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Chiibi Nov 12, 10:52 AM
Um, you JUST said "saying they're on the same level of maturity" is a poor argument but you just contradicted yourself by saying "These relationships should be roughly on equal terms". WELL, THEY ARE. Mitsuki is totally in control of her relationship with Takuto the ENTIRE time; he understands he has to let her take the initiative. that's why it's beautiful.

Look, if you keep applying REAL LIFE implications to anime, you are going to enjoy nothing. lol Yes, in real life, this would be totally unacceptable, but it's not real life; please stop acting like it's a huge deal in its own universe. Also, you're dealing with JAPAN. They don't really go berserk over age differences like the US does.

" situation does not call for it, but they forced it in anyway just cos it's a common shoujo trope (and an unhealthy one at that)."

The situation DOES call for it and it was not "forced" at all. What's "unhealthy" about the trope, may I ask? "Girls like romance, so let's give them romance"? THIS IS ENTERTAINMENT, HELLOOOOO?

" I'm well aware that you can love without the sex, but you know what I really hate? When people narrow love down to just "romance romance romance" and everything ends up having romantic plots being built into it."

WELL, I LIKE IT. That's the difference between you and me. :p

"There are other kinds of love as well, and they can also be inspirational … did YOU know this??"
Yes, but if it's between a boy and a girl who have amazing chemistry, IT'S A TOTAL WASTE if they don't get together. And TakutoxMitsuki is the cutest, most touching love story I've ever witnessed. Tons of people support them for good reasons.

"Actually, out of curiosity, I did a search to see what age he's supposed to be, turns out I missed my mark - I guessed he's in his early twenties but he's actually even OLDER than I thought … in his mid twenties: http://fullmoon.wikia.com/wiki/Takuto Seems my "doesn't mean anything" impression was, at the very least, in the right direction doesn't it?"

That's his MANGA age; not the anime one. The anime one is different. Like Meroko states she's "a little older" than him in the anime and that was anime-only. Mitsuki is older in the manga too when they actually get together (16). When he is revived in the final episode, we still don't know his age.

"After all, what's the point of toning down a theme to the extent that it becomes ineffective?"
It wasn't ineffective?

"At times while watching it found myself wondering why she didn't seem to be getting worse."
SHE DID get worse; that's why she was in the hospital for days until the shinigami snap her out of it, that's why she nearly dies until they give their lives for her.

"subjective opinions by definition can't be right or wrong."

Hahaha right.....................um...............let me throw out an example.
"The Transformers movies are god-awful."
If you disagree, you are wrong. XD

Chiibi Nov 7, 10:05 AM
Why is it "creepy" when there is nothing sexual about it?

Uh, NO, that justification isn't anything LIKE your misogny argument. Adults being with kids in real life is wrong because a child cannot consent because they have not reached that level. Their minds haven't developed that far.

If you REMOVE this aspect like Full Moon did though...........what is left? What makes it "so wrong" in a fictional work where the romance doesn't go farther than Disney princess level?

"Draw the line"? You act like loving someone is a choice; I'm pretty sure you know better than that. Takuto didn't CHOOSE to fall in love with Mitsuki because she's a young girl. He was attracted to her HEART. And do you honestly think he would cause her any harm?
He would never force himself on her; it's a very pure and innocent love. He can barely even hold her hand for f*ck's sake.

I really hate how everyone LOVES to cheapen love to "sex sex sex".......you CAN love someone without wanting sex from them.........did you know this?

"I get the impression" =/= canon evidence. Your impression doesn't mean anything. lol The shinigami ages are not actually given.

*facepalm* THE ROMANCE WAS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART. THERE'S NOTHING "CONTRIVED" ABOUT IT. They didn't pull this out of the air at the last minute. It is the driving force behind the heroine. It is what saves her life. It's also what saved Takuto and Meroko. And the show already distinguished itself PLENTY enough. You said you haven't watched many of them but I have.........therefore I must be the person who knows what she's talking about.

Anime need to be toned down from manga when it comes to themes like this.....so do movies adapted from books; this is nothing new. I'm pretty sure it's for marketing purposes.

Uh, I think the show established that Mitsuki's pretty sick and she collapses quite often; what exactly did you want them to do with the cancer thing that wouldn't disturb its young target audience, then?

You are wrong; ALL the episodes are great. I can think of two that were "not as good" in the first half of the series.

"But being in the minority doesn't necessarily invalidate my opinion."

When you're up against actual anime critics who have been reviewing thousands of shows of every genre for YEARS, lol, YES, it kinda does. :/ It has glowing reviews on not just THIS site but EVERYWHERE ELSE too. What makes you think your opinion is heavier than theirs?
Chiibi Oct 29, 6:24 PM
The character development is greater than the average kids' anime, the music, the plot, the whole VERY heavy theme of dealing with death and realizing what it means to live is quite unique. This is NOT standard shoujo fare and shoujo is my area of expertise. I've never seen an anime in this target audience of LITTLE GIRLS more tear-jerking than this. Mitsuki overcoming her grief and refusing to believe she should accept her untimely death That's what makes it particularly memorable and special to many people. I've had people tell me it's even "saved their lives" and I believe it.

As for the cancer, okay, again this anime was for CHILDREN; they can't make it TOO unpleasant to watch, now can they? The manga is considerably darker.

Um what the heck; no "CHILD GROOMING" was involved at all (do you even know what that means?); Eichi did not expect Mitsuki to "become his girlfriend"; he just told her that he liked her and to make her dreams come true. Takuto's love for Mitsuki is pure and innocent he would NEVER do something to make her uncomfortable and we know this from watching how he acts in 52 episodes; don't forget he spent much time with her in her teenaged form? Doesn't it make sense he would become attracted to a pretty and sweet teenager who has so much in common with him? They both act like kids about it anyway...they're practically on the same emotional maturity level.

She is 13 at the end. But the only way for the plot to work was to make Mitsuki young. Having an older love interest in shoujo isn't uncommon; it IS a fantasy for young girls, afterall. The author herself says she doesn't think age matters in love (when talking about fictitious works). People are way too sensitive about this dumb crap anyway....thanks to the lolicon genre (WHICH THIS IS NOT)

He gave up HIS SOUL for her.......and you want to make this into something "perverted?" Really?
That's kind of immature, don't you think?

The fillers ARE important because they build up the cast who return to support Mitsuki when she needs it in the climax; just how she supported them; it is meant to be IRONIC. The fillers also built up Mitsuki's relationship with the shinigami.

The series is chock full of irony and DESERVES every ounce of praise it gets......actually, it should get a whole lot more. YOU are really in the minority if you think otherwise.

Anime about girls becoming singers was also VERY sparse back in 2002. Nowadays it's everywhere but Full Moon came FIRST, okay? Aside from Fancy Lala (which is just a lame version of this series without all the things that make it great) and other shoujo idol shows from the 80s.

As for endings:

Chiibi Oct 27, 7:49 PM
Hey you; Full Moon is a VERY special shoujo anime (please give me titles that are 'just like it'), the ending is not cliche, the boys are not perverts, and the first 40 episodes are not "unnecessary"....like did you even pay attention? :/
Jukisoba Oct 25, 1:42 PM
Very good "Ima Soko ni Iru Boku" review, I'm halfway through it and I agree that the show has major identity crisis. Kinda shame because I really like the world setting.
ChristopherKClaw Sep 14, 4:26 PM
I agree that singing and dancing would feel out of place in Game of Thrones, but the two are totally different: Game of Thrones is very nearly a cruel deconstruction of the high fantasy genre, one that laughs at all the fun adventure tropes and mercilessly crushes its characters for being dumb even if they're "good people". On the other hand, Lord of the Rings is literally pure high fantasy. It's a classic tale of good versus evil, with heroes from royal families that have to recognize their birthright and rise to power. It believes in the inherent capability for goodness in all living things, and its WAY more sentimental than its cynical modern counterpart. For a series that literally starts out with a bunch of fat little people planting flowers and smoking pipes and enjoying the scenery, the constant nods to that kind of tranquility felt, to me, like they were keeping the story grounded in its own roots. Game of Throne's first episode has a beheading and a kid pushed out of a window. Lord of the Rings spends that time showing a bunch of Hobbits having a birthday party.

Of course, Game of Thrones is now steadily sinking into the very same cliches it once built its name subverting, but that's a different story.

Anyways, yeah, I agree that Trump and Hamdo are different, but as you said a lot of that comes down to the fact that Hamdo is just depicted horribly. I believe the show's creators were going for some sort of Trump-esque phenomenon but were unable to sell it at all. Trump obviously tapped into a specific mentality lying dormant in the population and in spite of his general incompetency it was easy to follow his rise to power: his brazen attitude and general grasp of the idea of public image allowed him to whip up a very vocal subset of followers who had been waiting for someone with his audacity. Hamdo is never shown to once attempt to appeal to anyone, and unlike Trump who clearly has a good idea of what the people who follow him want and how to appease them, Hamdo seems to be completely oblivious to what anyone around him thinks about him at all. When I say he's similar to Trump, I mean that the idea that they were going for is similar to Trump. Unfortunately, the execution was sorely lacking, as it was with much of the show, and the result is a gimmick character stuck in an unbelievable role.

I too haven't seen the show in like forever and didn't exactly try to remember many of the details, so sorry if this is vague/is ignoring something! I think we're pretty much agreeing here though.
ChristopherKClaw Sep 10, 10:44 AM
I was just flicking through old shows and found your 'Now and Then, Here and There' review amongst the pile of critic praise. I feel like with more obscure shows there's a tendency for people to give them far more credit than they're due, calling them 'hidden gems' because they haven't had the chance to be torn apart by a wider community before.

First up, Lord of the Rings. I know it isn't remotely the point of your review, and I personally find the movies far more compelling than the books, but for different reasons. The books can't seem to decide whether they want to be a story or an exercise in worldbuilding, and as a result they get bogged down by gracelessly-delivered extraneous details that do little to enhance the epic at hand. However, I think that the differing tone is entirely appropriate: it reflects the complete spectrum of Middle Earth, showing how a place like the Shire can be a place of joyous peace and mirth even while Sauron is busy waging war on Gondor. And, even in circumstances of extreme danger or intensity, it's not as if humor and joy cease to exist and I think the books do a good job of portraying this.

However, when it comes to your review of the actual show in question, I agree 100%. I quite frankly found the show offensive in how it dumped horrific content matter on the viewer and then refused to even attempt any nuanced opinions about it. It certainly wasn't for shock value, at least, but it was in WAY over its head, and if you're gonna blatantly depict stuff like child labor/prostitution and genocide you better have something better than "war is bad" up your sleeve. Sure, characters like Hamdo CAN exist: America's recent political developments have shown that even an incompetent imbecilic pushover can rise to power under the right circumstances, but writing characters like this, especially with such an insignificant attempt at any sort of relevance, isn't particularly helpful or informative. The show's length also didn't do it any favors, as it's pretty much impossible to cover such a large-scale story effectively in twelve episodes.

Anyways, splendid writing and keep it up with the muckraking. It's very unhelpful when all the obscure stuff just has a bunch of 10s--someone's gotta put up the warning flags.
tunjorboy Aug 26, 6:47 AM
bad review
Cacahuatay Jul 14, 11:07 AM
Your review on Elfen Lied was brilliant. I couldn't agree more with it. And you touched upon some things in the series that I had not even noticed. Props to you.
Hrh94 Jun 9, 7:44 AM
Yeah, the rest of the series :)
Hrh94 Jun 9, 7:09 AM
Not yet, still can't bring myself to watch it. Hoping to finish it next week though.
SeasonADay Feb 15, 9:30 PM
you have bad taste
Hrh94 Jan 23, 9:53 AM
Not yet, planning to watch it this term. Watched samurai champloo with the anime society last term and really enjoyed it so I'm looking forward to cowboy bebop.
We're watching bartender, escaflowne and fantastic children this term so I'm looking forward to that. I'll check it out once I finish off a few more seasons, I'm slowly whittling down my watching list but then the new seasons start and it increases again.
Hrh94 Jan 23, 2:50 AM
Yeah it's a pretty good retelling. I honestly wouldn't have even realised it was a recap if you hadn't told me.
And yeah I still watch loads of new stuff. Watching blue exorcist: Kyoto collection, chain chronicle, konosubo season 2, eldLive and spiritpact at the minute. I actually ended up paying for a premium account because I have no patience to wait for episodes to come out. I have a fair few passes as well but no idea what to do with them.
Hrh94 Jan 20, 8:19 AM
No not yet ;) I got distracted by new season stuff, what do you think of it??