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Mar 6, 2010
Forgive me for being an amateur at writing reviews, but if my reviews can make you read/buy this manga, then I feel like I did something right.

Story: 10

I think the story is very unique and you can't really find another storyline like it for a yaoi. There is also a lot of historical reference such as the Jacobin Party, so I feel that it gives the story a sense of realism.

Art: 8

At first, I wasn't really attracted to Yoshinaga's art, but as I read more, I see that her drawings really match and bring out the story in G & J. I think read more
Dec 19, 2009
I will apologize beforehand because i am not used to making reviews. What you will read is my opinion. However, keep in mind that I am writing in the most objective view as possible (hopefully).

Story 9/10

There IS actually a plot. There is a reason behind the main characters' romance, and the bond is deep. Although, I feel that certain needed details were neglected or not brought out clearly. Sometimes, I felt that the plot was rushed.

Art 9/10

Personally, the art style is not to my taste. However, the animation is done beautifully, and I think the art style grows on you. The art style does match read more