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Jan 8, 2008
I just finished watching this series so I figured I'd write a review while it's all still fresh in my mind...

Noein's story revolves around a 12 year old girl and her friends and their role in the future(s) of the universe and its many dimensions. The main dimension involved in the story is set in present-day Japan, and all seems relatively normal for the kids until strangers from the future show up. There's a great deal of traveling through space and time involved here. You could say that it's an apocalyptic series--you have your villain out to destroy the universe--but I read more
Oct 18, 2007
I realize that many people might not agree with what i'm going to say about this film, but please hear me out..

first of all.. i think too many people expected it to be like other miyazaki works.. but the worst thing you could do is assume it'll have the magic and light-heartedness of other studio ghibli films.. after all, it was miyazaki's son that directed it.. and for a first film, i don't think it could've been any better.. i suppose it's tough to keep this in mind, as the art style is the same as other ghibli films.. but please try..

that being said..

Story-i loved read more
Oct 2, 2007
hm.. alright so.. i'm not exactly sure why this anime hasn't scored a higher average.. it's one of the most fantastic things i've seen in awhile.. i was even tempted to rate it a 10 just because i enjoyed it so much..

the story might sound a little familiar.. dragon veins, daoist monks, martial arts, spiritually-endowed high school students faced with an apocalyptic event.. but so what if the elements aren't anything new.. it works, plain and simple.. and compared with other end-of-the-world anime, this one wins hand-down as far as style goes.. the story is pretty easy to follow, though the spiritual stuff gets a read more
Jun 25, 2007
This is kind of tough for me to do. It really is, mainly because most of the people who love this series are also fans of many of my favorite anime. Maybe I just don\'t see something that everyone else does?.. and I feel the need to explain myself...

I have to say, I have been very confused as to why this anime is so widely known and loved. Awhile ago I tried to start watching the series and got about 2 episodes into it before deciding it was a waste of time. My initial impression was that sure, the show had a read more