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Dec 1, 2012
Kimi ni Todoke meets Kaichou wa Maid Sama meets Special A. If you like those three mangas/animes then I'm a hundred percent sure you'll like this manga.

It takes that concept of Kimi ni Todoke of Kujou the main girl, being a shy girl who in this manga is (Sawako)who before idolized Yanagi (Kazehaya). But Kujou is dense about how she feels about Yanagi.

It takes parts of Maid Sama like Yanagi being rich like Usui, and a gentlemen, only caring about Kujou. Like Misaki, Kujou has a part-time job and puts family over everything else.

Last Game takes the concept of Speical A of how read more
Aug 15, 2012
Strobe Edge, gosh. I seriously love this manga. Its my favorite type of non shoujo ish standard manga. I really love shoujo mangas, and I was asking around if somebody knew a good shoujo manga, and someone recommended it. I'm extremely grateful they did. The story line is what got to me. So the main girl Ninako, doesn't really know what love is, then she meets Ren, she falls in love yada yada yada, same old thing with every freaking shoujo manga, but halt. The author throws in a twist! Ren has a girlfriend already! *zomg* That seriously took me by surprise, since I read more