about it, but i disliked it.