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SteelingMax May 7, 2:22 AM
"the characters(from Akira)... look kind of wobbly"
nilagoreng Apr 27, 2:33 AM
Dropping off to say thanks for the review of Clannad and that it made me giggle.
fitebone Mar 20, 4:35 PM
Your review of Elfen Lied is so spot on it made me proud to put a 6 by its name.
captain17 Feb 15, 8:28 PM
legendary quote from u, 2010: "The short answer is no. The long answer is nooooooo. "

thanks for the gem :=)
RedInfinity Jan 31, 10:22 AM
You are an exceptional writer. I agree with everything that you said about Full Moon.

If I were to criticise your efforts a bit, I would prefer of you didn't reference other series out of its own franchise. I personally feel that it's best if you focus on the series in mind, instead of others. But that's a small complaint for otherwise consistently excellent reviews. Well done!
Chiibi Dec 22, 2017 9:37 AM
Neither of us seem to understand each other and we're both frustrated so I don't see much point in continuing.
Chiibi Dec 16, 2017 12:15 PM
Let me put it this way: if Takuto's a ghost of some 90 year old man wouldn't that change your perspective of the romance?

You mean how like Meroko looks 16 but was actually born the same time as Mitsuki's grandma in the manga? Lol nope. The "Really 700 years Old" trope never bothers me; for this series in particular since the shinigamis' memories are wiped clean. They are basically learning how to grow up all over again when they enter the afterlife.

Which still doesn't put it beyond criticism.

I don't think it's all that fair to criticize a medium meant for a different culture when it's a subject RELATED to that culture. Age group, yes. Not culture.

The main character doesn't have a single romantic interest that doesn't have a significant age gap in the anime nor the manga

Um define "significant"? I really don't think three to four years is a big deal at all; like I pointed out before, you could technically attend the same high school together.

and you said yourself that the author doesn't think age matters in romances ... GEE WHY AM I NOT SURPRISED BY THIS? It's because this view is thoroughly expressed in her work.

Okay 1. Making Eichi 16 was NOT Arina's idea; it was an anime-only decision to age him two more years. And I have no freaking clue why even.
2. Your argument falls flat because Arina makes Mitsuki 16 in the manga before she officially pairs up with Takuto. Clearly Arina has some boundaries with her child characters.

Not just his ... I find the age gap makes all of Mitsuki's romances a bit awkward

Pft....I think you should watch episodes 15 and 19 again and tell me her interaction with Takuto as a couple is still "awkward". It really isn't. They even quarrel like a married couple.

it breaks the immersion for me: it's hard to take seriously the anime basing Mitsuki's motivations on some 16 year old confessing his love for her when she's like 10.

I can see this being hard to believe from Eichi's point of view....but not Mitsuki's. Little kids get crushes on older people all the time. Her motivation really isn't hard to buy. Also, she and the audience are lead to believe she is DYING; she didn't exactly have time to wait around til she got older, you know?

Given how age gaps doesn't seem to matter in this anime, even if Mitsuki told her Doctor, he'd probably only respond by patting her on the head and say "well good for you" lol.

I really don't think so, on account of he is like her protective surrogate father and an 18-year-old would DEFINITELY get arrested for dating a 12-year-old....even in Japan.

o on one hand you say you never follow the crowd (you have a funny way of expressing this, given your frequent delegation of your arguments to derived crowd wisdom), and on the other you say I should read other people's opinions to see how mine is nonsensical. As you never follow the crowd, does that mean you're constantly realising how nonsensical your own views are when you read more mainstream opinions?

I don't follow the crowd, meaning I won't watch a thing, form an opinion, and then CHANGE that opinion if I discover that the mainstream opinion is different. Most of the time, it isn't. But one of the few exceptions is Revolutionary Girl Utena. I watched it, found it to be an extremely overrated, SUPER-PRETENTIOUS, unlikable character-infested, shoujo-lovers' SUCKFEST but the mainstream opinion is "Masterpiece that should be worshipped from every angle". Nah. Nobody's going to be able to convince me to like it because I hate the characters and the themes and that won't change. Tastes in characters and themes are very subjective though so I don't think I'm wrong and I don't think the people who like those things about it are wrong either.

I've had plenty of civilised discussions with people who are able to discuss calmly and without resorting to inflammatory language, but I'm not going to waste my courtesies on those who don't bother showing any themselves.

I've tried to stay calm which is hard for me to do when someone talks shit on my most beloved title in all of media but it's very hard to do because you are incredibly frustrating to communicate with and I don't know wtf you are even trying to express a lot of the time.

Hence, in both scenarios the root cause of the problem is because of the development of the child, and in both scenarios, the story "overcomes" this issue by portraying the characters at an appropriate level of maturity. So tell me again: why are the two scenarios so different?

Here is a brilliant example of why I want to bang your head into a wall.

BECAUSE SEX IS A HUGE DEAL. You cannot "overcome" statutory rape with maturity levels. Sex holds SERIOUS consequences; STDs, unplanned pregnancies, major emotional and physical changes for a person (especially young girls). The only way a story could possibly pull this off would be to put an adult in a child's body and even then that's still very dangerous to do and would feel squicky.

Hugs and kisses (I mean g-rated kisses, NOT frenching) do NOT hold consequences like these. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to tell the difference between the two!!

There's just so many stories where people do extreme things in compelling scenarios, and many of them are not motivated by romance.

But there are JUST AS MANY THAT ARE.

Suck what? My speculation missed the mark ... so what?

Suck my ass for being wrong when you think you've got me SO figured out.

It doesn't mean you've not shown yourself blinded to possibilities that are not rooted in romance.

I watch Pixar movies. I'm not blind. And nice try but Penguindrum's cast DO love each other least two of the main leads do.

It's really quite amusing to see you get so excited over such a small thing lol.

Maybe it's NOT such a "small thing" to me...did you consider that?

Chiibi Dec 12, 2017 6:09 PM
No, because that'd be interpreting Full Moon as "it's fine to go out and f*ck ghosts", which I didn't do. Fantasy element that are far enough removed from reality isn't a problem, but age barriers are a real thing.

Takuto's a goddamned GRIM REAPER; this isn't 'far enough removed from reality for you!?

Some controversies are due to cultural differences, but not all

Except this one IS.

But fiction and art often reflect or say something about real life, and what is Full Moon saying?

You said "often" not, "always" so why does it even HAVE to be saying anything? The only message the series is concerned with giving us is "Don't give up on living just because you have lost someone close to you. Live life to the fullest."

That is a good message.

Also, I've never seriously tried to accuse Takuto's feelings as being perverse.

Then why do you have such a problem with his romance with Mitsuki? o_O I don't get it....

So it seems pretty obvious to me that one of the takeaways from Full Moon when it comes to romances is that age barrier is not an issue.

How is that an "obvious takeaway"? Your debate is "because it's never addressed" but if this is about Eichi's age barrier with Mitsuki, none of the adult characters actually seemed aware of it. Meroko is the only character Mitsuki told Eichi's age to and since it's Meroko, she's not going to object; she wanted Mitsuki and Eichi together so Mitsuki and Takuto couldn't be together.

If Mitsuki outright said to her doctor, "By the way, Eichi-kun is 18 and we are in love", he might have had something to say to her. lol

Secondly, there's a more general question of why is there a need to read through lots of other people's opinions to validate MY OWN view?

It might open your eyes up to how nonsensical you are being?

Perhaps you should try thinking for yourself.

Lol I do nothing BUT. Excuse your rude accusation of me being a sheep who follows the crowd. I NEVER follow the crowd.

I'm not aware that "women likes prisoners" or "women likes criminals" is a thing lol.'ve never heard of the 'Draco in Leather Pants' trope? o_O Yes, it's a thing.

You admitted yourself that if you reversed this and have the younger person act mature instead you would STILL find it gross for the relationship to contain sex. Why is this?

Duh. Because sex with a child is WRONG. Herp derp. What a stupid-ass question.

The structure of that fictional scenario is very similar


I've watched plenty of things to know that other motivations can also lead to extreme actions, so you still haven't given a satisfactory explanation of why it makes zero sense for anything to replace romantic motivations.

Really? Would you like to provide examples of such?

Perhaps the problem is that you've seen too much shoujo and it's blinding you to other possibilities.

The first time I watched the series was FOURTEEN years ago and I hadn't really seen that many other shoujo before that so suck it. lol

saradominsm Dec 6, 2017 9:49 AM
I wish I could write reviews as good as you. GOD DAMN are these great reviews, the first sentence in your cowboy bebop review is a masterpiece
Chiibi Dec 3, 2017 8:35 AM
Because it doesn't show any considerations in the problems the age gap can create, therefore it's implicitly saying romances like this are fine.

That is stupid and it's like Disney saying "It's fine to go out and f*ck an animal because we made the movie 'Beauty and the Beast'.

See how retarded that sounds? I saw that movie when I was seven and I was smart enough to distinguish fantasy from reality. Kids are not as stupid as you think they are.

Essentially you're saying it's not be an issue just because it's made for kids? If that were true, there would never need to be any controversy around media targetting kids, . Shounen is also for kids, and yet I've seen them throw in random fanservice like pantyshots, does that mean I should just wave it past and not criticise it?

There is controversy simply because CULTURAL DIFFERENCES. Japan doesn't use the Puritan system like America does. They don't believe in "nudity is a filthy thing and must be treated as taboo" around children. That is why they have things like public baths. As for shounen showing pantyshots, those are normally targeted at kids older than eight to twelve (which is the age of Full Moon's female audience)

Isn't the typical age for a freshman high schooler 14 - 15 though?

In the US? Depends on when you were born.

Regardless of the actual age of high schoolers, 13 to 17 still represent a significant gap in an age where teenagers are going through some really big changes in their development. It may happen, but I would be very surprised if there aren't a lot of concern over the potential problems of such pairings, even in the US. And remember, this is in the BEST case, where Mitsuki's at the end of the anime, and Takuto's assumed to be 17, and given it's still a concern even in the best case, perhaps it's you who shouldn't be assuming his age is appropriate for illustrating this romance with very little consideration to the age barrier.

*exasperated sigh*

You're forgetting something though; TAKUTO AND MITSUKI ARE ANIME CHARACTERS. Like I get why this would concern someone in real life (an older guy being with a younger girl) because real life doesn't have a story that you can just watch and analyze. But we DID watch Takuto and Mitsuki's story. We are shown how pure and innocent their relationship is. We saw how Takuto feels about her; there is nothing "perverse" about his emotions. I mean, his feelings were of such goodness that GOD revives him and gives him a second chance as a REWARD.

There are things that don't work in real life but work fine in fiction. Romance "barriers" are one of those things. IT's the same reason women are attracted to 'bad boys' in fiction (because the story shows us they have a heart of gold) but in real life, any girl with common sense doesn't go visit prisons to go looking for dates. XD

I can't say I'm entirely convinced that your interpretation is the one and only correct interpretation.

Then maybe take a look at what others say about the series on MAL. The ratio of people who think the romantic plot is a problem compared to the ones who don't is very very small. WHY do you think that is? Hmm?

Even though other emotions can also lead to extreme behaviour, anything other than romance makes zero sense for full moon. This explains precisely NOTHING!

I mean it makes zero sense because of everyone's ACTIONS in Full Moon. I watch these characters all the time, I think about them all the time, I analyze them and all I can see is LOVE (yes, the romantic kind).

Or it could be you're not taking the topic seriously enough.

Why the hell should I? It is an innocent, cute little show and it's not meant to be anything else. I swear people are OBSESSED with corrupting and trying to find something dirty in literally everything they watch these days and it's totally ridiculous. What a messed up society we live in.

*sigh* And this is after I asked you not to re-tread old ground because I've already showed you how the portrayal of the maturity level of an anime character isn't indicative of his level of development,

How is "maturity level" and "development" not the same thing? Lol you didn't show me shit, really. Besides, people develop/mature DIFFERENTLY. It's not all the same. It's not like "Once you reach this age, all people will act like THIS". Do not treat this subject like it's entirely black-and-white.

Do you remember every little detail about a show you watched years ago? If not, does this suddenly invalidate what you felt about the anime?

I would not argue with someone over an anime I was fuzzy about because chances are, my opponent who likely knows it better could make me look incredibly foolish......well, that sounds familiar, doesn't it.......

Do not start debates unless you know what the f*ck you are talking about.

And it's clear to me that you do not.

boa555 Nov 30, 2017 9:41 PM
your reviews suck
boa555 Nov 30, 2017 9:40 PM
you suck you disney fanboy cant deal with the fact don bluth is better disney takes his and other peoples ideas and most disney works are based off something or ripped off don bluth has his own ideas and does not rip off others
boa555 Nov 30, 2017 9:55 AM
beethoven is so much better then mozart you have crap taste heres a great song
boa555 Nov 30, 2017 9:50 AM
theres nothing wrong with Takuto and mitsukis relationship as long as they dont have sex
Chiibi Nov 29, 2017 12:51 PM
The anime dealing with this so casually is like saying there's no worries and it's totally fine in the real world.

HOW is an anime doing something like saying "This is totally fine in the real world"?!

That's like the stupidest thing you've said yet. If this anime FOR KIDS isn't addressing an issue like this, that probably means "This is not an issue to begin with and if the viewer THINKS it is one, the viewer is guessing an incorrect age gap anyway". lol

Except this is like dating someone in middle school. In the UK, Takuto old enough to go to university, or at least about to go, and some have even started working. I haven't heard of anyone of that age dating someone who's at the early stages of secondary education, and I doubt most parents of the daughter would be okay with this either.

Um you just SAID "a 17-year-old dating a 13-year-old is still too big of a gap" but in high school, a freshman could be 13 and a senior could be 17 and yeah, it happens.
Again, the anime never states how old Takuto even is; don't just assume his age is inappropriate to Mitsuki's

And who this Ishihara person you mention anyway?

Lol, you're pretty ignorant about Japan, aren't cha? :/

but I find it hard to believe that no little girls could possibly be motivated by non-romantic feelings.

If it's to the extreme degree of Mitsuki's, I do.

When I said "I don't think so", I mean it more in a general context that I don't think you need the person you love to be romantically interested in someone else before you can unconditionally love them. In the context of Full Moon, does that happen?

It seems to me unlikely, but I honestly can't remember this particular detail to say for sure.

Then maybe listen to this person who's watched the series 20 times and knows it like she knows the back of her own hand? Lol

And anyway, you can still have common elements between two shows that are very different, so if you're gonna say it makes zero sense, you should at least explain why.

I did explain it. It makes zero sense because everyone's feelings are so EXTREME. It's impossible to interpret them as anything other than romance.

Soul is a thing of fiction, so in reality giving up your soul for someone is pretty meaningless :P

Fffff WRONG AGAIN. Souls are a real thing. :p

But yes, in fiction, you would probably need to love that person with all your heart to do it. However, romance is not a requirement of this.

Yes, it is.

Why can't you just accept that I am not okay with this?

Because you are taking it WAY too seriously and you are jumping to the conclusion that he's perverted and too old for her when nothing in the show indicates this is true? In fact if the show isn't acting like he's too old for her, it's probably because HE ISN'T and you've made that part up in your own head.

I'm looking for the small moments in the story that would suggest to me that they've really thought it through and have integrated into the show, and there just isn't enough of those after the initial episodes.

If you can't even remember details, what makes you so sure about this too?