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Jul 29, 2016
This is a 10/10 for each category.
The story was a prequel to my favorite anime:Free!.I loved how we got to explore their past selves and how they got to bound to be a team.The story was solid overall and the pacing was good.My feelings died completely after I passed 57 minutes when the so called feeling trains begun.It had a clear start,their middle was full of drama and struggle and it was taken out of our everyday life with the ending having the message that,a friend can get you through thick and thin.

The art was beautiful,something I appreciated always about the Free anime.

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Jul 17, 2016
I loved Sinbad since the Magi series and he easily became one of my favorite characters.It felt so good to be able to witness his journey to become king and to create Syndria.I loved the pacing and all his adventures that came,how he matured and captured all the dungeons.It was a series full of surprises as well because of the turns it took such as his quickly mastering the djinn equip and his courage to face everyone with an open mind.The story I enjoyed the most was his adventure in the Imuchakk kingdom as part of Valefor arc.Also to see elements such as amazons and read more
Jul 9, 2016
ReLIFE (Anime) add (All reviews)
This score was given just because there have been so many animes with the theme of time traveling,reliving events and so on.Excluding that the story can touch you deeply and can make you reflect upon your life a little,of course, it kept me glued to the screen and excited for the next part.I like the traces of romance and that my initial belief was proven right in the end,much to my delight because at some point the story twisted the point of patient nr. 1 even if it was all there if you ever wanted to look.I like that he got friends and affected the read more
Jul 8, 2016
It is nothing special,just a story about a perfect role model who makes every one fall in love with him.This score was given for the unpredictable moments.I also like to note that the character was flawless and had the ambition to prove to everyone his superiority which for some may be boring but I appreciated it.I also liked how each episode had 1,2 or sometimes 3 different stories collected and put together for one episode,it is a rare thing to see this type of construction in an episode and all they had in common were the characters and that they remembered ,in the end all read more