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Sep 23, 2017
Well Detective Conan used to air for some time in our country and after a few episodes it was discontinued.....
But that few episodes were enough to make me totally crazy about it!!
Well, a few years later i was introduced Anime by my friends....
After a year or so of watching anime, i remembered that there was this awesome anime that used to air on TV a few years back. I searched for it and damn i was shocked to see that Detective Conan had more than 750 episodes with 18 movies and a lot of special episodes....
But i remembered that time i used to watch it read more
Sep 19, 2017
Only for ecchi lovers as its basically a hentai! Wouldn't be surprised if found this on some hentai site. The female lead is kinda shy whereas the male lead seems like a playboy as he forces himself on her whenever he feels like it. There is not much of a story as most of it is lewd scenes..... The sound and art is really good whereas there is not much of a character development. The episodes are really short like 3-4 minutes. Well if you love anime like High School DXD then i guess you'll love it!!

Btw, the female lead is pretty cute.. :p