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Sep 13, 2019
I picked this up from the library without knowing anything about it except that it looked like standard shonen fare. It turns out it isn't but it does have similar themes.

There's a high schooler whose parents were killed by a demon and now he wants to become an exorcist. He hunts down an eccentric man named Beethoven who runs a "church" (not a church, just a group of exorcists for hire) and tries to convince him to take him on as an apprentice. Beethoven says no, guy insists, gets hired as a cleaner with the implication that if he does well he could be an read more
Apr 11, 2018
The main character, Yase Hiiragi, is a run-of-the-mill idiot which I personally find to be a really unlikable trope. He's clumsy and constantly tries to stop his brother, Karasu, from selling people yokai because they frequently result in less-than-desirable circumstances, but rather than coming off as kind-hearted, he's mostly just annoying. He's pretty oblivious about everything related to yokai and ends up wanting to meet his father who Karasu keeps hinting (or sometimes outright saying) is supremely evil. If he wasn't the main character I'm sure the others would have kicked him out or straight up killed him as soon as he first blundered. At read more
Jan 9, 2018
To be clear, I don't quite know if this film is supposed to be telling a story or not; however, the amount of effort put into this is evident and the visuals are fantastic. They don't follow the music but they're fast paced, ebbing and flowing, covering a range of mediums including ink, pencil, pastel, and watercolor (plus possibly more that I couldn't differentiate). Everything is drawn by hand, frame by frame, in both black & white and in color. It's kind of amazing how well animated it is considering there are a lot of traditional animations out there that end up really disjointed looking read more
Mar 6, 2016
This series is dark and surreal but overall very good. The characters are cute but have no morals, killing or abusing anything that bothers them. The art is simplistic and reminds me of a children's cartoon at times which adds to the air of "innocence" that the story seems to give off despite being very grotesque underneath. At the start of the series it doesn't seem like there's any over-arching plot but some chapters have call-backs to the previous ones so eventually there's something tying it all together, though this was a bit confusing to me when I first started reading since I wasn't used read more