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Jan 31, 2018
While I love the show, this movie literally takes everything wrong with the show and ramps it up to eleven. Plot holes are more than left and right, and a lot of things just don’t make sense, as it wasn’t properly explained.

To make things worse the runtime of the movie could fit the size of the shows typical arc so it’s sad to see something I really enjoy in general fall so flat and just wishing there was more and better substance. The fights which occurred were pretty disappointing overall as it felt the short fights themselves could be solved if someone just spoke read more
Jan 7, 2018
Save yourself, to put it simply:

This is a horrific anime. Just DONT watch it.


It’s a good premise done horrifically, with an improper and bad conclusion. The conclusion is made worse by the fact that no questions are actually answered and instead you are left with the teaser for a second season which I hope it doesn’t get.

The only thing which was actually enjoyable about it was the opening song and the fact every character dies. The characters in general are badly done each less than one dimensional.

I gave the show a rating of a 1 but I’m pretty sure it read more
Mar 27, 2016
This show is great if you are looking for a show which will give you more questions than answers and will leave you debating if you should even put in the effort of watching the next episode.

Plot lines are rushed for example episode seven seemed to be three episodes squashed into one. Some characters are introduced and then almost completely dismissed while other character appear multiple times yet don't seem to have names.

All for a mediocre at best ending.

To me it seems that the only purpose of the show is to draw you in with an interesting backstory and then leave you utterly confused read more