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Mar 1, 2016
Few spoilers ahead**

Kizumonogatari is something that's been teased by Shaft ever since the very first episode of Bakemonogatari (where the entire intro was basically a highly condensed version of this movie). Having read the novel the anime is based off of, I had some expectations, but I also knew that anime is a different medium from text and that Shaft tries to make full use of that in their adaptations.

To begin with, let's go over the positives of this movie. To be frank, every single aspect of this production was top-notch. The animation quality was a clear step-up, the CG replacing the usual flat read more
Nov 21, 2015
Like others, I was pretty hyped up about the new Digimon and anticipating how it would turn out. Suffice to say, although the look is different, the feel is still there.

I think there are more people familiar with Digimon than not. But for those who aren't, what's always separated Digimon from the often compared-to Pokemon is how they approach their material. Aside from the fact that Digimon has approached darker and more complex themes across its seasons, part of its appeal has also been its focus on the characters. Battles and character quirks are perhaps done better in Pokemon, but for Digimon, much of read more