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Nyah_Chan 2 hours ago
Yeah... I mean I quit 3 of my jobs... Instead I decided on building a career that doesn't involve me working with masses and being under someone... I'm losing the battle but winning the war, if you get what I mean... My dad is mentally ill as well and was fired from every job be ever had... So despite his issues, he's a certified genius and is creating his own businesses... Though he struggles in terms of working with people and handling stress through his illness... He continues to fight which gives me some inspiration though we have completely different goals...

I have to ask but are you taking medication for your problems? You see my dad got 4 degrees relating to physical health... So my knowledge of it is superior to many... The medication makes things much worse and continues to make them worse... It's all a scam to make money... If you are on them... I would suggest stopping and focusing more on dietary health which actually plays a huge role in mental stability...
Nyah_Chan 3 hours ago
Being weak minded is a choice... I won't get on you but humans like the sound of their own shitty violin... I know cuz I was the same... Not many people have the guts to strive for real change...They rather change everything around them instead of changing themselves...

The saying of "Once you hit rock bottom the only way is up" is very true... You just haven't reached rock bottom yet... But when you do... You will be given a choice... To stay at the bottom or go up... And anything that happens from that point on is on you and nothing else...

//Shit sorry... I get like super Dr. Phil when I get in conversations like this XD //
Nyah_Chan 3 hours ago
I have been diagnosed with things... But I chose not to let that define me or stop me... The world likes to label people and profit from it... I have a list of other physical conditions that other say they'd rather die than have... But I keep moving and no one knows about the issues I have...

Don't let your illness stop you... We get in our own way with our own drama... Doctors tell us we're sick just to scare us into giving em money...

Sometimes the mental illnesses we have can be fixed on our own... Because many illnesses are created by our own pain and lack of wanting to face the music... But once you do... You realize it's a pretty good song... I'm the living example of that fact... I almost committed murder at 14... I was hearing voices in my head and had problems similar to yours... Mixed with rage, depression and urge for violence... I was seen as waste of space with no future... But I turned it around and started new... Now I'm an honor student ready to get moving and no one would even suspect half of the shit I have been through and/or are going through...
Nyah_Chan 4 hours ago
PFFT trust me it's nothing compared to what some people are/have gone through...

But shit who knew that racism existed between white people... I was white... They were white... WTF

Define overcome... I still have lingering problems... Though I've worked through most... It still gave me issues... Like uncontrollable rage, violence and depression...


Anyway enough with me... What're your struggles my good man?
Nyah_Chan 8 hours ago
Yeah the mans creation is both our advancement and demise... I admit I used to be deadly addicted... My life was shit throughout my childhood... Living in foreign countries dealing with racism etc... But I'm good now...

Nyah_Chan Yesterday, 8:15 AM
Sadly... But people bring it on themselves though... Mostly of the time anyways... I'm only lonely because I move countries constantly until somewhat recently... I'm also an independent student so I don't go to school... I do compete horses but due to lack of money I have them on a private property so I don't meet any people... I'm only lonely due to my situation... But I'm working on that by entering volunteering so I can just get in a crowd...
Nyah_Chan Oct 20, 9:34 PM
HAHAH it's funny how that isn't considered an insult in this community...
Valium Oct 20, 9:23 PM
Why do you make so many threads?
Nyah_Chan Oct 20, 7:08 PM
Aye~ No problem... I like having friends... If only I had real ones... -sniff-

Wasshio Oct 17, 12:21 PM
In the past the AEE was fucked over by the previous' governor's plan which fired a lot of people from the company, which the assets and people are extremely minor which is why it'll take a while, as well as supplies and pieces for some others.

You're very welcome.

And for anime I'll watch stuff within moderation but will be around from time to time. I'll try to be active on the forums again once the internet fixes to where I can somewhat write in. I tried once and it took a while for my comment to load or show up.
Wasshio Oct 17, 12:13 PM
They're most likely short in supply. But I'm not too sure since I hear from different outlets from the radio.

Military isn't visible in San Sebastian, but I did saw at least one military plane going around but that's because they're trying to block a lagoon that's about to collapse.

I can't blame anyone for thinking that the local government are useless, at least some of them. But what people are really ignoring is the amount of circumstances are in the country. We don't only need supplies from food. We need actual engineers, we need electricians, we need actual people being in places trying to fix everything as much as possible, we need medicines stocked for the pharmacies, we need food in the supermarkets, there's so much shit going on that some countries in the island are 100% destroyed with nothing, and they got no help whatsoever yet.

Trump basically undermined the situation in its entirety and looked at it from a business perspective and looked at it as if the country is doing well, we're not even fine or average. It is so bad that 20,000 people already left the country in a span of 2 weeks. Because of the massive lack of dialisis, insulins, or oxygen machines need power, etc. It's just a mess.
Wasshio Oct 17, 11:56 AM
Some minor areas have them but either they're helding them away until they check someone legit needs it (this is because of past years and the corruption of the PR government) or they say one thing like they're going to give the stuff to said refugee etc, and they never give it.

This is more questionable at best and just being greedy at worst.

To give an idea: It took at least 3 weeks to get actual help and some supplies, some.
Wasshio Oct 17, 11:46 AM
Which is true. Like, the water here isn't bad but it's not drinkable because it has a shit ton of bleach, and because of the lack of electricity, its not processed well, thus why the water was contaminated. The quality got worse in the matter of weeks though so I take baths on my grandparents since they have a water tank.

There's no drinkable water here unfortunately, and the water bottles are almost non-existent here in where I live. Everywhere else has the same issue.
Wasshio Oct 17, 11:03 AM
That's because it's really that bad in here.

Though in all honesty the government in both PR and US are really handling this horribly, while in here in San Sebastian things got fixed... for now only 15% have electricity, and there's only 18% of communications (news lied about 58% because that's not true at all). Contaminated water, people dying because of lack of medical needs and diseases.

It's that bad.
Wasshio Oct 17, 10:27 AM
Unfortunately I live in PR, and for now I'm doing fine and well. My family are fine as well (thank god). But there's almost no communications here.