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Jun 25, 2017
Wow, again, we seem to have people who love a manga about crazy people in a school with a dumb premise. This must be one of the worst trends ever, the trend of having a special school which makes people insane and exploring their psychology. Oh, and by Psychology, I mean seeing them be crazy. So why is this Bad?

THE PREMISE IS THE WORST- A school built on ILLEGAL acts, aka gambling, which has people who are rich betting MILLIONS of yen to build a social class that only lasts for about, like 3 years? Except the money and SLAVERY which continues outside of school. read more
Oct 26, 2016
Holy shit. I have never seen a more offensive and angering manga i have ever seen. And to believe that this manga has a astronomically high 7.82 and is the 10th most viewed yaoi series in manga here. But i will try to explain why I despise this manga more then any other piece of fiction in a countdown.

1.PLOT HOLES- why the authorities are utterly useless? why is azusa enjoying his position in ch 4(and dont give me the crap about Stockholm syndrome that shit is wack)? Why does the card in ch 1 is a jack and in ch 5 is a 8? read more