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Apr 29, 2010
an anime about the daily lives of the three minami sisters. there's no really story plot, just some random day to day activities of the three.

this anime is really fun to watch, even though it doesn't have a storyline, its really good. this anime is very funny and enjoying. the characters have different personalities but they blend so well with each other.

a family-oriented, slice of life, with a tad bit of romance anime~ be sure to watch this ☆ :D
Apr 28, 2010
yakitate japan revolves around a young boy named azuma kazuma, dreaming to create the first japan bread ever, azuma goes to a bakery called pantasia to creat his dream japan bread. while the story goes on, new charcters are shown. with so many funny moments especially their reactions in bread tasting, this anime is definitely a must-watch for all comedy loving otakus! ^o^
Apr 28, 2010
the story actually revolves around rukia, 2 hollows in human form kidnap her so that they can be together. while that is happening the memories of rukia in all shinigamis starts to fade away, even ichigo's memories but luckily he remembered her. with no one on his side, ichigo is left to only one choice, fight seiretei and look for rukia alone. a really must-see anime movie. it didnt even make me blink an eye. :D
Jul 13, 2009
Hakushaku to Yousei...or as they call earl and fairy. the story revolves around Lydia Carlton, a fairy doctor who can see, hear and talk to fairies. while going to a ship towards london she meets the handsome, smooth-talker Edgar J.C Ashenbert. Edgar asks for Lydia's help to search for the sword of merrow to gain the title of earl of the blue knights. with Lydia's fairy abilities they can easily track the sword but its not as easy as it looks like. encountering different characters which will make their journey long. plus, edgar's romance advances to lydia making their journey enjoyable.

this anime maybe a typical read more
May 25, 2009
when i first saw this manga, i thought this could be another ordinary high school romance, but i was wrong. the story plot is great,a 16 year-old girl trying to get the love of her life but with a really great plot twist
. the art is fantastic, it includes several hot guys and cute girls! the characters are good. and it has some several one shots included which made me wanna read this manga over and over again. i never get tired of reading it. it really is a very good manga.

hope this review helps!