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Apr 1, 2020
Sorry I just need to get this out of the way because there are so many good reviews. Now I love my fairy tails I really do. Except if I'm going to be honest the story plot isn't really that good, Simplified it's basically just a boy who ends up finding a girl and realising about her not being able to have control over her body and so he befriends her and helps her through gaining control of her life again especially with her family. If you like how the sounds good for you. Honestly the premise is good but it's execution is plain and read more
Jan 21, 2020
I love the prequal so I was really happy when I realised that it finally had an conclusion to end it. But once I watched it I was left very unsatisfied. There are spoilers but I don't think it should matter much since it's just an ova.

There are good and bad things about this ova let's start with the good.

Koto is still a good guy at heart and I loved how he decided to use his last wish. The "tea date" he had with Rurumo was adorable and going shopping for Rurumo's last day was really sweet. I specifically loved the ending part read more
Jan 21, 2020
You can just skip to the end if you want to.

Characters (I don't hate the heroine)

If you're like me the thing that's making you hesitate are the characters. You read this in the other reviews before "the main characters are so annoying and I hate them". I can see where their coming from but guess what. I don't actually hate the heroine. Feel free to double check that you read it correctly. I was very reluctant to give this manga a try because I heard such bad things about her but honestly I found her to be an interesting character. It's refreshing to read more
Jan 20, 2020
Can't believe I just realised no one has wrote a review for this. Would do a proper one now except it's past 3 am and my brain isn't working. But in any case it is a short read and it is a good read. Even if you might end up not liking it it's only four chapters you don't have much to lose. Personally I found it super enjoyable and in a matter of four chapter it has captured not only my attention but my heart. The characters are great. Story is great. Lately I've been getting sick of shoujo but compare to others this read more
Jan 12, 2020
Hey folks looking for a recent review? here's one for 2020

First of all it has aged really well. For something that was made back in 1990 it looks pretty good. No complaints with art or animation.

As for the soundtrack the opening I like, the endings fine but I wouldn't want to listen to it too often. Music within the show I would say was was done pretty well nothing to be surprised about though.

The characters are well written and their personalities shine through. The way the characters think and act are very precise to the time they are in, as least to my read more
Dec 27, 2019
I never made reviews for manga yet alone yaoi manga but this sure deserves one. If this is too long for you please just skip to the end. Although the premise might sound like a typical one and to be honest I was actually a bit put of by at the start and actually found a bit ridiculous and still do not gonna lie. But this manga has so much to offer that by the end I completely had my mind change. The hesitance in how the relationship started feels very real for the characters and I love that this manga did not go the read more
Dec 12, 2019
I mean if there was one thing I learnt from myanimelist is to prepare yourself to see what the worst comments said. And frankly I have to agree with most that was said, a lot of these parings were bad or ridiculous, even when going in with the low expectations. And I'll start by explaining all the love parings this show has. Though I might end up spoiling who gets together I won't actually spoil too much of the show so you can enjoy it yourselves if you want to. Overall I find this show bad but there were some parts to it that made read more
Jun 25, 2019
PLEASE NOTE THIS REVIEW IS WRITTEN WHEN I WAS IN A RANT MOOD SO IT CAN BE PRETTY HARSH. NOR HAVE I WATCHED THAT MANY EPISODES. I will edit it eventuality when I start watching it again. And to be honest despite how much the characters may annoy me the show itself is actually pretty good. I suggest giving it a go. The overall rating that I gave this show is just for now.

Story 6/10 maybe?? (better then my average)

Mikako has a crush on her childhood friend Yamaguchi Tsutom. She ends up heartbroken because her love ended when it just started. She found read more
Jun 25, 2019
I would advise you not to watch this. It has so many problems even for a show dedicated towards kids.

At the start Comet saids she needs to save up star power but already we see her wasting it on useless things. how useless you ask, Its even being used to do simple chores like hanging up clothes. If they are going to add some rules for magic they should at least follow it. Was there even a point adding limitations anyway?

Don't even get me started on the rocket tree. If a tree flew so high up at such speed let me tell you the read more
Jun 22, 2019
Summary- I guess why I didn't like it as much was the fact I expected some Shakespeare level writing because it was rated so highly (definitely didn't deserve such high scores). Moreover the trailer fools us thinking it was about two lovers when it was all just mostly about a mother's love, which I had no problems until they added in what felt like forced romantic love stories (read below to see what I mean). If you want a movie about a mothers love as well as maturity of children just watch Wolf Children it's so much better. If you like to disagree with anything read more