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Jul 8, 2013
Shaman King is probably one of the best franchises I've ever seen. Yes, franchises, not anime. The reason is, anime didnt follow the manga till the end.Also, 4kids has a made a bad dubbed version, that caused most people to turn away from this anime. You could call it supernatural, or even shounen at some point.

Story- 7
The story in manga should get 8 or 9, but as i said, in anime, things were changed.Despite it, Shaman king still gets 7. It's kinda long, has fillers, but also has a plot-twist and unexpected turn of events.

good art, if you watch it at good quality, you read more
Mar 7, 2013
To start i liked this anime. It had action, superpowers, romance and many good stuff. Another feature i liked was the number of episodes.13. I like anime that has a little series.
So this anime is about a girl Sakura and a mysterious guy Ogami. First it has romance and mystery.Soon the whole series turn into action. The characters were good, especially i liked Yuki and Heike.
To sum up it is a good anime if you like superpowers but still realistic setting