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Mar 9, 2015
For starters I'll write down my emotional progress during watching:SPOILER!

hmmm... l'd see this a little bit, poster looked great; Hm? sound's real great sets the mood, looks it'll get funny; WoW such art and expressions on characters (main look a bit annoin'); Hey I don't know what Rakugo is lets Google it... hm looks interesting lets continue!! HAHAHAHA what was that last 15 mins_ it was sloppy performance, but laughed quite badly :DDD WTF ghost???
AAAAA I want to see this animated more, perform moreee!!!!

story: very promising! as I see it OVA is only prelude to main story so it's more like introduction of characters, Rakugo read more
Jan 8, 2015
It is my first review so please don't expect much. I just couldn't leave this anime without proper attention as I really want other to enjoy it. i fully recommend it for all anime lovers even if you don't like shounen-ai genre, as the story doesn't necessarily point at romantic relationships but other kind of interactions between people and hybrids.

Story: first of all each episode concerns one story only so when u finish one it don't expect for continuation. first episode centers around first model of hybrid child and one hell of a handful noble. it is cute, funny and very dramatic (almost read more