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Sep 26, 2015
Although I think the first season was better that had many highlights was going to give up one 10.No first I thought that the second season would only be focused on Tsubasa (which was a bit) but continued with the same characters and is Hajime with her way. This season expect much of it even though some things have annoyed me kept liking.

I do not think anything has changed, I have to complain about style taste that has this use of two colors.

To be honest I did not like much of Tsubasa, she has a geito a bit like the Hajime but not captivated me read more
Aug 8, 2015
I really do not know what to speak of this anime when I watch he did not expect anything because I do not usually assitir anime with cute girls who use magic, but he impressed me.

The story has nothing too are the girls helping the captain and an alien to repair his ship even the most surprising was the final stretch when he tells the story of Minato and the last episode that happened a lot that even I did not understand some parts.

Overall I liked him and not anything groundbreaking but it was good while it lasted.
Jul 24, 2015
Tonari no Kaibutsu kun was a sleeve that impressed me a lot, especially because I had only seen the anime I've ever liked but ended endless so for me it was a very good surprise.

The thing I liked most in him was the characters, the Haru however violent it to be he found a love, Shizuku like her for not being a cliche character and which has developed a lot during the story, but I have to talk about and Yamaken of Oshima I think they were great '' antagonists '' they never intruded both Haru relationship and Shizuku kind of already knew that would read more