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Jan 3, 2018
Golgo 13? Did you meant the Japanese Chuck Norris?
Duke Togo is the best hitman in the world but not only that. During the anime we understand that he is also the strongest man on the planet.He goes through all different types of missions and manages to complete them.
Story (7/10)
Every episode consist different story which has nothing in common with the one before and don't follow any route.However in every episode Golgo proves himself in every aspect of killing.If in one episode he kills someone from 2 km using a rifle, in the next episode at night he will kill 5 trained soldiers using no read more
Jan 3, 2018
In my opinion the anime was magnificent. (9/10)
Without spoiling i can tell you that the plot is very interesting.Its plot is something similar to Berserk's eclipse but in a good way for the main characters. Undoubtedly if you don't like the gore genre its not for you.
There is a bit of romance which continues in the other ovas.
It was published more than 30 years ago so the art/sound isn't that good but for its time it was normal.
While watching it you will feel like you are in the 80-s or you are watching Michael Jackson's music video.
There is big character development in this ova and read more