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Feb 14, 2020
For Valentine’s Day, I had the amazing idea to watch this movie at the last full show with some of my friends (Unluckily for us, we don’t have any dates, but it doesn’t matter as long as we have each other!!!), and honestly, this didn’t disappoint.

Like the synopsis said, this movie is about four people (essentially three), Aoi (the younger sister), Akane (the older sister), “Shinnosuke” of the present, and “Shinno” of the past. The story revolves on the dreams of all of them and how they become tied to one another, whether they become a reality or not. The “time travel” part isn’t read more
Dec 26, 2019
Tired of watching all those isekai or comedy anime? Wanna actually watch an anime that’s close to real life? Then Hoshiai no Sora is that anime for you! But please let me tell you this. Don’t view it as an anime. Don’t just look at it as a fictional story. This isn’t for people who only watch anime to “escape” from real life. Watch it as if it’s actually happening in front of you, as if it’s happening in reality, as if the characters are people you know, as if you’re a third party observing what they are going through. If you can do that, read more
Sep 19, 2019
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“Everything that you left behind became my everything.”

These words from the opening song hold true for Mafuyu Sato (CV: Shougo Yano), one of the main protagonists of the series. He seems like an ordinary person, but at the very first episode, you can already see that he has been through a lot, and this has turned him who is today: an expressionless, gloomy guy who doesn’t really communicate. The only thing he seems to care about is a guitar he holds throughout the first episode, which he doesn’t even know how to play. Bring in Ritsuka Uenoyama (CV: Yuuma Uchida), a regular guy who’s interested read more