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Nov 19, 2014
Uchouten Kazoku is a bizarre show. In fact, as you watch the show, you realize that the shape shifting Tanuki (originating from Japanese folklore) is the least bizarre aspect of the show. However, note that I’m using the word ‘bizarre’ as a compliment. In fact, the bizarreness is the true allure of the show.

Adapted from a novel by Tomihiko Morimi’s (the guy who blessed us with The Tatami Galaxy), the foundations of the unconventional plot is laid by the setting itself. Humans, tanuki and tengu all residing in the bustling city of Kyoto is a pretty intriguing setting, not least the tanuki being the main read more
Oct 16, 2014
Watching Barakamon was like going to a birthday party or a picnic outdoors, chock full of excited children running all over the place, doing what they do best. As an adult (supposedly), you feel slightly out of place but the child in you just wants to jump up and down with them in frantic jubilation without a care in the world. There is a cake too: a black forest with strawberry toppings and as you immerse yourself in the jovial mood, you admit that the feeling of sharing a slice with everyone is sweeter than the cake itself.

And what a slice it was!

For a slice-of-life read more
Jul 24, 2014
(This review is 90% Spoiler free. The 10% isn't really significant. So... )

"Who cares where a 2.7 gram ball goes.."

Refreshing and wonderful.

First and foremost, it must be made clear that this show does not care much about the 2.7 gram ball. It is something more. It rises above it's name as well as the norm of the anime industry of today and manages to become something unorthodox yet beautiful.

The story is one of coming-of-age. However, although the main focus is on the duo of Makoto Tsukimoto ("Smile") and Yutaka Hoshino( "Peco" ), the story encompasses a sort of coming-of-age for almost all the characters read more
Mar 6, 2014
(Spoiler free. Refer to the final thoughts section for a quick summary)

My second Makoto Shinkai movie after "5 cm per second".
And my thought on both of them is the same. Just like 5 cps, it is a masterpiece IF you can relate to how life treats the characters in the movie
(the early days of romance, the seperation, the heartbreak, the unrequited love, the bittersweet resolution).
Otherwise, you end up hating it, getting annoyed or at most appreciating it but nothing more.

The artist carefully puts brush on canvas: the touches are soft, delicate and subtle. It looks as though a very good work of art is read more
Feb 26, 2014
(This review is 98% SPOILER FREE. The 2% is negligible. Also, for a quick summary, refer to the FINAL THOUGHTS section)

A demon lord working at MgRonalds!!
What pops up in your mind? (i.e:Apart from Ronald reagan..)
Hilarious situational comedy? Eccentric characters?
Well, that is what you expect when starting this show and for the most parts that is what you get.

The main core of the story as well as it's direction is quite predictable once you've read the synopsis.
5 minutes into the first episode and you can already see where it is going but that is not a bad thing at all.
An all-conquering, all-powerful demon lord read more
Jan 24, 2014
"They say that if you change yourself, you'll change the world, but that's a complete lie. When people judge somebody, it becomes a fixed idea and an impression that lasts. A loner is forced to stay a loner. If you do your best at something and stand out, that'll only get used as fodder for criticism. Those are the rotten rules of the Kingdom of Children.
Question: The world will not change, but you can change yourself. So then, how will you change?
Answer: You become the god of a new world."

(Note: This review is SPOILER FREE. Also, for a quick summary refer to the FINAL THOUGHTS read more