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Jul 9, 2018
This review should be spoiler free:

Despite a really rough first few minutes, (my friends and I have come to know it as the “Normie Filter”) “Imouto Sae Ireba Ii” show is a strikingly interesting, hilarious, and fun slice of life/romantic comedy that was totally unexpected from the genre/title. If you’re coming in expecting a stereotypical siscon harem, which personally I am a fan of the genre and will neglect to comment on it as a whole, you will be pleasantly surprised that this series tackles some very mature themes such as the daily life of a light novel author in its intrinsically volatile industry, what read more
Jul 3, 2016
Story: 7
Art: 10
Sound: 9
Character: 7
Enjoyment: 10
Overall: 9

I watched this film at Anime Expo 2016 Los Angeles. I'll try to keep my review as spoiler-less as possible.

The film holds true to all the expectations of a Makoto Shinkai production, from heartfelt smiles to crying the 5th time within the last 30 minutes. His signature metaphorical use of trains, the idea of a hopeless and distant love, and beautiful scenery really dive you emotionally into the story, even for how generic and simple it may seem.

Story: 7
The story is fairly straightforward; It's very easy to guess where the story will head, but that doesn't mean to read more