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Apr 18, 2008
What can we expect from a title that says Romeo x Juliet? Probably a cheesy and draggy remade version of the original story that has no dept whatsoever.

But I was utterly wrong. Simply bear in mind that this is the Anime Version of Romeo and Juliet, and expect what you'll expect from most anime for eg, fantasy. I'm no fan of Shakespear's work but I do know the general outline of the story and the important scenes such as the balcony which audience will get to enjoy during the course of the series (although I'm guilty of laughing at that part).

Story wise - read more
Mar 9, 2008
This anime shocked me in many ways. Firstly, it's a freaking 1977 manga story which already leaves a big generation gap between us. Secondly, it's omg science fiction which I have never liked before. Thirdly, what's with that weird drawing.

Little did I know that all the above factors matter not at all. The superbly crafted storyline coupled with that awesome character development easily let this anime to be one of my top favourites.

Gotta mention too that the opening and ending songs for this series were well-chosen and fitted the story nicely. It's therefore very hard not to let your emotions be tugged along. read more
Mar 9, 2008
Capeta (Anime) add (All reviews)
Completed this series in 2 days and I feel it's necessary to write a review. First of all, do not expect anything from the art work because honestly I think it's pretty badly drawn. Or rather, this type of drawing usually don't appeal to audience. I had some problems appreciating the protagonist initially simply because I don't like his face. Moreover, he doesn't own the special quality a talented sportsman should have - arrogance and confidence. Nevertheless, as you'll see in the course of his development, he turned out to be a rather remarkable boy, creating miracles every now and then. That's when the enjoyment read more
Feb 24, 2008
As with every other who watched this, I'm thoroughly confused in the first episode of Baccano. However, I'm well-informed that I should continue with the series to grab the essence of the story and true enough it didn't let me down. The way the mangaka develops the characters surprised me as with that many characters at hand, I understood each character pretty well. The art was disappointing but that's alright because at some point it gets too bloody hence I don't really care if the animation is precise.

In all, the most important reason I hang on was the fact that it was a mere read more
Feb 24, 2008
This was in general a very enjoyable anime. The enticing portion was of course the story itself, featuring Kino and her journey to different countries. Initially, I thought that the stories were not that fantastic afterall. But after completing the series, I must say that the mangaka has a well-focused theme in mind. The idea or moral behind each arc all revolves around extremely warped human behaviour that lets its audiences step back and give some serious thought about it.

Despite so, I must say that Mushishi is a level higher than Kino no Tabi. The reason I'm afraid I have difficulties putting them down in read more