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Jan 31, 2011
I thought at first this would be your typical, girl becomes rich, depends on guy shoujo manga, but boy was I wrong! This story is not yet complete, but mainly the plot goes like this, Natori Nono is a poor girl, who one day, becomes a part of the Ichijou family, who are known to be leaders and run high class hotels around the world. Nono has to become the queen of society to prove her new step-brother, Ichijou Kasuomi (who is NOT obnoxious) she is capable.

The story is pretty simple and typical but much more interesting. It throws challenges at the main character who read more
Jan 24, 2011
I have to give this anime the highest score you can possibly give. For a while, I've heard of this anime and how amazingly adorable it was. I watched it for the first time in January and immediately got hooked.

The story is of a shy, misunderstood girl name Sawako (known to others by Sadako) and a bright, "refreshing" young man named Kazehaya (Shouta). This story bases mostly on friendship and romance, which I think is awesome :)

In the first season, Kazehaya helps Sawako gain more confidence and she is able to speak out better. She also found new friends (who are the BEST read more